Names for parrots boys

Having a parrot at home is a great joy. With this bird you will never be bored, it is playful, mobile and extremely curious. You can buy a parrot in any pet store. There you can find everything you need to keep it. One of the most difficult tasks is choose a name for your parrot.

Choosing a name, you should be guided by the sex of your pet, his character, behavioral patterns and attitude towards people. The criterion for choosing a name can be the appearance of your pet.

How to choose a name for a parrot?

When choosing a name for your little pet pay attention to the sounds that parrots learn best. After all, the bird will hear it every day and, most likely, will want to repeat it a little later. The device of the vocal cords of these lovely creatures of nature makes their "speech" chirping. therefore the easiest parrot to pronounce are deaf and hissing consonants, such as п, т, к, х, ц, ш. Some difficulties can cause whistling consonants.

Difficult consonants such as m, n, l. Convenient however sound is also R (especially for wavy parrots). Of the vowel sounds, sounds such as a, e, and, y. Difficulties may arise with pronouncing a deep vowel. about.

Different names for boys parrots

Many people try to wind up just the male parrots. This happens because the males living alone, are more active, more often sing and imitate well, and then learn human speech. Of course, all this takes place if the parrot belongs to the speaking breed.

The main thing you should be guided by when choosing a name for a parrot is sonority. The name of the bird should not be similar to the names of the surrounding households. Therefore, eliminating options that resemble the name of your dog, for example, you can easily narrow your search.

When naming a parrot boy should pay attention to the names presented below.

  • If your bird is rather large, moreover, it behaves like the king of the Far-off state, then try to pick one of the names: Christian, Ronaldo, Arnold, Sylvester, Fernando, Felix, Viking, Caesar, Tiziano, Marquis. However, with all the luxury of these names, they have a significant drawback - they are very difficult to pronounce. Therefore, these nicknames are suitable for birds that can not speak from nature, or for those who, most likely, learn to speak very well.
  • For parrots of any kind and size, simple names like: Kuzya, Alex, Kane, Makar, Nick, Burt, Flint, Troy, Bruce, Dick, Fight, Tim and Roy.
  • There are names that will be very convenient to pronounce the birds themselves. We have already talked about which sounds are best to use. If you want your pet to clearly pronounce his name, select: Gosh, Kesha, Timosha, Tisha, Stesh, Chizhik, Shrek or Shurik.

  • If your parrot cannot be called an ordinary person, if it has any specific features in appearance or in character, then funny nicknames, like: Whack, Rough, Tornado, Chernish, Irysh, Motley, Vorchun, Tishka, Boss or Dandy.
  • If you have a favorite literary hero or the hero of a movie that your parrot very much resembles, try naming a bird after this hero. For example, Peter Pen, Kai, Tarzan, Robinson, Crusoe and so on. The main thing - do not try to be too wise, otherwise the parrot will be difficult to remember and reproduce your nickname.

You can name your feathered man as you please. Be sure to match his nickname with everyone at home, so that everyone likes it, and the parrot itself is not confused in the variety of names.

Good luck!

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