What flowers can not be stored at home

Omens accompany the Russian person throughout life. Some of them are very funny and innocuous, and some can even be called ridiculous. These include "flower" signs, which, of course, only women believe. For example: "If you grow cacti at home - the husband will drink" or "Climbers in the house - to the care of the man." Ah, dear ladies, if everything was so simple, and the man’s arrival / departure was determined by the presence or absence of a flower in the house. Then one could impose oneself on the "necessary" flowers and not grieve over the second half.

But, alas, in this life is much more complicated. Sometimes there is such a situation in the relationship that no flowers help, no matter what side they are presented. Believing in such nonsense is not worth it, but it is necessary to limit the presence of some odorous and allergenic flowers in the house, so as not to cause allergies or provoke other diseases.

To begin with, it should be said that not a single flower, except the scarlet, influenced the fate of a woman or a man, no matter where he grew. Yes, and a scarlet flower from a fairy tale, so it makes no sense to take it into account. If you like to plant plants and flowers, surround yourself with beauty and exotic creations of nature, then the only thing you need to know is that one or another plant does not call for allergies and is it poisonous?. All other information in the form of signs or "grandmother's horror stories about the narrowed" should not worry you.

Stories are known when a beautiful flower became the cause of very sad events. It would seem that one small leaf, and so many problems. This is so that there are no problems keep only safe plants on your windowsill. And if you like dangerous and poisonous, then build yourself a special hangar and grow such varieties of flowers away from children. Some of the plants described below are better not to grow in your home.


This plant is called the "tree of death", such a gloomy name cypress received for its heavy energy. Moreover, to grow it at home is not so easy.


These cute flowers, which all “Ani” consider to be their flower, are usually grown on graves, and this, apparently, should confuse lovers of “peephole”. I must say that you can grow anything on the graves, just like on your windowsill. Pansies - very neat and beautiful flowers, look great in any setting. Growing up such beauty at home is up to you.


The name is beautiful and majestic, like the flower itself. In very many homes and institutions today you can find its spreading branches. They say only that his juice is poisonous and harmful. The science does not confirm this information, and fatal poisoning has not yet been registered.

Animals love this plant very much: parrots, cats, dogs from time to time tear off a piece of another from dieffenbachia. Another thing is children. Keep this plant in the house with the kids really should not.


Poisonous plant, it was this property that served as the name for the film with the same name from Michelle Pfeiffer. Oleander causes dizziness, nausea, and from its juice can be blinded. Such a flower is really dangerous and it has been proven. He is handsome, but keeping such a house is a big risk, especially if there are children near him.


Many people confuse the name of this flower with the word "migraine" and for good reason. The smell of the plant causes a headache. Allergy sufferers should be especially careful, but for sure they know about it.

Lilies and ferns

Pretty beautiful flowers, but they absorb oxygen, which can adversely affect health. One fern in the house - all right, but to surround yourself with such plants is to deprive yourself of oxygen.


The leaves of this plant contain poison, poisoning can be quite strong, especially in children.


The poisonous juice of this plant can also harm: cause burns or even death if it enters the blood.


Many of these beautiful plants harm their owners. The smell of orchids leads to insomnia.

Tulip tulip

And these beautiful and, at first glance, cute flowers generally cause complete baldness.

Stele dwarf and Japanese Rodea

Both of these plants are dangerous because of the poisonous juice that is contained in their leaves. Juice may cause swelling of the vocal cords and their numbness.


Azalea is a stunning beauty plant. A small tree, similar to sakura. Alas, it is dangerous, you can admire it from afar and keep children away from it. A leaf of this beauty can cause cramps and colic in the intestines.


Another very attractive plant that stimulates the sense of smell. Discomfort can occur in those people who suffer from heart disease. This is not all - prolonged contact with the flower can cause dizziness and even depression.

It can be argued that many of us did not even know how dangerous many beautiful plants could be. Of course, flower lovers, hardened gardeners and collectors will not stop anything. However, ladies - mothers will think about whether to get azalea or tuberose for them when their child plays next to them? In any case, these flowers are beautiful, some of them can always grow when children grow up.

Speaking of beliefs, there is another popular wisdom: who loves to grow flowers, he loves children. Maybe someone will agree with this statement, and someone will challenge it. One way or another, you don’t have to joke with the above colors if you have children. These plants can do a lot of harm to your family.

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