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Red-skinned turtles are enchanting creatures loved by many as pets. However, these reptiles can not be called unpretentious. Insufficient care, inappropriate conditions and diet may adversely affect the condition of the animal. And then the red-eared turtle does not eat, is sluggish and sleeps day and night. How to fix the situation?

Unusual pet

the red-eared turtle does not eat, is sluggish and sleeps day and night

The decision to get a reptile in the conditions of the apartment should be balanced. Unlike mammals, such as cats and dogs familiar to us, cold-blooded animals have a number of specific features.

Proper care and attention will allow such a pet to live up to fifty years. This mainly concerns the conditions of detention, strict adherence to which is the key to the health of animals. However, situations often arise in which the red-eared turtle does not open its eyes, eats poorly or simply behaves too calmly. For owners it is important to distinguish when this behavior is the norm, and when - a serious cause for alarm.

What to do if your red-eared turtle does not eat, does not drink water or has lost interest in what is happening around? It is important to understand what factors influence the behavior of a pet. This may be a change of season, moving the aquarium to another place or an animal - to another aquarium. Any changes in the environment temporarily affect the state of the bug.

The autumn-winter period also affects the activity of red-eared turtles. Hibernation of domesticated individuals is manifested in this way. During this period, it is important to observe the state of the animal and record the signs of diseases that may serve as additional factors for a decrease in activity. If there is no disease, the turtle will return to its usual state already with the first month of increasing daylight hours.

Why does a turtle lose its appetite and vigor?

Why the turtle loses appetite and vigor

Let's take a closer look at how much a red-eared turtle can live without water and what else can be the causes of its lethargy and loss of appetite.

It is extremely important to remember that your pet physically depends on the water source. Two days without water will lead to very sad consequences for a representative of this species. Moreover, the pet needs a regular change of drinking for a new one. That is why, if your red-eared turtle does not eat, is sluggish and sleeps too long, make sure, first of all, that your pet is properly supplied with clean water.

Other reasons for the unusual behavior of a pet include:

  • acclimatization. She will do her job - and after a while the pet is alert again and has a healthy appetite;
  • overfeeding the animal - too abundant feeding often leads to complete failure of the diet;
  • improper conditions of detention, in particular, failure to comply with the temperature framework;
  • dehydration, often caused by poor-quality food or insufficient amount of moisture in the place where the animal is kept;
  • closed eyes in a tortoise may indicate inflammation of the eyelids;
  • The mating season is strongly reflected in reptiles in the event that different-sex individuals live in the aquarium. After the extinction of sexual activity, they will become the same.
  • any diseases deprive the animal of vigor and healthy appetite.

How to help your pet?

the cause of the indisposition of the red-eared tortoise

Having found the cause of the indisposition of the red-eared turtle, try to eliminate it. The owners of such unusual pets should check the conditions in which the animal is kept, and take the following measures:

  • keep the temperature in the aquarium in the range of 26-35 degrees;
  • carefully select food for the animal, taking into account the recommendations of veterinarians;
  • do not feed by force;
  • the ratio of plant and animal food in the diet of a bug should be 1: 1;
  • monitor the condition of the animal - with the discharge of their nose, bleeding or sneezing, you should immediately seek the help of a specialist.

Favorable conditions for turtles include not only regularly purified water and the optimum air temperature, but also the ratio of water and land. A third of the aquaterrarium should be on the surface. In addition, reptiles need space, otherwise it will not be able to swim and move freely. It is advisable to choose an aquarium with a volume of 100-120 liters.

If all the rules for keeping red-eared turtles are observed, lethargy and poor appetite can only be a consequence of the seasonal behavior of individuals. In the case of diseases, self-treatment of the animal is not recommended.

Actually, leaving ha with eared turtles is easier than it might seem. It is enough to immediately acquire the necessary items such as a large aquarium, incandescent lamps and cleaning filters, be aware of the seasonal habits of the animal and monitor its diet. Be attentive to your pet - and he will live a long rich life.