What flowers are planted before winter

Flowers planted in winter save time gardeners. After all, in the fall all kinds of work in the garden and in the garden end. In the spring, there is so much to catch, as a rule, there is not enough time for flowers at all.

In addition, plus the planting of flowers for the winter in that, as one-year and perennial crops due to the hardening of the winter grow more stable, strong and bloom profusely.

When to plant flowers before winter?

They are planting flowers in the autumn when the earth has not yet cooled down much. Many flower crops are planted from late October and throughout November.

What flowers are planted in the winter?

Nature's preparation for winter (cooling of the soil) favorably affects the seeds sown. They undergo quenching and spring germinate very quickly. Flowering during autumn planting also occurs earlier than when planting flowers in spring.

What flowers to choose for planting in the winter?

The choice for autumn planting of flowers is extremely large: this is annual crops, biennials, and perennials.

Ideal for autumn sowing marigolds. Of the rest annual crops You can sow the following types of flowers for the winter:

  1. amaranth,
  2. verbena,
  3. alissum,
  4. knapweed,
  5. antirrinum,
  6. mignonette,
  7. nasturtium,
  8. dried flowers
  9. Astra Chinese
  10. kosmey,
  11. delphinium,
  12. mattiola,
  13. iberis
  14. purslane,
  15. chrysanthemum,
  16. calendula,
  17. mallow,
  18. rudbeckia,
  19. poppy,
  20. Nigella,
  21. Levkoy,
  22. ipomoea
  23. clarke,
  24. escholtsiya
  25. laureate

This is not the whole list of annual flower crops that can be planted before winter. Read more about the care of them in the article Annual flowers for giving.

Planting marigolds in the winter

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From biennial cultures most suitable for autumn sowing:

  1. forget-me-not
  2. daisy,
  3. viola,
  4. mallow foxglove,
  5. Turkish carnation
  6. bells others.

Feel free to plant the following types of perennial flowers for winter:

  1. primrose,
  2. bell,
  3. carnation
  4. aster,
  5. geykhera
  6. lumbago and other resistant species.

Turkish carnation planted before winter

Dear gardeners, connoisseurs of beauty, remember that flowers, planted before winter, save your time, and also grow more beautiful, lush and strong.

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Your garden can be decorated with colorful, bright blooms of various types of annuals, biennials and perennials. And you do not need to give your precious time for planting them in spring, because many of the most common types of flowers will be better planted before winter.

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