Room design for a teenage girl

Adolescence is a time of change, both for the child and for his parents. Living conditions have a particular impact on the emotional state of girls. In this regard, it is necessary to transform the personal space of her daughter, taking into account her wishes, and choose the best room design for a teenage girl.

The classic style of the interior, which is usually used in the design of rooms for children, most likely will not suit the young lady. The original design of the room for a teenage girl can be created by studying the following styles:

  • Art Deco (unusual decor, glossy surfaces);
  • romanticism (refinement and smooth lines);
  • pop art (contrast and expressiveness);
  • manga (combination of animation elements with the English style);
  • constructivism (focusing on the artistic image);
  • eclecticism (a creative combination of different directions).

Color shapes the mood

The predominance of pink in the interior of the dwelling for girls of senior school age is a well-established stereotype that the young beauty most likely will not like. Modern designers advise to use a three-color scale. The background color can be blue or blue to visually expand the space and create the atmosphere of peace and comfort that is needed after a busy day. Shades of blue look great with:

  • sea ​​green;
  • silver gray;
  • turquoise.

Use this palette to design a sleeping area or recreation area. To give the room freshness, you can add contrasting colors, such as white or orange.

It also looks good room for girls in shades of green. This color contributes to active brain activity. Therefore, even if another basis is chosen for general interior design, it is still desirable to make the working area green. Extend the range of green with the following shades:

Room design for teenage girl

  • light green;
  • mint;
  • tea leaf colors;
  • mustard.

This design option is most often recommended when answering the question what should be the room for a 14-year-old girl. Design in the style of manga, constructivism, romanticism is most popular among the representatives of this age category.

Lovers of sunny colors should be careful: an excess of yellow can make the room too monotonous and change the emotional state for the better. This problem can be easily solved by combining hot-yellow or calm beige with:

Room design for teenage girl

  • dark golden;
  • chocolate;
  • pear blotches.

If you want to create an original room design for a teenager girl of 16 years old, who presumably prefers bright eclecticism or contrast, combine a cheerful orange or pumpkin color and:

Room design for teenage girl

  • green;
  • coffee;
  • gray
  • Navy blue.

Excessive brightness or gloomy gloom cause a sense of danger. Therefore, starting repairs in the room for your daughter, find a compromise solution that will allow you to create a favorable psychological atmosphere.

Rules of furnishing, zoning and decoration

Rules of furnishing, zoning and decoration

In the room of a teenage girl must be:

  • Desktop;
  • one-and-a-half bed;
  • wardrobe;
  • trellis with a large or medium size mirror;
  • chairs and padded stools.

This furniture will allow the schoolgirl to feel comfortable, not feeling inconvenience due to the inevitable replenishment of the wardrobe, increasing the number of cosmetics and jewelry, the desire to pay special attention to their appearance. Romantic notes bring monochromatic heavy curtains bonded to the sides in the interior. Separate the space will help the ladders, podiums, steps. When zoning a room, besides changing the color scale, do not forget that:

  • the working area must be placed near the window;
  • the recreation area, if possible, is removed from the place of work;
  • the sleeping zone of the owl should be located in the back of the room, and the “lark” should be closer to the source of natural light.

Design room for a teenage girl: decor

Whatever style of interior you choose, as a decor, it will perfectly suit:

  • pictures with an unusual plot;
  • funny photo frames;
  • panel;
  • figurines.

The main thing is not to spoil the overall impression of an abundance of small parts.

The design of a small room for a teenage girl can be simplified by combining the seating area and bed. In this case, the bed is better to replace the sofa bed. To solve the problem of space shortage will help any transforming furniture, as well as cabinets and shelves built into the wall.

Owners of small apartments often have to put up with the fact that the room is being prepared for two teen girls. The design of such housing should be developed taking into account the tastes of both inhabitants. This is easy, provided the premises are properly zoned. In order for each girl to have a personal space, divide the room with decorative partitions or purchase a modern bunk bed model with built-in bookshelves and lighting, actively use fragmentary painting of the walls.

Room design for teenagers, boys and girls

Room design for teenagers, boys and girls

To make the boy and girl feel as comfortable as possible in the common room, you should not combine radically different colors and styles. The basic tone of the walls and furniture should be neutral:

  • sandy;
  • tangerine;
  • green.

Beds are placed perpendicular to each other or opposite. To be on the same line furniture for recreation can only be when a room is divided by a rack, a screen or a closet. In the case of distinction, do not forget to increase the lighting of both parts of the room. If the room is too small, so as not to deprive the children of their corner, put a bunk bed. A high wardrobe is ideal for storage: a boy puts his things on one side, his sister on the opposite. In the work area, psychologists advise to put two tables, since the presence of a separate workplace stimulates learning activities.

Premises for teenagers can be made very attractive, creative and functionally convenient, despite such common problems as small-sized housing and conflicts of tastes. To achieve success, be sure to consider the opinions of your children and do not neglect the advice of experienced designers.

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