What you need for a home aquarium

Before you buy aquarium fish, for them you need to fully prepare the aquarium. Fish unpretentious pets and care for them you do not take much time. The most important thing to choose the right volume of the aquarium, water filters and lighting. You also need to learn to understand the types of fish and their compatibility, as well as to know what amount of water is needed for certain pets.

How to change the water in the aquarium?

What do you need for a home aquarium?

Water change is an important process that should be performed regularly. There are 2 types of replacement: full and partial. Consider each of them in more detail. Partial replacement is performed to maintain the balance of the established environment of the aquarium. It is necessary because over time, some of the water evaporates, its composition changes, the concentration of certain substances may increase, which adversely affects fish.

The first water change is made not earlier than 2 months after the launch and settlement of the aquarium. Regularity - 1 time in 2 weeks, it is recommended to change no more than 1/5 of the total. Water that does not contain phosphates and chlorine does not have to be defended. If these substances are there, it should be kept for 3-5 days. Water can be prepared by adding special formulations that are designed for an aquarium. To determine what kind of water is needed for the aquarium should be guided by what fish and algae live in it.

A large substitution in several stages takes place during the week. This type of water renewal is recommended when there is a need to reduce the concentration of some accumulated substances several times. After completing the replacement in this way the fish become much more active. However, experts do not recommend doing this procedure too often. Algorithm for a phased change of water. Consider as an example an aquarium of 100 liters. 80 l is poured, and only 40 is added. After some time another 40 l of pure water is added. The concentration of substances after such a shift will decrease by 8%.

How to make a complete replacement of water? This procedure is used very rarely and it is only used in extreme cases, because it is very stressful for fish. If you do something wrong, some fish may die, and the plants will brighten and lose some of the leaves. Water must be prepared by settling and adding special formulations for the aquarium.

What is needed filter?

The filter is a very important device in an aquarium, it cleans the water and enriches it with oxygen. The choice of the device should be taken responsibly and to understand the characteristics before purchasing. First of all, you should focus on the amount of water in the aquarium, all filters are different and one device is not suitable for all. It is recommended to purchase one whose power will be 30% more than you need. This will allow it to be adjusted and, if necessary, increased or decreased. By design, external and internal filtering devices are distinguished. The external ones are located outside the aquarium, and the internal ones are installed in the tank itself. Domestic acquire for aquariums up to 180 liters, and external suitable for very large volumes - more than 200 liters. Internal filters are much more economical, which is why they are installed more often. The device should work constantly, so you should choose the highest quality options and not save on them, then they will last a long time.

It is best to focus on a device that will have many filtering components, then the cleaning will be of high quality, and the frequency of cleaning will decrease. The aquarium needs the simultaneous removal of dirt from leaves and walls, harmful chemicals and food residues. The filter should provide excellent transparency of water. Devices are classified into chemical, mechanical and biological. Chemicals remove harmful compounds, such as ammonia. Mechanical eliminates various wastes and debris, while biological ones remove soluble waste due to beneficial bacteria.

Doing aquarium design with your own hands

What do you need for a home aquarium?

If you decorate the aquarium, it can be a wonderful element of the decor of your interior. For the design you will need:

  1. Colored pebbles or pebbles
  2. Pieces of colored glass or marble, preferably not too sharp
  3. Plants for aquarium plastic or live
  4. Various decorations, for example, ships, shaped wood, icons
  5. Special background

Before starting the decorating process, move the fish in a container with water. Pour half the water from the aquarium and transfer the second half to the other container. Remove old gravel and stones, clean the aquarium itself and rinse it with warm water. New enough to rinse with warm water along with elements of decor that you want to put in it. Soap can not be used! Salt deposits and traces of algae are well cleaned with vinegar, but it should be thoroughly washed. Live plants should also be washed with water at room temperature without additives.

Place stones and gravel on the bottom, wooden snags and fish houses. A layer of gravel and small stones should be thicker at the back wall of the aquarium, if desired, the bottom can be made uneven. Put a saucer on the bottom and pour water, this will protect the erosion of gravel. Plant live plants and fix artificial ones, make sure that the fish have enough space for movement. Plants must be secured firmly.

The background will give the aquarium depth and complement the composition of stones and plants. You can buy it in specialized stores or make it yourself. Attach it to the back wall with transparent tape. When the design is completed, add half of the old water to the aquarium, put the filters with pumps, the device for heating, if necessary, and turn on all the devices. Now you can inhabit the fish and other aquatic inhabitants. It is possible to place fish in a new aquarium in 1 day.

Will providelighting the lights

LED lighting for aquariums has many advantages, and it is very easy to install it yourself. Color can be any - red, green or blue. It is necessary to calculate the limitation of currents for the operation of the LEDs and determine their number. From the tools you will need:

What do you need for a home aquarium?

  • LEDs of the desired color, optimum performance - 2.8 V / 20 mA
  • Wires for connection
  • Resistors
  • Solder and soldering iron
  • Power supply or other voltage source
  • Screwdriver
  • Glue gun and silicone transparent glue

Disassemble the aquarium lamp to get to its casing. It is very important in the process not to damage the lamp itself and its reflector. Next, you need to mark the seats for each LED, and next to them make holes for the wires that will feed them. A standard aquarium lamp works on 220 V, so the power supply for LEDs can be hidden under its cover and connected there.

You can attach the LEDs to the casing with glue, it is important that it does not get on top of the LED. If the metal cover does not allow the contacts of the LED to touch its surface, otherwise there will be a short circuit. Solder and carefully isolate all the wires, and then reassemble the lamp and other devices. Turn on and test performance. To adjust the day and night, set the timer.

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The device of an aquarium - simple and fascinating occupation. You can do a lot on your own and don’t contact specialists. It is important to choose the right fish and aquatic plants. Their choice should also be guided by how much time you are willing to devote to the care of your aquarium.

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