Often in apartments or offices you can find a small tree with the correct form of leaves, which resemble an open palm. This is the original plant - shefflera. It grows a bush or a small tree, the leaves have a green or multi-colored color. Shefflera perfectly fit into any interior in the role of decorative ornaments.

Schefflera flower: planting and care

The plant is not whimsical in the care, but still some conditions must be observed.

Schefflera: care at home. Peculiarities of content of different types of shefflera

Planting options for this flower are several:

  1. Seeds. The method is the most difficult, which requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Seed should be planted in early spring. At the same time in the room you need to maintain the air temperature around 25 degrees. Water the land must be abundant. Sprouts that appear after some time, then you need to transplant into another container.
  2. Cuttings. This method is the most common. Freshly cut cuttings must be planted in pots with sand and turf soil. Then they should be covered with a glass of glass or plastic and maintained at an air temperature of 20-25 degrees. After you have to wait, when the cuttings will have roots and transplant them to a permanent place of growth.

As soon as the young plant begins to appear the first leaves, you need to begin care manipulations. The first thing to do is take care of the soil. You can buy specialized soil for palm trees. It is inexpensive, but the sheffler will feel very good in it. The plant is bad for excessive moisture, so watering should be controlled. It is better to observe a moderate mode of moistening with water at room temperature.

Light for shefflery should be diffused, otherwise it may burn leaves, which causes considerable damage to the flower. It is better to put the plant in penumbra or on the windowsill, on which the sun's rays will fall limited. The temperature in the room should not fall below 16 degrees.

Humidity is another important point in caring for a flower. In the summer, it is recommended to put a saucer filled with water next to the flower to prevent it from drying out. Sheffler should also be sprayed with water at room temperature. Here it is also necessary to observe the measure, otherwise brown leaves may appear on the leaves and the plant will rot. And in winter, on the contrary - the humidity should be minimal.

Gardeners recommend replanting the plant 1-2 times a year. Do it better in the spring, during the revitalization of flower growth. Transfer it to a larger pot. With proper execution of these manipulations, the tree will begin to grow very quickly. The flower requires mineral fertilizer in spring. But they can be replaced with special dressings for palm trees.

If the shefflers began to fall leaves, then this may indicate a lack of humidity. If the leaves lose their color, it is better to transfer the plant to another place of growth. And if white spots appeared on them, then the flower received a sunburn.

With a visible slowdown or if new leaves cease to appear, it is better to feed the soil with mineral fertilizers or transplant a flower into another, more spacious pot.

When the air is too dry, the plant can be attacked by pests such as the scab or spider mite. If there are signs of such damage, the flower should be treated with a mild soap solution and purchase a special drug. The procedure should be carried out 2-3 times a day until the pests are completely destroyed.

Variety Zhanin: features of the species

Schefflera: care at home. Peculiarities of content of different types of shefflera

This is a decorative variety of shefflera. Its homeland is the tropics, where it blooms beautifully in the wild. By the way, at home, this plant blooms very rarely. This type of shefflera loves bright scattered sunlight, but do not allow direct sunlight on it. In summer, she needs to provide air temperature of about 20 degrees, and in winter - not less than 12 degrees. The best temperature for shefflery zhanin in the winter is 15-16 degrees.

In spring and summer, the flower should be moderately watered; the soil should not be allowed to dry out. In winter, watering should be limited. Humidity should be high, it is also good to periodically spray the flower with separated water at room temperature.

From spring to autumn, during the growing season of the plant, it needs feeding. And it should be done 2 times a month with universal fertilizers for indoor plants.

In order to create a beautiful bush from sheffleers, it is better not to cut it, this reduces its decorative properties, but simply plant several plants in one pot at once.

In winter, the flower goes into a state of rest, and you need to keep it in a bright room at an air temperature of 14-16 degrees. Watering should be limited.

Replacing this variety of shefflera should be 1 time in 2 years in a pot, which will be much larger than the previous one. Flower propagated by seeds, cuttings or layering of the air.

Schefflera Nora: grown in the home

Schefflera: care at home. Peculiarities of content of different types of shefflera

Another decorative type of plant - Schefflera hole. She loves scattered and bright light, but does not tolerate exposure to direct sunlight, they can burn her leaves. In the warm season, the flower can be taken out on the street. The temperature of the room should be leveled to 20 degrees, and in cold seasons - 14-16 degrees.

It is possible to propagate this plant by cuttings, dividing by air layouts or seeds. The latter should be sown at the end of winter in a mixture of peat, sod, leaf soil and sand. Moreover, the capacity of the seeds should be in a room with an air temperature of 24 degrees.

After the young shoot has several first leaves, the plant can be transferred to a dive. To do this, the cuttings need to be planted in the soil of peat land with sand. Air temperature should be maintained in the region of 20-22 degrees. After the landing, the container with the cuttings must be covered with a film, sometimes watered and sprayed. After they firmly take root, they must be transplanted into a large pot.

Air layering plant should be propagated as follows: in early spring, make a small incision on the trunk, then wrap it with wet moss, while covering it with a film. After some time, in the place where the incision was made, roots will appear. And 2 months after the appearance, the top should be cut and planted in a separate pot.

Watering this type of shefflera should be moderate in the warm season and limit watering in the winter. And you need to use soft, pre-settled water at room temperature. If the soil turns sour, the roots of the flower may rot and the plant will die. Humidity in the room with Schefflera should be high, so the plant should be sprayed with well-settled water at room temperature.

Repot the flower advised in early spring every year. Moreover, it should be planted in a mixture of turf land, humus and sand. And at the bottom of the pot should be placed good drainage.

Feed the Scheffler hole in the warm season with a special complex of organic and mineral fertilizers for indoor plants.

Photos of flowers

Schefflera: care at home. Peculiarities of content of different types of shefflera

Schefflera: care at home. Peculiarities of content of different types of shefflera

Schefflera: care at home. Peculiarities of content of different types of shefflera

Schefflera: care at home. Peculiarities of content of different types of shefflera

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Sheflera drops leaves, what to do?

Growing this magnificent plant at home, do not forget to provide him with the necessary conditions. Moisten the soil in time, do not allow the air to dry out in the room, keep the flower away from direct sunlight. Despite its simplicity, Schefflera looks spectacular. She is able to decorate any house, apartment or office.

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