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Rabbit feeder do it yourself

When the cultivation of rabbits ceases to be ordinary fun for children and goes into the category of business, and the number of heads increases every year, it is quite natural to ask how to feed the animals. Of course, pouring food into a bowl is not very convenient each time. Let's understand how to build a feeder for rabbits with your own hands.

For the sake of fluffy animals

how to build a feeder for rabbits do it yourself

Those who know how to hold a drill and a hammer in their hands, and hammering nails into the wall, do not harm the fingers, making an eared animal feeder will not be difficult. It is only important to decide in advance on the material and familiarize yourself with some features of the construction of the future structure. Therefore, stock up with everything you need and go ahead - to realize your plans.

But what kind of trough, made by hand, will be most convenient for rabbits, will help determine the drawings with a description:

  • The construction in the form of a nursery is ideal for feeding eared small animals with grass and other plant foods. Often this form of feeding trough livestock breeders initially built into the cell. If you have not foreseen this possibility in advance, you can make it according to the proposed scheme, and then attach it to the inside of the rabbit dwelling.

what kind of self-made trough would be the most convenient

  • Bunker type feeders are more suitable for bulk feed. Their peculiarity is that the food goes to the animal incompletely, but only when the rabbit eats the main part of it, crumbled to the bottom. Making such a feeder is quite simple, and here is a suitable scheme.
  • And this option is similar to the bunker trough, but has a slightly simplified look. There is no compartment for collecting food. All food enters the tray under the weight of the rest of the food.

Bunker type feeders are more suitable for bulk feed

  • Groove feeders - this is the best, in which you can put the remnants of cabbage, carrots and other root vegetables. Such devices are often attached from the outside of the cage, so that access to food is provided for a large number of animals.

Groove feeders are the best.

  • Another way to supply the rabbits with fresh grass or hay is to build a kind of nursery feeder from the old net. In this case, you will help this drawing.

like a nursery feeder from the old grid

As illustrative examples, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with master classes for creating feeders. Perhaps one of them is useful in your work.

Master together

After examining all the drawings and possible designs, most breeders opt for bunker-type feeders. They are ideally suited for granulated or bulk feed, and various cereals will also fit perfectly in them.

Adaptations for food of this type are recommended to be made of metal tin profiles, plastic or plexiglass. But if the last two materials are difficult to get, and they are very picky in their work, then a tin can from under canned food or tomato paste is always at hand. You can build a bunker feeder for rabbits with your own hands, for example, from a large can.

Necessary materials:

  • tin can high;
  • Bulgarian or metal file;
  • pliers;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • screwdriver.

Process description:

  • For work we need a high can. It must be cleaned in advance of the contents, washed and dried.
  • Then with the help of a grinder or a nail file for metal, you need to cut off the middle part of the can so that about 2-3 centimeters below create a protective barrier.

Build a bunker feeder for rabbits with your own hands

  • Now, using pliers, bend the sharp edges of the can where the cuts were made. This is necessary so that the food does not get stuck between the joints, as well as to work safely with the feeder in the future.

safe work with a feeding trough

  • Then use a hammer or any other convenient tool to align the cut part of the tin can.

align the cut part of the tin can

  • Using a screwdriver, nails or screws make a few holes in the can at the bottom of the can.

make several feed holes in the bottom of the can

  • Fold the edges of the cut part of the tin so that the right and left parts form a right angle.

Bend the edges of the cut piece of tin

  • Screw the tin to the can, securing it firmly with 3-4 screws.

Screw the tin to the bank

  • Now your bunker trough is almost ready, it remains only to attach it to the cage and fill it with food.

bunker trough almost ready

Two in one

For experienced tinsmiths it is easy to build a metal feeder. But what should those who are not used to working with such materials or who do not have the right tools at hand? How in this case to make a feeder for rabbits with your own hands? Of course, you can give up and just buy a regular plastic bowl, or make a little effort and try to make a feeding trough two in one of the wood.

Necessary materials:

  • boards;
  • saw;
  • nails;
  • roulette;
  • glue on wood.

Process description:

  • To begin, you will need to make all the measurements, and then pick up the materials. Best of all for the combined wooden trough suitable inch board, processed on the jointing machine.

build a trough of metal is not difficult

  • From the board it is necessary to cut such details: the back, 3 equal parts for the sides and the middle, the bottom, the front wall.

for combined wooden trough suitable inch board

  • On the bottom on the side where the drinking bowl is supposed to be installed, cut a small hole.
  • Then carefully glue all parts of the drinker, each in its place. Better in advance using a pencil mark on the bottom place for each part.

carefully glue all parts of the drinker

  • After the glue dries out and all parts of the feeder are securely connected to each other, you can fix the work with a couple of screws.
  • From the seamy side of the side wall do not forget to attach a few hooks to make it easier to remove and hang the feeder on the cage.

remove and hang the feeder on the cage

  • This trough can be supplemented with an upper lid with fasteners or small metal strips about 1 centimeter wide should be stuffed on the sides of the structure.

There are many options and materials from which simple rabbit feeders can be built, there would be only a desire. However, of all the variety, it is advisable to give preference to the design that best suits the size of your cage and can feed as many pets as possible. And the most practical are structures where food is stored for no longer than a day. Good luck to you!

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