Step-by-step knitting sleeveless for women

Currently, ladies of any age have the opportunity to dress as they want. Thousands of fashionable boutiques are full of the most diverse, bright and stylish clothes. But, despite all the availability, more and more women are fond of knitting with needles. With their help, create original shawls, sweaters, and, of course, sleeveless.

Features knitting sleeveless for women

Knitting allows you to fill the wardrobe with unique and unique things that no one else has, soothes and helps to distract from the everyday hustle and bustle. Anyone can learn how to knit. The main thing in this lesson - perseverance and patience. It will not be difficult to tie a sleeveless jacket due to the fact that it is not necessary to stitch the sleeves and the collar into it. In this case, before starting knitting, you should pay attention to some nuances.

Knit sleeveless

Each of us has our own taste and style preferences in knitted clothes. One likes complex, frilly and openwork patterns on things, while others just have in their closet simple, unpretentious and comfortable things. Therefore, before choosing a yarn for a sleeveless one, it is worthwhile to consider basic patterns. The sleeveless jacket can be made by Aran, Azhura or ordinary garter stitch. For knitting, most often yarn from fibers of natural or synthetic composition is used. Wool yarns retain heat very well, they are elastic and the things of them do not need to be ironed. In addition, this yarn keeps the patterns well in the form of braids.

Spokes desirable to choose smooth, light and medium size. It should be borne in mind that, depending on the yarn, a certain size of knitting needles is selected. In their manufacture using several materials. Among them are aluminum, plastic, wood, steel. There are many types of knitting needles: curly, circular, straight, auxiliary, stocking. If you want things to have no seams, you should choose circular ones. Also sleeveless knit on long double knitting needles.

Important and performance technique. It must be remembered that at the beginning and at the end of each row an edge loop is knitted. This gives the product a neat and finished look. At first glance, it seems that it does not matter, since in the end all the details are still sewn together and the hinges become invisible. But sometimes it still happens that the edge can be seen, and it is not very beautiful.

To knit sleeveless jacket, you can choose any yarn, depending on your preferences and the season when you are going to wear it. If you buy a thick woolen yarn, you will most likely get a thing that you can safely wear even over a sweater! And if you choose a thin, for example, iris yarn, then this sleeveless jacket can be worn in spring, summer, to hook it under a fur coat or jacket. You can show a little imagination and add a hood to your future sleeveless jacket, which will give your sweater a youthful and sporty look.

Master class for beginners

Knit sleeveless

In order to knit a sleeveless jacket, you will need yarn of any color. It is better to take the thread, in which there are wool and acrylic. A thing of them will be nice to fit to the body and keep warm for a long time. In addition, you will need circular needles and a hook.

  1. To begin, calculate the number of loops in 1 cm of yarn. To do this, tie the sample and measure it with a ruler. Type on the spokes the right amount of loops.
  2. Knit a rectangular canvas with a selected pattern before starting the armhole. Turn down 7 loops on both sides, 2 rows in each 2 row. 3 and 3 p. by 1.
  3. Continue to knit until the start of the intended cut. Reduce the required number of loops in the middle. Complete the part with shoulder bevels. To do this, subtract 1 p. From 2 sides. 3 loops and 3 p. 3 loops each. Close the loop. Knit the second part in the same way.
  4. Particular attention should be paid to strapping for armholes and neckline and use the hook. In this style sleeveless will need to perform only the side and shoulder seams. If you knit according to the scheme, then remember that if you look at knitted loops from the seamy side, the front loop will look like a seamy and vice versa.

Knit a baby sleeveless

Knit sleeveless

  1. The first step you need to take is to decide on the model and materials that will be needed when working.
  2. Then buy the yarn you like and take the measurements from the girl.
  3. Consider the length of your product, the width of the armholes and the waist girth. All this is of great importance when choosing yarn.
  4. Work begins with a set of loops. Their number should be half the circumference of the chest. From this we get the back. You can choose any pattern, it can be simple, consisting of ordinary facial and purl loops, or it can be complex, many-sided and openwork.
  5. Do not forget to make additions and additions when you get to the neckline cutout. After that, go alternately to the shoulders, linking the shelves for each of them.
  6. The next step is stitching the side and shoulder seams, after which you need to carefully lift the loops from the bottom of the product, at the same time changing the needles to longer ones. Next, knit to the desired length, not forgetting to add loops evenly.
  7. When the work is almost finished, you will need to tie the shelves, the bottom of the waistcoat and the neck. This can be done using the hook. You can also decorate the finished product with bright colored ribbons, buttons or beads.

Nowadays there are no problems with the choice of clothes, it is presented in a rather wide assortment, and everyone can easily buy it at any store. But it never compares to handmade things. A great way to diversify your wardrobe is to knit a sleeveless jacket. It can be performed on double or circular needles of different patterns.

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