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Determining whether a person is lying is not so easy, however, there are some external signs that allow one to doubt the sincerity of a person.. Pay attention to what movements your interlocutor accompanies his speech.

Various blinking, yawning, nervous coughing, the appearance of drops of sweat, even a change in complexion can serve as a sign of a liar. However, caution should be exercised. Perhaps your interlocutor behaves like this because of any physiological or nervous problems.

How to understand that a person is lying, according to his gestures?

Along with the abundance of various small manifestations of motor activity, a person who is lying has reduced gestural activity and "sign language" is extremely poor. Most often this is due to the fact that the liar is afraid to show his excitement and lose in his head that “scenario” by which he "hangs you noodles on the ears". When a person lies, his gestures become chaotic, unnatural. He can brush off the dust from the table from somewhere, pull at the edges of the clothes, and so on. That is why he tries to keep himself in a static position in order not to give out his intentions.

Those who are not able to maintain a static posture, very often touch the neck, face and mouth. At the same time, oddly enough, the area around the heart is bypassed. Also, liars often snap their fingers or kick their feet on the floor. In general, these are manifestations of nervous instability. Well and, of course, he will avoid eye contact with you. People who really have the talent to lie to the eyes, not so much. The eyes are the mirror of our soul. If you wish, you can see everything in them, even a lie.

How to recognize a lie on the counter?

If the liar still managed to maintain a more or less static posture, pay attention to whether his gestures diverge from emotions. Very often, the very first emotions that we see immediately after a given question are true. It is worth learning to notice them.

If a person says that he is sure of something, and his reaction to the question was a sincere surprise, it is worth being alerted. Also, disagreements with a cheater can occur in words with gestures. He says to you that he agrees, but at the same time he shakes his head negatively or vice versa - an occasion to think.

How to understand that you are lying, on interaction and speech?

In disputes or if you doubt the truth of those words that are spoken to you, the person who is lying will begin to defend himself and, in the end, will become like a hunted animal. The one who tells the truth will make the beast out of you. And he will not disown, but on the contrary, will show that he and no one else is right.

  • Liar will try to leave your field of vision. It will be more comfortable for him to speak into the void, without meeting your gaze, and, preferably, you should not see him either. Between you and yourself a liar, not noticeable to yourself, can place foreign objects. Inadvertently move a book, castor or something else. For him, this is a kind of barrier, for which he feels more confident.

  • Often liars, when answering a question, use constructions resembling English, when answering a question, part of the question is repeated (- Did you see how they spoke? - No, I did not see how they spoke ... and so on).
  • Liar gives evasive answers, instead of speaking directly. Very often makes hints. It is necessary to be afraid of a pressure of liars. When talking, they try not to pause, to give out as much information as possible, and often extraneous and unnecessary.
  • Monotone speech It may be an attempt of a liar to put a listener to sleep, and a very sharp change in the timbre of a voice to a higher one gives excitement. The syntax and grammar in the speech of a person who is lying may deviate from the norm.
  • And another way to determine a liar.Sharply change the subject. The guilty person will happily start a new topic, while the one who is right will not calm down and continue the conversation, will not want to finish without finding out everything to the end.

These signs must be known to those who do not want to be deceived.. However, do not rush to find them in a person with whom you have little knowledge. It is possible that he is just worried at the first meeting, or not in the mood, maybe he has some peculiarities of behavior. But you can expose a person you have known for a long time. Just compare his usual behavior and how he is holding directly during this conversation. Do not just expose absolutely everyone. Firstly, you can make a mistake, and secondly, it’s still nice and you need to trust people, at least sometimes.

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