Reiki methods in practice

Initiation into Reiki is an important milestone in a person’s life, after which everything changes. When you work with this energy, not only you change, but also your environment. Reiki protects against negative influence, cleansing the energy system and rejecting all unnecessary. At the same time, the more you use this powerful energy, the stronger your healing abilities become.

When using Reiki, it is not necessary to concentrate consciously: just put your hands on the right part of your body with the intention to heal, and the energy will flow by itself, whatever you think at this time. By applying Reiki energy, you can heal yourself and other people. Unlike many methods of treatment, Reiki begins to work at the level of subtle bodies, and after the cause of the problem goes away, its consequences begin to disappear. And the most important - Reiki energy can not be harmed.

Acute and Chronic Illness

Acute diseases in the practice of Reiki can be cured quickly - within a few sessions. After 2-3 sessions, there may be an aggravation associated with increased pain, which means - the cause of the disease, affected, the healing process started. The next session will relieve pain and bring relief. After recovery, it is important to consolidate the effect and continue to give Reiki once a week for three weeks. In chronic diseases, the healing time is extended. Reiki heals the causes, and the causes of the same, at first glance, diseases can be completely different, so everything is individual.

Session Reiki to gain harmony

If you want to say goodbye to excess weight, practice the technique proposed by Miriam Admoni. Activate Reiki and create an intention: "I start a weight loss session." Then perform the imposition of hands for 5 minutes sequentially in three positions. First - on the throat, leaning with the little fingers on the lower jaws, and with the tips of the other fingers, the neck under the ears (while the bases of the hands are touching under the throat, and the hands do not touch the throat), then - to the groin area (V-shaped position, fingers pointing down), and finally - under the ribs behind, that is, the right hand lies on the right kidney, the left - on the left. Due to the fact that the thyroid gland, sex glands and adrenal glands are included in the metabolic system, by acting on them with the help of Reiki, you can normalize weight. Before ending the session, ask Reiki to continue the session overnight or for 24 hours.

Heal yourself and create protection

To cure yourself in the past and the future, sit straight, put your hands on your knees with your palms up, choose a period of time in the past that requires healing, visualize it, mentally draw the 3rd, 1st and 2nd symbols and send Reiki for 5 10 minutes, watching how the picture changes. For this you need to be initiated at least on the second step of Reiki. It is important to conduct at least 4-5 such meditations. Regularly send Reiki energy to your inner child, as well as to the future - if a difficult moment is expected.

To protect yourself from external negative energy, stand up straight, put your legs shoulder-width apart, raise your hands upward with your palms open to the sky. Collect Reiki energy and place your hands opposite the center of Tanden, filling it with energy. Tanden is located in the abdomen area and is responsible for a person’s physical and emotional abilities, sensual perception of reality (in meditation and during treatment, concentrate on Tanden is the only area where there can be no energy overload). Draw the 1st symbol on yourself and scroll its image around you, gradually moving it away from the body, building a wall of revolving 1st symbol around you.

Establishing mental contact with Reiki

If there is a need to talk to someone from a distance, you can sit up straight with your hands on your knees, palms up. Concentrate on the object of communication and draw a third symbol on his and your third eye (Ajna). Formulate the idea you want to convey, for example: "Forgive me, please, I need to see you, as soon as possible, come to me." And now thinking about it, draw a second symbol between you, and the first symbol on yourself and on the object. Sit like that for five minutes. Using this technique, you can communicate with young children when they do not understand the words, or with people who do not want to hear you for some reason. However, remember that Reiki is an energy of creation and love, therefore, no reproaches and manipulations with its help can be conveyed.

Work with animals and plants

After initiation, you can practice Reiki not only in relation to people. Ask Reiki energy to flow through you and put your hands on a pet. If it feels good, it will completely abandon the energy and leave. If the animal is sick, it will take Reiki. Animals are susceptible to Reiki energy, so don’t be surprised if the butterflies start sitting on you like a beautiful flower. You can apply Reiki to plants for their growth and flowering, as well as to inanimate objects (electronic and household appliances, for example). Energy Reiki, you can charge charms and jewelry, as well as clean any room. It’s enough to walk around the room with open palms for a few minutes, it is advisable to touch the walls and surfaces. You can charge water with Reiki simply by holding your arms above the water or by lowering them into the water by drawing 1, 2 and 3 symbols on the water.

Energy of god

Reiki is a divine energy, with which you can significantly improve your health, balance your mental system and understand the laws of the universe. Before you is a simple and affordable method of healing and helping yourself and others. Harmony, peace and health!

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