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The fragrant aroma of linden heart-shaped or small-leaved

How beautiful, well, just the alleys of a linden tree look extraordinarily beautiful. A linden tree is a neat, regular tree. The crown is shaped like a ball. It can grow in height to eighteen to twenty meters, and in width from ten to fifteen meters.

In landscape design linden is a famous plant that has been used for more than one decade. Often in garden plantings we can meet a heart-shaped linden. It is also called small-leaf. Such a tree and up to thirty meters in height can rise, and the trunk has a powerful reaching up to one meter in diameter.

Young twigs color variations differ brown lining. There are small lentils on them. Older branches change their brown-red color to a dark saturated gray shade. The bark on the bottom coarsen and does not shine like on young shoots.

The name of the heart-shaped linden justifies in the period of ejection of leaves. In the spring, we can observe very cute dark green leaves, which in their form resemble the heart. In length, the sheet plate can reach eight centimeters at most, but basically the length is five to six centimeters. The edges of the leaves are not smooth, as usual, but jagged.

During the flowering period, you can enjoy the pleasant aroma of yellowish-white flowers collected in neat inflorescences. The fruiting period is at the end of August - beginning of September. The heart-shaped lime is characteristic of the forests of European countries and in the Caucasus.

Use of lime heart-shaped

It is used both as a medicinal plant and as an ornamental. Very actively, the heart-shaped linden is involved in the implementation of design ideas. In landscape design, the heart-shaped linden looks good as part of compositions from several ornamental plants.

Very beautiful alleys and hedges, which were planted exclusively from heart-shaped linden.

The fragrant aroma of linden heart-shaped

Planting linden heart-shaped

  1. Heart-shaped linden is not too demanding on the landing conditions. It would be more accurate to say that the requirements of her, of course, exist, but they are of a general nature and are similar to what other ornamental plants also want to receive.
  2. First of all, choose an open well-sanctified place for landing, which is located away from the groundwater.
  3. Dig the soil thoroughly to a depth of sixty to seventy centimeters. Give her a little lie down (this will take several weeks) and form landing pits. Mix the ground with what you get in the process of digging with organic fertilizer in a ratio of 2: 1 (ground: fertilizer). After everything is ready, at the bottom of the planting pits add the nutrient soil you prepared and plant your plants. After landing, water. During planting, the plant should not be buried.

Lip care

  • Care too, as well as planting is not particularly difficult and comes down to regular watering, fertilizing with mineral fertilizers, removing weeds, loosening the soil.
  • Watering at least once every three weeks, but plentiful. Control that the water does not stagnate in the soil.
  • It is best to feed a heart-shaped linden twice a season in spring and summer. Optimal use of liquid mineral fertilizers.
  • Not bad to follow the crown. Damaged twigs, as well as those that have dried are best removed. The linden will well transfer the crown molding only to do this in early spring, while the buds on the branches have not yet dissolved.
  • Linden is winter-hardy and therefore does not require that you cover it for the winter.
  • It is important to properly assess the general condition of the plant and take proper measures in time if your plantings do not have enough nutrients or if they have been affected by diseases.

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The condition of the plants will be told to you by a change in the color of the leaf plate, the appearance of the lethargy effect of the foliage, a change on the surface of the trunk, abundance or abundance of flowering, as well as many other factors. You just need to be a little more attentive to their landings.

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