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What is the humidity of the air is considered normal in the

The humidity level plays an important role in ensuring comfort in the apartment. Thus, high humidity contributes to the development of potentially pathogenic organisms and molds that can pollute the air with toxins. A low can cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and dry skin. What is the humidity of the air is considered normal in the apartment?

Find out the normal level of humidity in the apartment

Find out the normal level of humidity in the apartment

A relative humidity of 70% means that the air contains 70% of water vapor, which it can absorb at a given temperature. Thus, your comfort directly depends on the delicate balance between temperature and humidity in percent.

At a relative humidity of 60%, discomfort from the presence of moisture will be felt to a greater extent at a temperature of 30 ° C than at 20 ° C. This is because air at 30 ° C is more saturated with moisture, that is, it may contain more water vapor than at a temperature of 20 ° C and the same level of humidity. Therefore, a person will experience greater discomfort from humidity at 30 ° C. Conversely, a wet day will seem warmer than the day when the temperature is higher, but the air is drier.

In general, the relative humidity from 30 to 70% covers all recommended ranges. In the medical environment, the normal humidity in an apartment is considered to be its level from 40 to 60%. Very low moisture content in the indoor air can cause respiratory complications. Thus, the relative humidity of the air below 30% is too uncomfortable for housing.

Allowable moisture concentration in winter

Increased humidity in the apartment in the winter season may be the reason for the increase in heating costs, since it will be necessary to still heat the water contained in the form of moisture in the indoor air. Moisture creates a feeling of cold, which stimulates an excessive increase in air temperature. Too high humidity can also cause health problems, including respiratory illnesses in children and the elderly who are most at risk.

With a low level of humidity, we will observe dry skin, chapped lips, irritation of the throat and nose, difficulty breathing. In this regard, the recommended relative humidity to prevent condensation on windows in the winter period is from 30% to 50% with an average air temperature in the room from 18 to 24 ° C:

  • on colder days - 30%;
  • on warm days - 50%.

Recommended air humidity in summer

Recommended air humidity in summer

In the summer months, the relative humidity level should be no more than 50%, if there is a constant temperature in the room from 22 to 25 ° C. Ideally, the level of humidity in an apartment or house in the summer should fluctuate around 45%. Anything below 30% is too dry air, above 50% is very humid.

As noted above, with low humidity you will feel the air cooler. This is due to the evaporation of moisture from the surface of the skin, which provides a cooling effect.

How to quickly and easily measure the humidity level?

Condensation on the windows, things in the cabinets have become somehow damp, there is mold in the corners or on the walls of the house or apartment ... Every time you pay attention to such changes in the house, this indicates that your living space has too a lot of moisture.

To check whether the air in your home is too humid, you will need simple items that are in every home. This test can be carried out in any room except the kitchen, because if you have just prepared a meal, the results may not be as accurate:

  1. Take a glass, put three ice cubes in it, cover with water and stir.
  2. After that, leave the glass on the table and wait a total of three minutes, and then check if there is condensation on the outside of the glass.
  3. If not, then the air in your home is too dry, and you need to purchase a special humidifier.

The best and more accurate way to measure humidity is to use a special hygrometer device. There are quite a few hygrometers on sale that are in different price ranges. Cheaper models are mechanical. They react to changes in humidity more slowly than digital models. The most advanced of them are automatic, they determine the humidity of the air and give recommendations for optimizing the operation of your air conditioner to avoid discomfort in the apartment.

What to do if the figures are higher or lower than the norm?

optimum humidity in the apartment for the child

We list the main reasons why we should maintain the optimum level of humidity in our home:

  • significantly reduces the number of bacteria and viruses;
  • reduces the risk of allergies caused by dust mites and other pathogenic organisms;
  • get rid of mold and mildew and reduce the content of toxins in the air;
  • create a more pleasant atmosphere;
  • reduce heating costs;
  • get rid of the threat of damage to your home and furniture;
  • We care about the health of our children.

Please note that the optimum humidity of the air in the apartment for a child is in the range of 50-70% at an air temperature of 18-19 ° C.

If the air in your house is too dry, there are three standard ways to fix this problem:

  1. Evaporation. Place a container of water on or near a radiator.
  2. Portable humidifier.
  3. The best and most expensive method is a controlled humidity system for the whole house.

If you experience problems with excessive moisture, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your home is well ventilated, air circulation is sufficient and the heat is evenly distributed.
  2. Use exhaust fans while cooking and bathing.
  3. Reduce the number of domestic plants.
  4. Keep the bathroom and kitchen door closed.
  5. Install a portable air dryer.
  6. Warm the walls of your home.

Remember that poorly controlled humidity can cause serious damage to your property and jeopardize the quality of the air you breathe, and hence your health.

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