Statica, otherwise referred to as Tatar white lemongrass, is not uniquely attributed to the category of plants that can be used by novice gardeners. However, its attractiveness as a component of a dry bouquet, as well as a resident of a flower bed, often covers all possible difficulties in its cultivation. And in order to facilitate the process as much as possible, you should heed the advice of professionals.

Statica: features of growing from seeds

Statica: features of growing from seeds

Statica: features of cultivation

In Europe and Russia, the perennial status instantly turns into a one-year stature, since the cold of a sharply continental climate is contraindicated. A flower cannot survive the winter, even if it is carefully wrapped with a covering material. Some gardeners dig up bushes to keep them indoors until spring, but here they often lack light and heat. The solution may be the creation of a winter garden at home, but this is not available to everyone.

Static seeds are small, enclosed in a dense ribbed shell, so their germination is the most difficult moment. In order to sprout shoots, professionals advise to lightly walk on the "noses" of seeds with coarse sawing or sandpaper, and then keep the seeds in the Epin solution. Or you can put them for 2-3 days in wet sawdust, and then start planting in cups or pots: it depends on whether the statue will live in the open ground, or you will leave it in the apartment. But in any case, the seeds should be placed in containers in such a way that there is 1 seed per 1 pot - the root system is so voluminous that even the seedlings can be uncomfortable when sown by a group. The term of sowing is the end of February or the beginning of March.

The minimum waiting time for seedlings is 10 days, but it can take up to 21 days, if the conditions have not been created for the statice. To speed up the process, you can warm up the containers with seedlings for 4-5 hours a day with a conventional 60-watt fluorescent lamp. And if everything went well, and the seedlings sprang, you can immediately begin the picking, without waiting for the leaves to appear. But seedlings should not be removed into open ground before June, in order not to damage the root system by accidentally lowering the temperature.

Statica: planting and care, photos of the plant

Statica: planting and care, photos of the plant

Statica: landing and care

Statitsa: landing and care, photo


If you managed to germinate the seeds of statice, the further cultivation of the flower will take place with less difficulty, since the most difficult period is over. It will only remain to maintain the moisture of the soil, which is not so difficult, because it is necessary to water the bushes only during dry periods. At the rest of the time, the plant has a rather rare substrate moistening.

The statics also do not need particularly abundant fertilizing: rare potassium-phosphoric liquid fertilizers are enough for it during flowering, the period of which occurs 100-110 days after sowing, as well as mineral fertilizers in the process of growing seedlings and the first time a month later.

It is much more important for the statics to correctly place its bushes: there must be a distance of 30-35 cm between them so that the roots do not thicken and interlaced underground. According to practicing gardeners, it is better to increase the distance, rather than too close the bushes, thereby contributing to their death.

It is necessary to add lime to the soil both for seedlings and for the adult bush in order to lower its acidity, as well as sand or pebbles for better air conductivity. It is unacceptable to grow statics on loams, since water will always linger here, which is detrimental to the root system of the flower. For the rest, filling the soil does not play a special role: the plant will take root equally well on fertile and poor land.

High varieties of Tatar white Schizandra (up to 75 cm) are grown in most cases for cutting, which is best done at the very beginning of the growing season: this will keep the brightness of the petals for a long time. Low-growing specimens (up to 40 cm) are well-suited for placing them in mixborders and compact flowerbeds, as well as as flowers that create a background for other ornamental plants.

Growing stats from seeds is quite affordable for an inexperienced gardener, if he attentively treats the starting stage - sowing for seedlings. Constant heat is a guarantee of high germination of seeds, and after the seedlings are stronger, you should not rush to transfer them to the street. And the safest option, of course, is the cultivation of statics on a loggia: here she will have enough light, but at the same time she is protected from the cold.

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