How to see the future

Every person from time to time is able to imagine pictures from his past. Sometimes they even seem absolutely real to us, as if we were back some time ago. These are all the events that are captured in our memory and the mechanism of their occurrence is quite understandable. However, many are not satisfied with the pictures from the past and what is happening to them in the present. They want to know what awaits them in the future.

throughout the history of mankind there are many people who were capable of prediction. Some were clairvoyants, others guessed on the cards, others used natural forces. The oracles were in good standing with the rulers of many developed civilizations of antiquity. They could even decide whether to be or not to be, for example, war. In the modern world, everything is much more prosaic. Opening any newspaper with ads, we certainly come across various fortune-tellers and psychics who promise to bewitch, to save from damage, to predict what awaits you. The list of some sorcerers even includes communication with spirits.

Whether to believe these witches, witches and healers is a private matter for each of us. However, according to ancient beliefs, any woman has a certain ability to foresee. Just in modern times we call it intuition. It is not easy to wake up this so-called sixth sense, but it's worth a try.

Probably, in order to have clairvoyance in full, one must have the ability to do so. If there are none, you will have to help yourself and try some "folk remedies".

How to see the future on Solstice Day?

This fortune-telling, according to experts, is able to work effectively only on a certain day — December 25 — on Solstice Day.

This method is used to check your ability to solve some imminent pressing problem. Perhaps you want to get married or want to leave work and find a new one. But you are not confident in yourself and your capabilities.

  • In this case, you need to present the most favorable outcome of the alleged events, approach the bird cherry tree and break off a small branch from the tree.
  • Then, when you come home, put it on the window in a glass of water.
  • Every day, you should definitely lift the glass from the window sill, clasp it on both sides with your palms and hold it for five minutes, while wishing that the planned event will take place on "Hooray" and everything will work out for you.
  • If after twelve days you see white flowers on your branch, your situation will be resolved with brilliance and you will get a successful outcome of your business.

How to see the future with the help of glasses?

To check whether your wish will come true or not, you will need two glasses. One of them must be filled to the brim with water. Now your task is to make a wish and quickly pour water from one glass to another. Then take a close look at the surface of the table on which you performed the actions. Your wish will come true if you spill no more than three drops of water. If a puddle is on the table, then it is not destined to come true. It is possible to transfuse once, otherwise divination loses its power.

Prediction of the future in the New Year

Offer guests in the New Year to ask about their future. To do this, give everyone a spoonful, tell the guests to get water in there and put them in the fridge. The main thing is not to confuse, where is whose spoon. And in the morning, waking up, see how the water froze.

If the ice formed is a dimple, then you should not expect anything particularly good from the coming year, but if the surface is smooth or frozen with a hill, then everything will be fine with you.

Intuitive predictions of the future

Be that as it may, and even in ancient times, people knew that the ability to see at least part of their future is based on the events that are happening to a person now or occurred in the past. In this way, each person can analyze his past and present, and based on the results of the analysis, we can assume the development of events connected with it in the future. Just do not put on this great confidence and take it too seriously. In the end, we can only guess. But we will be able to find out how true our assumption is only when the event itself is already accomplished.

The vision of the future is a very subtle process, perhaps beyond the comprehension of the average person. At the household level, we can resort to divination or interpretation of dreams, or our own, it is not clear where they came from, premonitions. However, no vision or feeling can be interpreted too specifically and taken literally. Connecting a little own imagination, You can easily find an explanation of premonitions, and therefore, to some extent, look into your future.

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