King makes retinue

Numerous trainings and self-development programs argue that it is necessary to change the situation in order to change yourself. As the saying goes: "King makes retinue". Properly chosen environment significantly affects the person himself. No wonder they say: "Tell me - who is your friend? And I will tell you who you are!". But is it possible in the real world to change your environment so easily?

Quite interesting is the statement that in order to become rich, you should often communicate with the rich. In fact, it requires constant contact with someone who can teach you something. But look at it from the other side: what's the point of the rich to communicate with someone who is a level lower than him? After all, he, too, can look for ways to establish communication with those who are higher in level. At first glance, it turns out "exit without exit". But there is always a solution !!!

Analyze those who earn more than you. What is the difference? You can identify several points on which to rely:

  1. The ability to set goals. In fact, each person is given the opportunity to quietly dream about what he would like to achieve. But here to sit down and calmly describe what exactly - only a few decide on it. After a detailed description, it is necessary to analyze how this could be achieved.
  2. Positive attitude towards life. To a man who constantly whines and complains about life, "stick" only trouble And the confidence that everything will be fine, helps to relive the difficulties that have arisen.
  3. Compliance with the established course. There is an expression: "No matter how many times you fell. It is important - how many times has risen". Not always own business or other undertaking immediately becomes successful. But the ability to calmly respond to problems, to perceive them as an opportunity to become wiser, helps to survive a difficult period in life.
  4. Self-education has not been canceled. If you constantly train the brain, then it works great in 20, and 40, and 60 years. At first, you should pay attention to the proposed literature on the psychology of relationships, self-development, business orientation. After a while, it is worthwhile to start attending trainings, special courses, online training. It is best to go to a familiar course on the recommendation of someone from your friends, than to a super-duper advertised training of an unknown coach, who claims to be publicly heard that he is the best.
  5. The most important thing is the action! How often do people, having filled up with a book on a sofa, dream of a better life and have not done anything? Yes, it's always all the time! How can I talk "no money" and do nothing to increase them. Of course, reservations can always be found. If I wrote down every word of his, then I could release a thick book of explanations of why someone is failing. At the same time, there will always be some mommy who brings up three children without a husband, who works at home and successfully earns her living. She just had to feed the children and never come up with excuses why she cannot.
  6. Minimal condemnation of others. The habit of saying that someone is worse does not make a person better. Try to get away from the attempts of your environment to engage in discussion. "Oh, how bad he is!". I once tried to say girlfriend: "Imagine, and ours, I., works as a stripper !!!" And even though the first reaction was to say: "Wow, how lowered!", I answered: "Great! What is she great! You think: give birth to two boys and so pull up your figure, that men are willing to pay for her dancing! Can you imagine how much she has to work on herself? The strippers must have strong arms ..." You should have seen the surprised eyes of a friend. But am I really wrong? Really, if I really needed the money to feed the children, I myself would not go to work at least somewhere, if only I was constantly paid? Yes, there are a number of professions to which I have disgust. But this is no reason not to condemn those who work in this area.

Work on yourself on these items. Over time, a person will appear in your environment who will be one step higher in terms of income. If there is something to learn from him, go ahead!

Remember: you are a magnet that attracts not only friends and acquaintances, but also situations at work and at home with your attitude towards life.

Especially for - Katerina

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