Board visualization desires do it yourself

We are our desires, and our desires are us. All that we really want to really come true without fail. And this is not because we are lucky or the stars converge correctly, or the blue bird flies to sit on our shoulder. We fulfill our dreams, because we remember them daily, we work to achieve them, we concentrate on what we want to get. And it turns out, burn out! We can if we want.

In order to speed up the fulfillment of your own dreams, you need to visually see goals or targets, if there are many. Visualizing your desires is not an empty sound. This is the sound of your upcoming victory. And in order to quickly take up their own destiny and begin to fulfill dreams, and not write endlessly to Grandfather Frost in Ustyug, turn the brightest places of your home into a board of desires.

Making a wish visualization board

The correct board of your desires should be bright, catchy and memorable. It should give you a clear idea of ​​what you want and how to achieve it. It is best to make it as detailed as possible, then at one glance you will understand how easy it is for you to go all the way, gradually passing step by step.

Board visualization desires. Option 1

Take paper of any size, depending on how many desires you have accumulated. Very often photos are used for visualization. So refer to the Internet and collect the most vivid photos of those things that you dream about. The next step should be your fantasy. You can choose any background for your drawing paper, paint your dreams with your favorite colors and shades. Use accessories - buttons, rhinestones, stickers. Absolutely everything can go into action - old wallpaper, cans of paint, dried flowers, unnecessary decorations, even cosmetics, if your imagination so desires.

Arrange everything on the board, as you see fit, in any order you like. You can number or label, choose primary and secondary goals.

Board visualization desires. Option 2

Instead of drawing paper, use a wooden board or a board of pressed sawdust. On the surface of the first example, spread out your desires and secure. Here you can use smaller copies of your goals instead of photos: small cars, houses, a brush - if you want to learn how to draw and the like.

Board visualization desires. Option 3

There is still one non-standard option. Remember the movie "Autumn in New York", where the heroine Winona Ryder collected beautiful things from beads, one of which hung a waterfall right in her room? You can build yourself chandelier of desires. Here you can use the pram toy holder and photos that will remind you of the things that are incorruptible that you will eventually accomplish.

Board visualization desires. Option 4

Another way to better consider your dreams is to make a suitable screensaver on your computer. You can make a collage or put the first photo that you would perceive as the main dream.

Choosing the right place for the board of desires

Of course, the best option is the place “prayed”. This is your refrigerator, to which you come quite often and the desktop. Some more ladies who are lucky enough to have their own boudoir, can clear the jars with creams and varnishes, leaving a corner for innermost desires. A good “place of residence” for your purposes can be a mirror in the hallway. You will be able to look at the planned plans in the morning when you go to work, thereby tuning yourself to their implementation. And in the evening, when you return home, be sure to look at your desires. Perhaps in the evening you will perform one or add a few more to the existing ones.

Another “native” place for your desires is the bedside area. It is best to hang your wishboard next to your head so that you can see your plans clearly in the morning. It is better if you run every morning on what is written. Over time, the necessary information will be deposited in your subconscious, and you will no longer perceive your dreams as unrealizable. After some time, they will become for you the main goal, the implementation of which you will be sure. This will help you achieve what you want.

The most important thing you have to understand is that there are no impossible desires. Do not be afraid and do not feel sorry for yourself. Self-pity is a bad adviser. Cherish your dreams, grow them in yourself, give yourself hope, because it is she who will help you to take up a completely crossed out list of goals. All of them will be executed and you write a new one. Do not leave yourself without plans and fantasies, no matter how crazy they are.

Be self-critical, eradicate your shortcomings, only constant work on yourself will lead you to the finish line. Begin to notice your desires, not just the desires of others. Be yourself for yourself, do not give up the idea that everything will be as you wish. Wishing board - a drop in the sea of ​​what you have to do. But you will start with this drop and finish filling the whole ocean. You will gain experience of victories, understand how to work to achieve a particular goal. And this is never superfluous.

And another tip: save your board, in order to remember how you overcame obstacles and barriers to your dreams. As they jumped over the barricades of their doubts and the garbage heaps of their fear. How to go forward, risking and neglecting amenities. Be what you want. And never ruin your dream in the bud. After all your dream is you. Good luck!

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