Four steps to forgiveness

Do you know how people interpret the word "insult"? "Bummer ideals." Rude but true: if you are annoyed and hurt, it means that your expectations and dreams have not come true. From this it follows that the easiest way not to feel resentment is to not wait for anything. With this approach each step of the other person to meet you (be it a kind word, a polite address, or a disinterested deed) will be perceived as a gift.

But what to do with insults that are already sitting deep inside, or with those that arise unconsciously? To get rid of them, I recommend you the four-step method of forgiveness, proposed by Arnold Patent in the book You Can Have Everything. It is so simple that it does not require much time or effort. In addition, it can be used in any everyday situation: in case of an unpleasant event, a bad mood, a desire to criticize someone, etc. So, here are her steps.

Step 1:"Look what I made!"

Remember, you create your own reality. Everything that happens in the outside world, in essence, is a reflection of your consciousness. When you say to yourself: “Look what I created!”, You will express acceptance of your authorship of the current situation. You yourself created it at some point with your thoughts, words, actions, intentions for healing or spiritual growth. And that means you need to go through it.

Do not blame yourself. Do not evaluate. You create the events of your life for the benefit, no matter what they seem at first glance. I was struck by the lines from “Farewell Letter” by Luule Viilma, which she wrote before leaving, that our physical body is very dense, it does not allow high vibrations, so a person must go through and realize a lot in order to gain the ability to perceive energy of higher levels. Therefore, learn to accept every situation in your life, take responsibility for it and realize that everything that happens is intended only for one thing - spiritual healing.

Let's consider, for example, the situation when I was offended by my mother for what she called me ungrateful. At this stage, I think so: “How insulting! Why? Why? After all, I help her, and she unfairly blames me. It's unfair. But I created this situation myself. Look what I did! I can blame my mother endlessly, but this is only an excuse. I need to admit that I am responsible for what happened. Yes, it is, I admit it. I am sorry that this happened. "

Step 2:"I see my judgments and love myself for having them"

By taking this step, you acknowledge that you are a human being, which means that you have the ability to evaluate, compare, interpret. Your task at this stage is to recognize this ability, realize the imperfection of human nature and love yourself for all the judgments, including the fact that they created such a reality. Your judgments are part of you, so you have to love and accept them as yourself. Understanding this will help you to be conscious, which is very important.

Regarding my situation, I think this way: “Yes, I blame mom for not seeing my care and my efforts to be a good daughter. Yes, it hurts me. Of course, there is nothing good in condemnation, but I love myself including these thoughts. I'm a person with a lively heart. "

Step 3:"I want to see perfection in this situation"

This is probably the main step in the process. forgiveness. By taking this step, you acknowledge that everything in life is perfect, for everything has a Divine nature. This is an act of genuine Love. Feeling yourself a victim or blaming someone, you limit your true essence - love to conditions. Only it is capable of transforming low energies, while insult and condemnation only nourish and strengthen the energy structure of an unfavorable situation. Therefore, every time you, regardless of whether you are personally involved in the situation or are watching it from the outside (in any case, it is in your life, it means you created it), you see perfection in what is happening, and you immediately change it energy situation. It is not easy to understand, but sometimes the soul comes to this world in order to survive the mistreatment and learn to forgive. And in this lies the divine purpose. But this does not mean that we should calmly look at violence, and if we become witnesses, we need to react, because if the intervention was contrary to the highest good of the soul, this situation would not open to us.

This is how I go through this step: “I want to see perfection in the event that took place. If such a situation occurred, then it was necessary. First of all, I myself. What can I learn? I think this situation teaches me patience and compassion. the main thing is unconditional love. After all, I love my mother not for what words she says to me, but for what she simply is. How much she did for me! This is really invaluable and incomparable with what I do. In my heart only the kindest and fondest memories live, and mother is also a living person, ska ala in the hearts of unpleasant things to me. I think she did not want to hurt me. I love my mom and grateful to her for all that she does, including for its lessons of wisdom! "

Step 4: "I choose rest energy"

By accepting the divine nature of each event, you choose a feeling of peace and tranquility. The energy of peace is within you when you are fully present in the present moment. Do not identify peace with external silence and problem solving. The world around has nothing to do with your inner peace. When inside you are relaxed, when you let everything go on as usual, when you trust the Universe, only then do you fill up with silence. Only in this state can you feel true love.

In my case, I think this way: “I choose the energy of peace. I allow life to be what it is. I accept everything that happens with gratitude and love. The event I created brought me an understanding of the need for this experience. Now I feel that this the situation is filled with Love. There is silence in my heart. I let go of hurt and pain. I accept peace. I trust my highest "I." Everything is fine! "

The path of forgiveness - the road home

Now you know how this wonderful technique works. Process forgiveness, consisting of four simple steps, you can use as often as possible. Let it be part of your life. Use it not only for treating old offenses, but also during the day to solve current problems. This technique will help you to look inside yourself, will open the ability to perceive the world around more consciously and will teach you to accept everything with love. Let go of resentment! Forgiving, you erase the conditions that constrain your ability to love. Awakening deep love in oneself is the nature of the path of forgiveness. Be calm, he will lead you home. Good luck!

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