Meditation to attract money

Any meditation sets the person to achieve the desired or attract to him any attributes, such as money. Do not think that only losers or lazy people use meditation to attract money. Actually it is very powerful technology, which of course does not bring down the cash flow on you, but will definitely lead to the path where the money is in abundance.

Properly executed meditation opens up new facets of the world, eliminates negative thoughts and makes life brighter. In the end, it's just a very nice way to relax and unwind. In the article you will find the most famous and effective techniques and techniques of meditation to attract money, which may forever change your life.

Meditation on money

  • First of all, it is necessary to understand that money is not a goal, but a means of achievement. Dreaming to have just a lot of money, at least, is silly, we must strive for more. Well, the most elementary thing is to buy a car or an apartment with this money, or something more ambitious, for example, to open a business with the help of money. Remember what you usually dream about, who you present yourself and decide what amount you would have just enough to achieve what you want.
  • Mentally draw a picture in front of you - right in front of the middle of the forehead, since this is the place where the Ajna chakra is located, or the third eye, which is responsible for our future. Now start to represent your desire as if you already live in it, and not just dream. Do not think about how you get money or earn it, it is not so important. Think about how you will dispose of them, and you will finally have everything that you so passionately wanted. More precisely, you already have it. Be sure to remember the feelings and emotions that you will experience during meditation to attract money. Present the picture as lively and realistic as possible. It is also very important not to present money separately from you and vice versa, you must be one.
  • It’s not as important as how you will represent it, how you sort out money in your hands, put it on a card, take it from a bank or carry it in a huge bag, the main thing is to feel contact with it. But do not concentrate too much on money, because this is just paper. Do not forget to include your dreams in the picture, for example, as you lie on a sandy beach near the sea or write a book in your country verandah.

Meditation to attract money

  • Perhaps the first time you will not be able to provide clear images of the desired, no need to be upset because of this, because everything comes with experience. The main thing is to catch your emotional wave and attitude when you do the meditation. Get pleasure and enjoyment from it! Such meditation is best done in the evening, when you are not disturbed or disturbed. However, if you had a free minute during the day, you can devote it to express meditations.

Express Meditations for Money

  1. Close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine that you are holding a large denomination banknote, which suddenly magically begins to multiply right before your eyes. There are already 10, then 100, 1000 and even more ... You have already collected a whole portfolio of money, and the bills all continue to multiply. You are stuffing a second portfolio with money, but the amount of money does not stop increasing.
  2. You can imagine, as if you are in a huge cave, where a lot of different chests with money and jewels, gold on the floor, valuable paintings and carpets and beckon with their magnificence. Now, it all belongs to you. And it is not at all necessary to take it all at once, you can come at any moment and take what you want.
  3. You stand alone, and suddenly it starts to rain, rain of banknotes. You do not believe this and start eagerly catching every bill, but the rain only increases, the money becomes more and more. Now you no longer need to run and grab each. They themselves obediently go into your hands. A little time passes, and everything around is in money, and the earth is completely covered with them. Wherever you look, there is money everywhere. You practically bathe in money and get real pleasure from it.

Meditation to raise money with water

Take any container and pour melt water there. Position the vessel as close as possible to yourself. Then take a large denomination bill in your hands, carefully examine it and begin to imagine how the same denominations start to appear from it. There are so many of them that they do not fit in your wallet. When you find that the money is already enough, stop this flow.

Now think about how you would manage this money. It should be not just any small purchases, but a big and grandiose Dream. Fix your mental image and imagine it as a luminous ball. Place this ball right in the center of your head. Exhale several times and imagine as if the ball comes out of your head and sinks into the water.

Meditation to attract money

You can do another meditation with water. It will allow you to charge water to raise money in a public place. When you are in a crowded public place, try to feel its atmosphere, just do it without discomfort and tension. Remember the emotions that arise when you are here. After that, go also to a public place, but already to where there is a lot of money - to a bank, to a jewelry store. Tune in to the money channel wave, and in such places it is usually very strong. Try to transfer this channel to a bottle of water, after taking it with you. Imagine cash flow through your bottle. Save this water and drink it every day in small sips, you can also add a little to food and drinks.

Meditation to attract money should be conducted in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere., getting from this only positive emotions. You should not literally take the above techniques, you can change them yourself or supplement them, the main thing is to create the right attitude and make mental images active. You can also try Mantras to attract money. One has only to want and believe that everything is possible. Good luck to you meditation.

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