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Yucca home care

Yucca in your home will always be a piece of southern memories of the sea. After all, it is very much like the palm trees growing there. Yukka is suitable for decorating any rooms in your home. Especially majestic will look great yucca in the appropriate room. However, it needs attentive care.

Appearance Yucca

Yucca grows in room conditions up to one and a half meters high. She has a tree trunk. The leaves are collected at the top, elongated, leathery.

At home, yucca blooms rarely. The flowers are white, bell-shaped.

Types of Yucca

  • Yucca ivory- most reminiscent of a palm tree in appearance. It has a thickened stem, leaves up to 1 m long, the edges of the leaves are very rough to the touch.
  • Yucca Aloe - reaches a height of 2 m. The leaves are green or variegated. The edges of the leaves are serrate.

Yucca locationin the House

A plant of the southern type can not not love the sun. Therefore, put the yucca closer to the sun. Bright light she just needed. However, from the scorching ultraviolet rays take care of it.

The southern beauty can decorate the hall, a drawing room and any other room with its appearance. As in the case of dracaena (read the article Growing dragon at home), yucca should be placed in rooms with appropriate furnishings. This may be as an ordinary modern design, and the themes of the sea, the southern countries.

Most of all, the yucca will suit the windows on the southern sides of the house, but on others it will feel quite normal.

Yucca care

Yucca is not too whimsical in care. However, you need to know the conditions most suitable for its growing season.

  • Lighting. Yucca light-requiring. Place it in sunny places. In the summer, take out to the balcony.
  • Temperaturemoderate. In winter, light cold is needed - up to 9 ° С.
  • Air humiditymoderate. Yucca does not need to spray the leaves.
  • Wateringabundant in the period of active growing season, in the winter more moderate.
  • Breeds Yucca is the tip of the old plant, seed or scion.
  • Transplanted every two years in spring. Older plants can be transplanted much less frequently.

Yucca pests and diseases

Yucca - a plant with good immunity. However, it can get sick if it is not properly maintained.

  • White rot- disease of fungal nature. The disease provokes high humidity, excess nitrogen in the soil, increased frequent watering, and lack of sunlight.Control measures with white rot: treatment with fungicides, change of land and normalization of conditions of detention.
  • Marginal leaf necrosis - disease of fungal nature. Mostly affects the old leaves.Measures to combat marginal leaf necrosis: moderate humidity of air and soil. Removal of infected leaves and treatment of the whole plant with fungicides.
  • Cercosporosisand brown leaf spot - also diseases of the fungal nature. Their causes are similar to previous ones. Control measures - the same as described above.

Yucca is practically not affected by pests. Subject to the recommendations on caring for yucca disease also will not be able to overcome it.

The southern beauty will decorate your home, give it an atmosphere of exotic, rest, remind you of summer, of warm countries. You can give Yukka to the person with whom you were together in southern countries, and it could be someone from your home. You can donate a plant immediately from a holiday, or you can even on a holiday or a significant event in order to deliver memories that are dear to him.

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