Weaving newspapers for beginners

In addition to the information carried by the newspapers, they can be successfully used for weaving various decorative items. Items woven from newspapers are strong enough to be used practically, and at the same time they look very original.Weaving newspapers is useful in that they can be given new life by decorating the house with truly designer, exclusive things.

How to weave a basket from newspapers?

Before you start weaving a basket, you will need old newspapers, knitting needles, scissors, glue, brushes, paints, a pan, a pot or a bottle.

  • Slice the newspaper into 10x30 cm wide strips. Using the knitting needles, wrap one of them into as many tubes as possible. In order to wind the required tubes, wind the needle very tightly along the edge of the newspaper. When choosing the needles, note that the thickness of the tubes will depend on its thickness.

How to weave a basket from newspapers?

  • When you twist the tube to half, the needle can be removed. Secure the edge of the newspaper on the tube with PVA glue. Now proceed to the preparation of the basics for the future basket. For this you need to weave a grid of 8 tubes. Lay 4 tubes vertically, and 4 horizontally. Start weaving them round. When one tube is finished, take the second one and grease its end with glue and insert it into the tube that has ended.
  • Bottom make for the selected sample: a bottle, pan or pot. Fold up the tubules so that they repeat the shape. Now weave horizontal rows out of the tubes, observing the same density of the product. When you have the desired height of the product, all the tubes, located vertically, cut and bend them in or out. In the previous rows fasten curved tubes, and cut off their remnants with scissors.
  • Now you can paint the finished basket with any colors you like and fix them with acrylic varnish, covering it from above. You can also weave the lid for the basket or just cut it out of thick paper or cardboard, paint it in the same color and even draw beautiful patterns on it. This basket can be used for decoration at home or for picking berries and mushrooms, or you can just store candy in it.

Be sure to read the tips of the article Weaving a basket of newspaper tubes, and then do it right and without mistakes!

Weaving newspapers vases

If you want to make an original vase, then weaving from old newspapers will help to make a truly unique item. Prepare a newspaper, glue or stapler, scissors.

  • To prepare a medium-sized vase, you usually need about 10 newspapers. Cut a sheet of newspaper in half and start folding them to make narrow strips. The more, the better. From one sheet of the newspaper approximately should turn out 35 strips. Now start folding the strips lengthwise and in half, and again ¼ in length, and so until you get a thick tape. The number and width of the ribbons depends on the size and width of the vase.
  • Weaving a vase is best to start from the edge to the center. To staple paper, use a stapler or glue. Apply glue in small dots, and after the vase is ready, the staples can be removed from the stapler. Weave newspaper ribbons, skirting the vertical stripes below and above.
  • As soon as the bottom of the vase is ready, start weaving its walls. To make it easier, take a bottle of about the same height and width that you want to reach into the vases, and begin to braid it with long paper strips around it, fixing them.

Weaving vases from newspapers

To remove the ends of the newspaper strips, bend the rim of the paper and secure with glue, gluing the vases to the edge. Choose a beautiful color and paint the vase. After it dries, put on it a beautiful pattern of beads or rhinestone. You can write the words of wishes or the name of a loved one on it and put it in the room. If you want, draw a beautiful picture on it. To fix the picture, cover the vase with acrylic varnish. To make the vase look original, tie a beautiful satin bow on its top, and around the bottom put a row of shining rhinestones in a circle.

Weaving newspapers caskets for beginners

From newspapers you can weave not only a basket, but also a casket, in which it is convenient to store hair accessories or love notes.

  • To begin with, wrap a lot of paper tubes, cutting old newspapers into strips of medium width. You can fold them manually or use knitting needles or a thin long rod.
  • Once the tubes are ready, paint them in the color that you choose for the future box. You can paint them or food dyes or special paint for fabrics. Let them dry. After this, proceed to weaving the bottom of the box.
  • Take 12 tubes and weave them in the form of a grid. For this 6 horizontal tubes intertwine with 6 tubes arranged vertically. If not enough length, then stick the tube to the main and continue weaving. After that, start weaving in a circle until you reach the bottom of the desired size. We do not need to weave round the rectangular box, it is enough to weave the tubules together.
  • Then bend the tubules up. Place a base inside: a casket or just a bottle with a wide bottom. After that, start to weave the tubes, creating horizontal rows.

Weaving newspapers caskets for beginners

  • Once you reach the desired height, vertically cut the tubes and fold them outward or inward. Secure them in other rows, and cut off the remaining ends.
  • Weave and lid for the box, just like the bottom. Cover the finished box with acrylic varnish. Be sure to decorate the lid. From each corner, glue a small bow with a bead in the middle, and in the center lay out your name with beads. Decorate the sides of the box with flowers and ribbons.

The ability to express yourself creatively helps a person to be realized and to raise his self-esteem. The house, which is decorated with exclusive things made with your own hands, is filled with warmth and comfort. It is pleasantly located in everything - both those who live and those who come to visit. If you have a lot of old unwanted newspapers, do not rush to throw them away, with the help of weaving you can make a lot of beautiful, unusual, and most importantly - useful things.

About the types of weaving you learn from the article Weaving from newspapers for beginners. Creative success to you!

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