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Pinocchio - one of the most beloved heroes of children's fairy tales, which causes only positive emotions - he is intelligent, agile and inquisitive. Therefore, many children want to try on his bright suit, which is perfect for almost any celebration. The magical holiday, accompanied by a fun carnival is, most often, the New Year.

Of course, you can buy a ready-made suit in the store or make a little effort and make it yourself. The process of making an outfit Pinocchio does not take much time, even in the absence of skills of professional seamstress. You will need some materials for work - fabric, threads, needles, paper and glue.

The costume, made of satin fabric, looks very beautiful and bright. If desired, you can make an exact copy of the clothes of Pinocchio or stitch an outfit that differs in style and color. For a suit you need a jacket and shorts or pants and a jacket. The upper part can be with long or short sleeves. As an additional element it is worth using a vest. It is advisable to stop the selection on rich and vivid colors.

How to make a costume of Pinocchio for the new year with your own hands?

How to make a costume Pinocchio?

How to make a costume Pinocchio?

How to make a costume Pinocchio

First you need to do one of the main parts of the costume - the cap. Cardboard is taken, it is advisable to use color or just paint it with red and white stripes. You can take colored paper, cut into strips and glue them to the cardboard.

  • For this, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the head of the child for whom the costume is being sewn. 2 cm is added to the result. The same length must be measured on the underside of the paper. The segment is divided into two equal parts and the perpendicular line is lowered from the middle. The length of the cardboard is fully consistent with the height of the future cap. Further to the top of the perpendicular, lines are drawn from the edges of the segment. Now the resulting triangle is cut.
  • About 17 mm recedes on one side, a line is drawn. The terminal is lubricated with the entire cleaned area, then applied to the second side of the future cap.
  • Curls can be made from thin cardboard yellow. To do this, cut strips (width about 5 cm). All strips are wound on the end of the pencil. The second part of the strip is glued to the inside of the cap so that they are not visible. The cap is left for a while until the glue dries completely, otherwise the headgear may be deformed. At the end on top of the cap is attached a white bubo.
  • Mandatory attribute of the costume of Pinocchio is the jacket in red. You can sew it from any material that holds its shape well. For this you need to take any old T-shirt, which is not a pity to spoil and rip. All outlines are transferred to the new pattern. The jacket should have a trapezoidal shape, so at the bottom of it you need to expand a little.
  • The pattern is transferred to the fabric, cut (on the side seams left about a centimeter - on the allowance). Then with the help of a sewing machine connect all parts. To complement the jacket you need one large white button and white collar.
  • Now you can do shorts. For this fit any shorts in black or blue. This element of the costume should be without any additional decorative elements. The legs are worn socks or socks in white, plain sandals or shoes are also needed.
  • The image of Pinocchio will not be complete without a long nose. You can make it yourself - a sheet of cardboard is taken and cut along approximately the same pattern as the cap. However, the nose will be much smaller. You can use colored paper or white, which is painted in the desired color.
  • To keep the cap and nose on the head, small holes are made at the sides, into which a thin, almost invisible elastic band is inserted so that it does not stand out strongly. You can buy such gum in any store that provides products for needlework.
  • Do not forget about the additional accessories that will make the image of Pinocchio complete. Be sure to take care of the golden key, which you can buy ready or spend half an hour and do it yourself. If the second option is chosen, you will need to take a sheet of sufficiently thick cardboard and a pattern drawn on paper. A sufficiently large key is cut out of the cardboard, which can be painted with gold paint or wrapped in shiny metallic paper. In this case, the foil is perfect.

Delaemnos for Pinocchio

How to make nose Pinocchio with your hands?

To make yourself a long nose for the costume of Pinocchio, you need to take straight, sharp scissors, a sheet of plain A4 paper, a thin elastic band, glue, colored pencils (several different tones of brown).

During work, you must remember that Pinocchio should not have a long, but rather sharp nose. It is better not to try to make it very long - the ideal option would be 10 cm. In this case, the nose looks beautiful and will not interfere with the child at the party.

A sheet of paper is taken and a circle is drawn on it (it is advisable to use a compass so that the circle is even) with a diameter of about 10 cm. With a sharp scissors the circle is carefully cut, then it is divided into four equal parts with a pencil. The fourth part is cut off from the circle. Then the paper is folded in a cone shape. You need to work very carefully and try to make the tip as sharp as possible.

At the junction of the paper smeared with glue. It is necessary to press gently with your fingers and hold until the glue dries and grabs. Sharp nail scissors are taken, and small holes are made almost at the very base of the cone.

It is necessary to take a thin elastic band, measured in advance, so that it does not turn out to be too long or short. It is advisable to choose a gum, which will be almost not noticeable. The dried nose is painted with various shades of brown. It is not recommended to use markers or felt-tip pens, as the finished nose will not look neat. It is the pencils that will give the paper the desired shade and make it as similar to natural wood as possible. It is necessary to paint a nose strictly along, but not across.

Golden Key

Pinocchio costume: photo

It is very easy to make the costume of Pinocchio on your own, it is enough to prepare the necessary materials to speed up the work and be patient. With a little effort, you will be exactly sure that your baby is the brightest at a holiday or masquerade.

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