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Crochet - one of the oldest types of needlework, whose popularity is not waning in our day. After all, a crocheted thing is a guarantee of uniqueness and uniqueness. Of course, knitting requires perseverance and attention, since it sometimes takes more than one week to create a large thing. However, experienced knitters are able to create real masterpieces with a simple hook and thread.

And the most vivid example to confirm what has been said is the work of Brazilian fashion designer Vanessa Montoro, who has managed from her passion for knitting to make a real brand recognized all over the world. So, let's take a closer look at the amazing designer Vanessa Montoro and her unique dresses, knitting patterns of which are extremely popular.

Vanessa Montoro: dress like a poem

While still a little girl, Vanessa has mastered the technique of crochet and knitting. And this passion over time has grown into a matter of her whole life. Today it is one of the most popular handmade brands.

In her products, Vanessa was always guided by her own ideas about fashion and style - and she did not lose. Her dresses are often called "silk poems", one can even say that the designer does not just knit crochet patterns, but draws - her collections are so amazing and unique.

Principles of work of Vanessa Montoro

Principles of work of Vanessa Montoro

Principles of work of Vanessa Montoro

Vanessa's dresses are easily recognizable, her handwriting can not be confused with anything. When creating their models, the designer follows several rules:

  • Favorite material for creating things - silk (sometimes even hand-spun silk). It is thanks to him that dresses seem streamy and especially feminine. Also, sometimes Vanessa Montoro works with 100% wool.
  • In her works she uses only naturally dyed threads. Yarn to create patterns is painted by hand at home. For this, Vanessa uses old-fashioned grandmother's recipes and natural pigments.
  • It knits from yarn, dyed with natural shades, which will be in fashion regardless of the season. This is mainly the color of coffee with milk, spinach, pastel delicate tones. However, in fairness it is worth noting that lately the designer likes to experiment: along with dresses of neutral shades, models made in fairly catchy tones have appeared.
  • The patterns in the dresses of Vanessa Montoro are quite simple, and their silhouette is laconic. But the multi-tiered and lace, the use of unique author's patterns for knitting makes the dress truly unique. By the way, it takes about a month for the designer to create the patterns and create the product.

Brand popularity: from the catwalk to the city park

Brand popularity: from the catwalk to the city park

Today, Vanessa Montoro's dresses can often be found on the red carpet; they are often printed in fashionable modern magazines such as Elle, Vogue and Marie Clair. Of course, the price of products for an ordinary buyer is too high, not everyone can afford to buy such a thing. In addition, the original models are created in just a few copies of different colors. Plus use of natural expensive materials and an advanced brand. And you want to look beautiful and feminine!

That is why experienced knitters began to adopt Vanessa's knitting style. It is clear that the ideal similarity is unlikely to be achieved, but to adopt the basic idea - completely. And expensive silk was adapted to be replaced, for example, with wool with the addition of bobbin silk.

Vanessa Montoro: schemes

Today, dresses, based on Vanessa Montoro, can be found almost everywhere: in the office, on a walk in a city park or in classes at the institute. After all, dressing in such an outfit, you begin to feel in a special way feminine and unique.

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