Male slavic names and their meaning

Today, most Slavic names are completely forgotten. In Russia, according to statistics, only 5% of children name Slavic names. A return to the Slavic traditions of naming is not only an appeal to the roots, but also an opportunity to improve one’s family, because the sound vibrations of a person’s name influence his character and destiny.

Male Slavic names: traditions and facts

In ancient Russia, each person had two names: false (for all) and secret (for close people). This tradition allowed to protect the child from evil spirits and unkind people. A false Slavic name was usually unattractive, but a secret name was given only in adolescence, when the main character traits of a person were formed.

Male Slavic names and their meaning

Slavic names were divided into groups:

  1. Names from the surrounding natural world (Pike, Wolf, Eagle, Walnut, etc.)
  2. Names that indicate the order of birth of the child in the family (Pervusha, Vtorak, Tretyak, etc.)
  3. Names that signify human traits and qualities (Brave, Stoyan, etc.)
  4. Names of Slavic gods and goddesses (Lada, Yarilo, etc.)
  5. Two-base names are the most common group (Svyatoslav, Tihomir, Ratibor, Yaropolk, Vsevolod, Bogdan, Svetozar, etc.), as well as their derivatives (Dobrynya, Yarilka, Miloneg, etc.).

Meaning of male Slavic names


  • Bazhen(Bazhan, Bazhay) - the desired child in the family.
  • Beloslav(abbreviated. Belyay, Belyan) - glorified by white, light affairs.
  • Berimir- one who cares about the world.
  • Berislav- glory taker, one who takes care of glory.
  • Blagoslav- glorifying good, good.
  • Fornication- dissolute, unlucky man. Negative name
  • Bogdan(Bozhko) - the one who is given by God, the gift of God.
  • Bogomil(Bohumil) - one who is very sweet to God, loved by God.
  • Bogolyub- loving God.
  • Bozhidar- bestowed by God.
  • Boleslav- more glorious, illustrious.
  • Borimir- fighting for peace, peacemaker.
  • Borislav(Abbreviated Boris, Boria) - a fighter for glory.
  • Borscht- name of the plant world. In the literal sense, borsch is a tops of plants.
  • Boyan(Baian, Bayan) - the narrator (from the verb: bayat - speak, sing).
  • Bratislava- glorious brothers.
  • Bronislav(Boronislav, Branislav, abbreviation. Armor) - the defender of glory, preserving glory, gloriously defending.
  • Bryachislav(BRYACHI - saber and SLAV - praise) - praising glory, talking about glory. Budimir - peacemaker.


  • Velimir- great peacemaker.
  • Velimudr- knowledgeable, very wise.
  • Velislav- the most glorious man.
  • Wenceslaus- crowned with glory.
  • Love- he who loves faith.
  • Veselin- joyful, cheerful.
  • Vladimir(Volodymer) - the one who owns the whole world.
  • Vladislav (Volodislav, abbreviation. Vlad) - owning fame.
  • Vojislav(Abbreviation. War, Warrior) - the glorified warrior.
  • Wolf- name of the animal world.
  • Volibor- man fighting for will.
  • Raven- name of the animal world.
  • Vorotislav- one who returns glory.
  • Vsevolod - owning everything, the lord of the people.
  • Vsemil- all dear, beloved by all.
  • Vseslav(Seslav) - the All-Glorious, the Famous.
  • Second floor(Second, Vtorusha) - the second in a row son in the family.
  • Vyacheslav(Vysheslav, Vatslav) - the most glorious person.


  • Godoslav(Godlav) - glorious.
  • Gorazd- skillful, capable, talented, masterful.
  • Gorislav - fiery, burning in glory.
  • Goryna - he who is like grief, immense, indestructible; also living in the mountains.
  • Guestemil- nice to another (guest).
  • Gostomysl- thinking of another (guest).
  • Gradimir- guarding the world.
  • Gradislav- protects, protects glory.
  • Granislav- one who improves glory.
  • Gremislav- widely celebrated.
  • Goodislav(Abbreviation. Gudim) is a famous musician who blows fame.


  • Darion- donated over.
  • Nine- the ninth son in the family.
  • Deyan- active, active.
  • Dobrobyub- kind and loving
  • Dobromil - kind and nice
  • Dobomir(Abbreviation. Dobrynya, Dobrysha) - kind and peaceful.
  • Dobrymsl- one who thinks good.
  • Dobronrav- one who has a good temper.
  • Dobroslav- one who praises kindness.
  • Dobrynya- good-natured person
  • Domaslav(Abbreviated. Domash - your own, dear) - glorifying his clan.
  • Dragomir- man is more precious than peace.
  • Dubyna- oak-like, indestructible.
  • Dusan- spiritual, spiritual.
  • Squad(Friend) - true friend.


