Where do bedbugs appear in the apartment and house and how

With what only it is not necessary to face inhabitants of apartments of a multi-storey building! Noisy neighbors, the sudden shutdown of hot water or electricity - it turns out, is not the worst. This is understood by those who at least once came across the appearance of different “living creatures” at home, which was not invited there and is very difficult to get rid of.

Where do the bugs come from in the apartment? This question in desperation is asked by everyone who has encountered such a problem. The answer to it will be useful to find out to the tenants or owners, who so far have passed these terrible insects. This will help prevent the invasion of hordes of "tenants".

It is believed that all sorts of insects (with the possible exception of butterflies), bred in a residential area - is a sign of unsanitary conditions. In fact, this is not the main reason for the appearance of most of their species. Bedbugs, like cockroaches, most often “run over” from their neighbors through the air exhaust system, through gaps and ventilation. The main cunning of these pests is that usually their appearance becomes noticeable only when they have already multiplied.

Where the bugs come from in the house and where to find them?

Where the bugs come from in the apartment

Here we live in peace, we regularly carry out wet cleaning, we monitor cleanliness ... And one fine day we wake up in red spots that also itch. If at the same time small bugs were noticed on the bedclothes, then the situation is obvious: it is not an allergy, but bedbugs bites. Even if you poison the "tenants", it is likely that they will appear again. Therefore, it is important to know where and how they enter the premises.

Here are the main sources from which bugs appear in an apartment (more than 90% of cases):

  • from neighbors. They can crawl along walls, through slots, ventilation pipes. Fully isolating yourself in this case will not work, so the only way out is to provide insects treatment in the whole house;
  • from animals. If a poultry farm or an agricultural facility is located nearby, then most likely, the bugs migrated from there. If you live in a megacity, then insects could be brought by domestic animals from the same neighbors;
  • along with new furniture. And this also happens, because in its folds bugs often hide. Therefore, we carefully select suppliers and do not purchase furniture from hands;
  • households who have visited the "contaminated" premises, can also easily bring these uninvited guests home.

Where to look for bedbugs:

  • we found out that most often they hide in furniture. And to be more precise - in beds and sofas. This is an ideal place for living and breeding bugs, because they feed on human blood while he sleeps. During the day it is very convenient for them to hide in the folds of bed linen or the folds of sofas and chairs;
  • sockets - it's warm there, and again, it's easy to hide;
  • the pictures. Just look behind the wooden frame;
  • books. If there are a lot of dusting books in the house, then you should not be surprised if, having scrolled through a page or two, you find a bug;
  • cracks under the parquet, plinth;
  • old piano. If the musicians who left behind this wonderful instrument live or lived at home, then you should check it out. Look under the cover.

In general, you need to look for them where it is warm, dark and dry.

How to get rid of bedbugs?

How to get rid of bedbugs

It became clear where the bugs come from in the apartment. And how to get rid of them? First, do not panic. It is not easy, but real, to expel such “roommates”. Here are ways to solve the problem.

  • Call a special service. This is a radical and fast method of eliminating pests. Cons - not everyone is affordable and does not guarantee that the bugs will not crawl again from their neighbors. However, turning to professionals is the most effective way to resolve an issue.
  • The use of special tools. These are all kinds of aerosols and sprays that can be purchased at hardware stores. With their help, you need to handle the places of accumulation of insects. This is a fairly lengthy method, requiring considerable effort. However, with the right approach, it gives good results. Minus - if there are animals in the house, you will have to send them somewhere for a while: funds from bedbugs are usually toxic.
  • Heat treatment of accumulation sites. For humans and pets, this method is the safest and at the same time very effective. Minus - it is difficult to organize this procedure technically. It’s impossible to set fire to bedbugs at all: a fire is even worse than insects.
  • Mechanical elimination using sneakers and vacuum cleaner. Interesting and exciting, but inefficient.

You can use these methods in the complex.

In order for this problem to never arise, you need to take additional measures:

  • Find out where bed bugs come from. To do this, you will have to talk with your neighbors (including those who live above or below). Most often, even after dressing the bugs return. If the source is found, then you need to carry out appropriate processing and it.
  • After that you should examine your animals (sometimes bugs hide in wool), clothes and hard-to-reach places - suddenly they missed something.
  • Lingerie and clothing should be washed and ironed with a hot iron.

Unfortunately, the problem of the appearance of bedbugs is something that even clean tenants often face. In most cases, apartments have to be treated in the entire staircase or even in a house, and the methods listed above often provide only a temporary effect. But you should not be upset, because you can still solve the problem - it is enough to make some effort.

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