Methods for the development of intuition. how to deal in

What to do in difficult situations of choice and decision making? What to do if you do not know where to go and in which direction to develop? To do this, simply ask your intuition's question and listen to its voice. Simple, but effective methods will tell you how to do it correctly.

Method "Ahead of mind censorship"

Before you is a list of words: door, room, house, fence, roof, name, action, joy, connection. Write down in front of each of them the first arisen association. For example, a door is a key, a room is a light, a house is a roof, etc. The main thing - write down the first word that gives us intuition. You will surely notice that while you write it, other associations are beginning to come to mind. This is the voice of the mind. Our first impression is either that which is in the subconscious, ulterior motives, or - the tips of intuition. The main purpose of the exercise is not to look at your associations, but just to see where the intuition works and where the mind works. And now - we continue.

Method "Answer intuition"

Relax, take a few deep breaths. Specifically and clearly formulate the question to intuition. Ask her what you care about. For example, "I am to have an interview. How to feel the energy of the place and how to understand if it suits me?". Then disconnect from the thoughts. Unleash the intuition, drop the censorship of the mind, trust in what is happening and record all the sensations and images that pass before your inner sight. Write until their stream is exhausted.

Now rest for a moment and begin the interpretation. What did you record? Look at the words in general. You will see positive and negative symbols. If there are more positive symbols, the place has the energy suitable for you. For example, the sun can mean the heat and energy that you get in your upcoming work, butterflies - the ease with which you join a team, the plane - the prospects for development, the expansion of horizons, etc. Negative characters will tell you that this place is not for you. For example, the grids will mean non-freedom and restriction of internal motives, waves - instability, dark forest - isolation and rejection of colleagues, etc.

Method "Pathfinding"

Often we can not understand where we go and what to do. If confusion arises in thoughts, and the goals are unclear, the person is disoriented. In this case, an effective exercise "Finding the path" will help.

Sit back, take your mind off your thoughts and, as if from the side, look around the room. Find the object that attracts your gaze more than others (chair, bed, toy, notebook, etc.). Let your attention concentrate on this subject. Feel associations, which he causes. Let thoughts flow freely, write down everything that comes to your head (symbols, letters, experiences, memories). When the stream runs out, start analyzing the words.

Try to separate the intuition prompts and hidden desires that you have not noticed before, but which need to be realized. Look at all the characters in general. What do they mean to you? They are designed to give a hint, as well as all things that we pay attention to while walking, meeting, working. Intuition seems to direct our view on future, not yet conscious goals. Therefore, instead of using logic, you just need to pay attention to what is nearby. For example, stopping your gaze on an Indian elephant figurine may mean that your way in life is the manufacture of such toys, or if you are engaged in spiritual practices, that you need to go to India, etc.

Exercise your intuition and do not block this important channel of perception of information. Logic is certainly important in planning and calculating. But the intuitive hint that comes from the depths of our unconscious is no less important. This is the voice that Higher Forces speak to us. Listening to it, we can protect ourselves from something, make the right choice and open up new paths to happiness and self-awareness.

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