Hear the voice of the heart

Do you know what I truly want to wish you? Always listen to the heart and follow the path of your dreams! This, first of all, means - do what you need. You want to laugh - laugh, you want to love - love, you want to rejoice like a child - rejoice. Live your life, and not invented by someone for you or peeped from someone. In an effort to meet the hopes of others, you miss your real feelings, dreams, desires. You go with the flow. You betray yourself, your childhood with its fantasies, youth with its limitless plans. Remember what brings you true joy, gives a feeling of lightness, light, peace! This is your truth.

Here are some tips on how to learn to hear the voice of your heart and follow it.

Rest in peace

When you are tense, your soul talk with you is not heard due to doubts, fears, imposed opinions. Therefore, drop all unnecessary, calm down, relax, close your eyes and listen. It is very useful to meditate. This will help to separate the desires of the mind from the true dictates of the heart. Meditation is a time of inner silence, freedom from the outside world, when your heart can talk to you, and you can hear it.

Learn from nature

Flowers, stars, snowflakes - look at them and learn. They are free, they do not listen to the opinions of others and live as they want. They are within. Snowflakes are dancing in the air, butterflies circling above flowers, the sun's rays are playing, peering through every window. Everything in nature lives its own life. You will never see a moth living the life of a grasshopper, and a tulip that lives like a rose. The life of every living thing is unique, just like your life. Your soul radiates its beautiful, amazing light. Do not extinguish it!

Do not postpone to "later"

Many people do not do what they want in life: they work in an unloved place, they hold on to relationships that bring only pain, do what others expect of them. Someone thinks: I’m making money, buying a house, fixing my life, and then I’ll fulfill my dream. But time passes, and the dream is still as far as before.

Do not postpone the needs of your soul, your true desires. Laugh, sing songs, dance under the stars, hug trees, catch snowflakes with your lips. Then when you want it. Do not think what others will say. Be yourself! Turn your face to yourself.

Be brave!

Do not be afraid to do something that contradicts the everyday way of life. The universe opens up new opportunities for us, and our inner voice tells us about it, but we often reject them, fearing the unknown. Drop the doubts! It's so interesting and exciting to let the energy of the new, beautiful, fresh into your life, feel the spirit of joy!

Ask yourself: whose rules in life do you follow?

There are many rules in the world, each has its own boundaries, so the rules are called restrictions. Why do you allow someone to invent rules for themselves? Only you create your own world for yourself. Remember that no rule can be limitless, only life is limitless. Let it become your inner mood: do not follow the rules, but live. Loving, smiling, looking at the clouds, talking with butterflies and flowers ... This feeling of unity, love and joy is born only when you live, as your heart tells you. It will become a natural state for you if you shift the focus of attention from the outside world to the inner world. Then you will understand that your soul is divine.

Live inside

Living outside means to be happy when you get something. And living inside means that you already have something that makes you happy. Do not impose a condition on happiness. Happiness is your nature. It rests inside you. If you start to listen not to what sounds outside, but to what your soul whispers, you will understand where to go and you will easily find your way. Walking along it, regardless of conditions, you will be happy. Because the feeling of joy and warmth in the heart does not depend on external circumstances, but on how much you live, what you do, how you realize yourself, relates to your feelings, deepest needs, with what the soul wants. Believe in yourself, feel the freedom and lightness. Live inside and listen to the voice of your heart!

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