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Chinese rose or hibiscus is a homemade plant belonging to the family Malvaceae. In nature, it grows in South-East Asia and on the islands of the Pacific Ocean. In favorable conditions, the shrub grows up to 3 m in height. For home cultivation derived more compact varieties of hibiscus. For the Chinese rose to bloom in your home, it needs the right care.

How to care for a Chinese rose?

Rose Chinese: care.

Care for hibiscus is easy, the main thing to know a few highlights. The Chinese rose loves the light, but from the direct and bright rays it is better to cover it. If you have not done this, and your rose has faded a little in the sun, you can prepare a sweet solution (0.5 tsp of sugar for 1 tbsp of water) to treat it. Wipe the leaves of the rose with this solution daily until it is better, and there are no burns.

With proper care, hibiscus can grow well even on the north windows. The optimum temperature for growing Chinese roses: in the summer - 22 degrees, in the winter - 15 degrees. If in the summer period you put the plant on the balcony, then in the autumn it is necessary to bring it into the room (because the temperature below 10 degrees is detrimental to hibiscus).

Chinese rose grows better with frequent watering. Water it 2 times a week and check that the soil is never dry. Such abundant watering is especially important in the hot months. Also in the summer you need to periodically spray hibiscus. Due to the lack of air humidity in the room, the leaves of the Chinese rose begin to turn yellow, so maintain a comfortable humidity of the air. They water the flower with distilled water.

From late spring to early fall, hibiscus should be fed regularly, adding organic and mineral fertilizers to the soil. Closer to the autumn you need to reduce the nitrogen content in the feed. Instead of purchased fertilizers, you can use a sugar solution, which treats burns of leaves. The amount of nutrients should be sufficient at any time during flower growth. Hibiscus feeds every 1 - 2 weeks during flowering and at least once a month in other periods.

If you do not properly care for the flower, it can appear aphid, and at low humidity can be found on the plant spider mite. If the pests do not seriously damage the rose, it can be saved by regular washing with warm water. In the case when there are many parasites, buy a special treatment in the store (for example, "Aktellik"), spreading 15 drops in 1 liter of water.

Chinese rose: reproduction features

Rose Chinese: care

Hibiscus can be propagated in 2 ways: by sowing seeds and grafting. But reproduction by grafting is the most common option. The most successful time for grafting Chinese roses is February, March and August, but if you wish, you can spend it in any other month.

For reproduction by cuttings cut off the apical shoots of the search for 2 or 3 internodes. It is desirable to lower the cuts into a growth-stimulating drug. Then create small greenhouses, covering the shoots with polyethylene or a can. The temperature in the greenhouse should be about 22 - 25 degrees.

For rooting cuttings need about a month, after which they are transplanted into small pots, which put in a sunny place. In the future, the new plant will require watering with warm water and pinching small shoots, it is necessary for the formation of the beautiful shape of the new bush of Chinese roses. In spring, young Chinese roses can be transplanted into large-sized containers with nutrient soil.

Can I keep a Chinese rose at home?

Rose Chinese: care

Many novice growers are wondering - is it possible to keep a Chinese rose at home? The answer is unequivocal - yes. According to the practice feng shui, hibiscus is a plant of the elements of fire. It is recommended to grow people who are too closed and rational. This plant organizes a harmonious space and helps to find a common language.

There are many myths about the Chinese rose. Many call this flower bloody, associating it with negative energy and unpleasant emotions. This is because hibiscus grows well in the corridors of hospitals and clinics. In fact, there Chinese roses take root due to the fact that in the spacious corridors a lot of light penetrates and there is a comfortable temperature.

Some believe that the Chinese rose begins to bloom beautifully on the eve of someone's death. But this is just fiction. Dumb people subconsciously find the flower dangerous.

As for the pleasant accepts, it is believed that the Chinese rose is able to attract love. It symbolizes passion and ardent relations, can return lost feelings to partners who are in long-term relationships.

Chinese rose: photo

Rose Chinese: care

Rose Chinese: care

Rose Chinese: care

Chinese rose is an unpretentious plant that, with simple care, will surely delight you with beautiful flowering. Hibiscus is durable, it can live for a dozen years. The flower will be an excellent decoration of the house, as well as help to attract love and positive emotions to your family!

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