Soaring cup with flowers with their own hands

Recently, gifts in the style of hand-made are gaining popularity. For example, a floating cup with flowers with your own hands is the best souvenir to a friend, colleague and loved one. Such a gift symbolizes spring, happiness, goodness, beauty and prosperity. Today we will learn how to make this beautiful and elegant crafts.

Piggy needlewoman: useful tips

soaring cup of flowers

Many needlewomen soaring cup is called a waterfall. If you look closely, it is precisely this phenomenon of nature that this hand-made article symbolizes. The mug seems to float in the air, and coins, flowers, candy, coffee beans, etc., pour out of it.

If you are new to this business, some useful tips will help you easily make a floating cup with your own hands, and master classes will vividly demonstrate the stages of work:

  • for work any cup and saucer is suitable;
  • Be sure to first gently scrap the surface layer from the cup and saucer, especially in places where the wire will be fixed;
  • to make the adhesive better fix the wire, process the surface of the saucer and mugs with acetone, that is, degrease;
  • wire cut into the same size, given the height of crafts;
  • we do not cut the wire, but bend it in order to create a kind of frame for the cup;
  • first we perform all the fitting activities, and only then we fasten the wire with an adhesive substance;
  • It is best to use a glue gun with rods to simulate such a craft;
  • to create a waterfall base for the decoration of crafts, the wire must be wrapped with a twine thread, which should be fixed with glue;
  • during the decoration of the product, you can show all your creativity and imagination using a variety of materials - coins, fake banknotes, beads, buttons, satin flowers, ribbons, pebbles, coffee beans, etc .;
  • in order to make the crafts look stylish and harmonious, we place most of the jewelry on the saucer;
  • The wire should be completely covered with decorative objects, especially in the places of its attachment to the cup and saucer.

Flower waterfall

soaring cup of flowers

If you at least once visited exhibitions of applied art, you probably paid attention to the fact that one of the most common products in this direction remains a floating cup with flowers made from satin ribbons. Our master class will tell you how to make such an original product with your own hands. For modeling colors suitable for any fabric trimming different shades and textures.

Necessary materials:

  • multi-colored satin ribbons;
  • leaf template;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun with rods;
  • pencil;
  • saucer and mug;
  • wire;
  • threads;
  • needle.

Step-by-step description of the creative process:

  1. Flowers made in kanzashi style will look very beautiful.
  2. To do this, take a cut of satin ribbon and bend it in the shape of a triangle.soaring cup of flowers
  3. Now fold the fabric triangle in half again to form a smaller triangular shape.soaring cup of flowers
  4. Again, perform similar actions.soaring cup of flowers
  5. The remaining edge is carefully cut off and immediately burned, you can use a lighter.
  6. We firmly fix the edges of the petal, they should stick and not disintegrate.soaring cup of flowers
  7. Now gently twist the petal in the opposite direction, holding the lower cut.soaring cup of flowers
  8. By analogy, we make four more blanks.
  9. Five petals are strung on a thread.soaring cup of flowers
  10. Tighten the string, and fix the edge of the knot.

    soaring cup of flowers
  11. We make another 20-25 flowers of various shades.
  12. In the middle of each flower you can insert stamens made of fishing line and beads.soaring cup of flowers
  13. Take any template and cut the leaves.soaring cup of flowers
  14. Now proceed to the manufacture of the frame.
  15. The inside of the cup and the surface of the saucer are degreased.
  16. Glue the wire first to the cup, and then to the base of the saucer.soaring cup of flowers
  17. Using a glue gun, we fix the leaves on the entire surface of the wire, closing its attachment points.soaring cup of flowers
  18. In a chaotic manner we glue the flowers made from satin.soaring cup of flowers

Give a piece of luck

If you want to make an unusual gift to a loved one, try making a soaring cup-waterfall. Only here we will have a waterfall not ordinary, but monetary. You can use any coins. Be sure to stock up on old nuts, bolts and washers. They will play the role of weighting.

soaring cup of money

Necessary materials:

  • glue gun with rods;
  • saucer and mug;
  • fork;
  • coins;
  • bolts, nuts or other metal objects.

Step-by-step description of the creative process:

  1. Prepare a cup and saucer as described in the previous master class.
  2. Be sure to degrease the surface of these products with acetone.
  3. Fork bend on both sides and fix first to the inner surface of the circle.soaring cup of money
  4. After drying, glue the opposite part of the fork to the surface of the saucer.soaring cup of money
  5. We make our construction with all sorts of nuts and bolts, abundantly filling them with adhesive.soaring cup of money
  6. After our design is completely dry, proceed to the design work, that is, decorate the cup with coins.
  7. We begin to glue one coin at the top, carefully masking the attachment points of the plug.soaring cup of money
  8. Step by step we move to the base of the craft and decorate it with coins. They can be placed in any order.soaring cup of money
  9. Additionally, a money cup floating in the air can be decorated with a string of twine, paper banknotes, flowers, etc.soaring cup of money

Even a child with the help of parents can make a floating cup. This is a very exciting and interesting process. At all times, things made with their own hands were valued. A gift in the form of a floating cup will appeal to any connoisseur of applied art. Creative success!

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