Love to yourself

Self-love is the beginning of a life-long affair. Oscar wilde

Remember the biblical commandment: "Love your neighbor as yourself." Pay attention to its second part. Love is a gift, and you can only give what you have, so first you need to cultivate the love of self. If you are worried, anxious, withdrawn and tense, you want others to love you and constantly demand proof of their love, it means that you simply do not have enough inner love for yourself. We will learn to improve their self-esteem!

Stop comparing yourself to others and learn to accept compliments.

There are always people who have something more than you. If you make comparisons, you will constantly find something not in your favor. Therefore, leave this stupid occupation and understand, finally, you are unique. Accept the compliments and congratulations in reply to your reply "thank you". When you respond to “you look wonderful today” with something like “nothing special,” you reject this compliment and send yourself a message saying that you are not worthy of praise, forming an understated self-esteem. Do not belittle your dignity. You're beautiful!

Do not take someone else's criticism on faith

When you hear negative comments in your address, say a prayer: "It's not me. It's not mine. Universe, take it away from me." After the prayer, shake hands and free yourself from other people's criticism. The method works! It's amazing how quickly we believe in any negative statements of other people: tell a colleague that she recovered, and she will immediately run to the mirror. Do not take the words of others on faith. Have you ever been told that you look tired? For me, yes, and this spoiled the mood for the whole day, until I realized that this comment has nothing to do with me, this is just a projection of another person on me. He himself was tired and began to see tiredness in other people. Even if you really look tired, you still deserve love! Say a prayer, and it will create a reliable energy field that will protect you from the undesirable effects of the words of others that make you doubt yourself. Pray and feel safe, because you are loved and protected by higher powers.

Start giving away

Instead of constantly demanding from others care and understanding, start giving them your warmth and attention: in the form of actions with which you can help others, kind words or a sympathetic look. Prepare something unusual for your family, treat your work colleagues, give your seat on the bus to an elderly person, smile at the inflated baby, help your child with homework. In general, the field of activity is huge. When you sincerely do something for others, you begin to feel useful and necessary.

Do not forget to give your attention to the beautiful. Learn to notice beauty in every thing, and you will see beauty in yourself. Lilac flowers in the garden, green grass, shades of the evening sky - let all this create the mood of your day. Remember that your hands are a direct continuation of the heart, therefore, stretching them forward and upward, you seem to open your heart towards life. Every day, open your arms and give people and the world a heart hug when the heart touches the heart. This is a magical feeling!

Sing about the beautiful

Another way to gain self-confidence is by singing. During this amazing activity, the connection with the heart is restored, the inner light is activated and joy comes. Sing any melody that rises from the heart. Can't remember anything? Sing a tune that is sure to improve your mood: "Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si." This music destroys the blocks of uncertainty, because the notes of the range correspond to our seven energy centers - the chakras - and bring them into balance. Opened chakras give harmony, peace, a sense of peace and love. Music greatly changes the internal vibrations of a person, so its healing properties can be safely used (read about it in the article “Treatment with music”). Therefore, sing, and if you wish, invent your songs about the beauty of life, about extraordinary adventures and dreams, magical dreams and good people. Give yourself freedom!

Communicate with your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is very close, not somewhere in the clouds, at an unspecified height, but next to your thoughts, words, breathing, heart beating. In order to fill your life with love, keep in touch with him, because a person who has lost contact with his Higher Self remains alone with hectic thoughts, feels unprotected and insecure. Every morning you talk to your Higher Self. Just call him, smile and tell him something good. Feel his loving presence. Let his vibrations run all over your body, refresh you and fill you with new energy. Enjoy this love and remember the divine qualities with which you are endowed. Spread your strong wings and fly towards a beautiful day with joy and love in your heart! Forward!

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