  • Ruff- name of the animal world.


  • Lark- name of the animal world.
  • Waiting- long-awaited child in the family.
  • Zhiznomir- always living in the world.


  • Hare- name of the animal world.
  • Zvonimir- announcing about the world.
  • Winter- stern, merciless.
  • Zlatomir - golden world.
  • Malice- negative name.


  • Izyaslav- the one who took the glory.
  • Sincere(Iskro) - a sincere person.
  • Istislav- one who always praises the truth.
  • Languor- tomimy (perhaps tomimy waiting for the birth, which is associated with difficult childbirth).


  • Casimir- showing the world.
  • Koschey - very skinny, bony.
  • Krasimir(Abbreviated. Beauty) - beautiful and peaceful.
  • Curve- negative name.


  • Ladimir- getting on with the world.
  • Ladislav- Glorifying Lada (love).
  • Swan (Lybed) - the name of the animal world.
  • Luchezar- the first ray of dawn, the ray of light.
  • Love- man loved by all.
  • Lubomir- loving the world.
  • Lyubomysl- one who likes to meditate.
  • Lyuboslav- one who loves glory.
  • Lyudmil- cute people.


  • Small(Minor, Mladen) - small, junior.
  • Mieczyslaw- glorifying sword.
  • Milan(Milen) - cute.
  • Milovan- affectionate, caring, gentle.
  • Milorad- cute and joyful.
  • Miloslav(Abbreviated Miloneg) - nicely glorifying.
  • Mirolyub- peace loving
  • Miroslav- he who glorifies the world.
  • Silent- silent, uncommunicative person.
  • Frost- insensitive, cold-blooded person.
  • Mstislav- glorifying revenge.


  • Nadezha - hope.
  • Nevzor- one of the negative names.
  • Nekras- one of the negative names.
  • Novik- new.


  • Eagle- personalized name of the animal world.
  • Octopus (Osmusha) - the eighth child in the family.


  • Peresvet- very bright person.
  • Predrag- over-precious.
  • Putimir- reasonable and peaceful person.
  • Putislav(Putyata) - the one who glorifies intelligently.


  • Radigost(Radogost, Radogast, Radegast) - caring for another (guest), loving the battle ("war guest").
  • Radimir(Radomir, abbreviation. Radim) - he who cares for the world, rejoices in the world.
  • Radislav(Radoslaw) - the one who cares about fame.
  • Radogor- the joy of the mountains, a very strong person.
  • Reasonable- reasonable, prudent, wise.
  • Ratibor- warrior of the forest, defender.
  • Ratmir- protector of the world.
  • Rodislav- one who glorifies the race.
  • Rostislav- increasing fame.


  • Svetislav(Svetoslav) - glorifying light.
  • Svetlana- bright, pure soul.
  • Svetovid(Sventovid, the name of the West Slavic god) - seeing the light, perspicacious.
  • Svetozar- illuminating with its light.
  • Svyatogor- indestructible holiness.
  • Svyatopolk- the leader of the sacred army.
  • Svyatoslav(abbreviated. Svyatosh) - sacred glory.
  • Slawomir- peace glorifying
  • Slobodan- one who gives freedom.
  • Nightingale- name of the animal world.
  • Som- name of the animal world.
  • Stanimir- establishing peace.
  • Stanislav- one who sets the glory.
  • Stoyan- strong, inflexible.
  • Stoom- smart as a hundred minds.


  • Tverdimir(HARD - firm and PEACE - peaceful) - the foundation of the world.
  • Tverdislav(HARD - hard and SLAV - to glorify) - famous for its hardness, thoroughness.
  • Tvorimir- he who creates the world.
  • Tykhomir- quiet, calm, peaceful person.
  • Tretyak - the third son in the family.
  • Tour- name of the animal world.


  • Brave- famous for his courage.


  • Caslav (Cheslav) - glorious in honor; glory.
  • Quarter- fourth son in the family.


  • Pike- name of the animal world.


  • Yarylo- the sun, the god of the sun.
  • Jaromir- sunny world.
  • Yaropolk- warrior ardent, solar troops.
  • Yaroslav- one who praises Yarilu.

These are the male Slavic names and their meanings. If you decide to name a child with a Slavic name, you will give him not only a name, but also a certain energy and even qualities associated with this name. This is the power of the name of the person.

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