How to speak in public and conquer fear

Silence ... Attentive looks ... All in anticipation of your performance! But the tongue seemed to harden, the heart was beating furiously, all thoughts decided to run away. "What to do? I can not, I can not cope," - a voice is heard from within. Familiar ?!

Scientists have proven that one of the most common fears is the fear of speaking in public. And let's think about why we are so afraid of it and how we can overcome ourselves!

We rummage in ourselves. Most likely, you will find a lack of self-confidence and programming to fail. We often, starting to do something, say in advance - "I will not succeed." Thus we set ourselves up for failure. So first thing to us need to be cleared of doubt and uncertainty. To do this, you need to realize that nothing terrible will happen if you mix up something or stumble. The main thing to calm down. Know that everything will be fine, and you can handle it! Inspire this thought.

Preparation for public speaking

Of course, these thoughts must have ground. BUT the stage for the performance is thorough preparation. This item can include:

  • rehearse the text (it is very important to speak everything, get used to the words);
  • make a plan of speech (it will include the main theses);
  • pay special attention to questions that may be asked;
  • "get to know" the place where you will perform. Come early and walk around the hall, for example. This will help not to be afraid of the new place;
  • pre-pick the clothes in which you will perform. If you like the “suit”, it will add confidence, you will feel more comfortable).

How to cope with the excitement before the show?

And what happened to the excitement before the performance itself, you ask? There are some tricks:

  1. You need to retire in a quiet place and tune in. To do this, move the jaw, lips. Imagine you are making faces. And for more effect, you can do it in front of a mirror. At the same time, the mood will rise. These exercises will help you relax the muscles of the face;
  2. Do not forget about the body, he also needs charging. Speaking on stage, we are often shy. And this does not produce the best effect. So sit down, stretch your arms, shoulders;
  3. Restore the breath. Breathe make a nose at the expense of one or two. Exhale do mouth at the expense of three or four or five. Repeat this exercise several times;
  4. Soothe thoughts. We say to ourselves that everything will be fine, that you are great - no matter how you decide to take such a serious step. You just have to succeed. You were preparing, you know everything perfectly.

Rules of conduct on the scene

  • Divide the hall into three parts, and take turns to turn the look into each of them. Eye contact creates the effect that you communicate with each person;
  • Fight excitement. To do this, you can take an object in your hands (pencil, cards with theses), you can and should walk around the scene (this will allow you to distract from the excitement);
  • Try hard speak clearly, without swallowing the endings and without using words-parasites.

Just a couple of minutes and ... everything! You did it, you did it! You performed perfectly well! It turned out not so painful. And you were afraid ...

The most important thing in public speaking is to believe in yourself and yourself! Know exactly - nothing is impossible, everything can be learned. All victories begin with the first step. So dare - fight with yourself, set goals, try. And, as you know, if you have not tried, you have only one option - it will not work. And if you tried to do something, you already have two options - it will work out or not. Remember, the choice is always yours!

Especially for Svetlana Kvasova

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