Healing yourself with love

Stress at work, household chores exhausting us. And besides, the state of health is still getting worse: insomnia, fatigue, irritability, bad mood ... So it’s not too far before depression. There is nothing more ugly than a disgruntled, and even more angry woman. Everyone knows that his behavior and health depend on the mood of a person. Therefore, it is worthwhile to look at yourself better ...

Ask yourself the question: "What am I doing wrong? How to get rid of unpleasantly sounding bells of gloom, anger, sadness and resentment?" It is they who signal the need for change. Moreover, change in yourself. It is very easy to watch strangers and give them advice. And when it comes to himself, everyone here, in their own skin, experiences the complexity of self-education.

Start with positive thinking.

One can begin with positive thinking, namely, attitude towards life, oneself, past failures, perceiving them as an experience, with a good mood for the future. These are your good thoughts, actions that will surely result in a victory over failures and illnesses. This is what makes you feel joy, happiness, success in any endeavor.

When you think about the good, a new awareness of the surrounding reality arises in you, you pay attention to something you have not noticed before. You receive a charge of cheerfulness, even if your health is naughty. Your body language shows those around you how firmly and calmly you are, how easily you solve certain difficulties.

For greater confidence in the result, you need to spend every day, uttering a number of simple affirmations, the more you repeat them, the better your brain remembers them and begins to work in full force. You also benefit. Many are skeptical of their perceived, however, it is worth noting that the "placebo" effect also works and everyone knows about it. Therefore, do not underestimate the power of reason. Thoughts are material. Daily repeat yourself:

  • I love myself and radiate positive energy
  • Every cell of my body is healthy and full of vitality.
  • I love all of myself and take care of my health
  • All day I feel a surge of strength and vitality
  • I sleep well and get up easily in the morning.
  • I enjoy every day

Remember that there is such a wonderful feeling as love. There is a love for children, for friends, parents, for a loved one, for nature ... Look, what a beauty around! And you are mired in your problems .. Think up an interesting lesson for yourself. At first, force yourself to deal with them, eventually you will get carried away and get used to it. This will be a pleasant hobby for you.

Surround yourself with care

Understand that no one but you yourself will not give you the joy of life. Chat with people that you enjoy. After all, cheerful, cheerful people who pour in a lot of jokes and jokes - attract to themselves. Look, and you will have a good mood.

Read books, watch movies that you like, that distract from heavy thoughts. And be sure to walk! Fresh air and movement is life.

Review your diet. Vitamin deficiencies are another cause of some human diseases. Let every day on your table will be fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, greens. It is very important for the body, so eat with pleasure!

The most important advice to everyone. Remember that life is “today” and “now”, and all the rest is “past” and “future”. Therefore, you need to get down to business right now. No one except you will take care of you. And for a normal existence, each of us, above all, needs health. Getting out of bed, every morning, first of all, smile and say to yourself: "This is the best day of my life and I will spend it with benefit for myself!" And let the benefit be in the love and care of your appearance, and, of course, the soul. Then all diseases will disappear.

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