Names for chihuahua

So you got yourself a friend. The little cute chihuahua puppy is one of the most famous and popular breeds in the world. You are fully prepared for the process of raising your pet, but first you need to give him a name that will accompany him throughout his life. It should be beautiful, sonorous, easy to pronounce and pleasing to the ear.

Pedigree chihuahua name selection rules

When choosing a name for a pet, it is very important whether he has a pedigree and whether you are going to participate with him in exhibitions. For dogs with pedigree, there are rules for choosing names, which will be told to you by the owners of the puppy's parents themselves or in the kennel where you acquired the puppy. One of the main rules here is that The name must begin with a letter of the alphabet, which depends on what kind of litter it is.. If these are the first puppies, then the name must begin with the letter “A”, if the dog is puppy a second time, then the letter means B. Also, puppies from elite parents can also have a double name. The name must be entered in your puppy's pedigree.

How to choose a name for a chihuahua yourself?

If you are not interested in exhibitions and professional breeding, you are free to choose. The only thing I would like to say is that when choosing a name, do not forget that Chihuahua is a very small and tiny breed. Therefore, the names that characterize the dog as an aggressive and formidable creature, for such a baby just do not fit and even will look rather inappropriate. Also remember that when choosing names it is not accepted to use human names in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.

How to choose names for chihuahuas using your hobby?

You can safely choose a name for a chihuahua, focusing on their favorite hobbies.

  • Connoisseurs of Greek Mythology use names for boys: Apollo, Adonis, Narcissus, Orpheus, Dionysus, Icarus. For girls fit these names: Nymph, Leda, Penelope, Aphrodite, Hera, Athena. Fans of the classics may use such names as: Staccato, Nota, Etude, Cantata, Symphony, Sonata.
  • For housewives accustomed to glamorous parties and loving luxury, the names Dolce, Rolex, Viton, Gabby, or Gucci will surely be liked.
  • Travel lovers, can also use the name of those places where they visited. For example, Havana, Dakar, Miami, Bogota or Yukon.
  • Movie and fantasy fans will love the following names.: Winnie, Nyusha, Fiona, Aladdin, Mickey, Mouse, Little, Elf or Gnome.

  • Even food loversYou can use the name of your favorite foods and drinks for names. This is Beyliz, Shayk, Absolute, Mojito, Latte, Curry, Juice.
  • Most simple names, Of course, they remain, such as: Baby, Baby, Baby, Pet, Sun.

Cavaliers among dog names

There are a list of names belonging to the titled dogs, and the most popular among fans. Here are just some of the names that may interest you and help you make a choice, if you need to give a name, according to the rules for a certain letter. On A - August, Agent, Azart, Ike, Archie, Adel, Aira. B - Bruno, Best, Bonus, Boss, Bella, Bonya, Beatri, Busya. B - Velor, West, Jack, Viola, Vesta. G - Gambit, Helios, Grand, Gels, Hortensia. D - Dent, Dukat, Delhi, Daphne.

These are just a small number of names that can be applied to such a breed as Chihuahua. The choice here is up to you.. In any case, apart from observing elementary rules when choosing a name for your pet, there are no special restrictions for your imagination. Whatever name you choose for your pet, he will become a true friend for you and give all your love and devotion from the very moment you bring it home.

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