Money tree

Many housewives grow various flowers and home plants on window sills. And some even have small greenhouse rooms in their homes. In almost every home today, you can see the tree fatty. Most of us know this plant as a money tree. Care at home for him should be carried out taking into account some features and rules - only in this case, you can see its beautiful flowering.

Money Tree: how to care for it?

Money Tree: how to care for it?

In the wild, treelike tree grows in open areas. Under natural conditions, this plant can reach a height of up to one meter. Of course, that at home the money tree to grow a little more difficult and, perhaps, such a size it will not reach.

In order for the dollar tree to develop fully and finally bloom, a number of rules must be observed when caring for it, in particular:

  • it is recommended to propagate the money tree only by grafting;
  • when planting a money tree, it is best to use a unique substrate, in which you need to add a little river sand and earth from your garden;
  • if you want to plant a stalk in the ready soil cover, then fertilized land is good for growing cacti;
  • the regularity of irrigation directly depends on the climatic conditions: if the room is cool and not enough sunlight, the frequency of irrigation should be significantly reduced, otherwise it should be increased proportionally;
  • the money tree likes a lot of moisture, so during watering the water must completely fill the pan;
  • water should not stand in the pan - after completion of watering, excess water must be discharged;
  • the lack of moisture in the money tree will be signaled by the soft leaves of the plant, and after normalization of the moisture level, they restore their former shape;
  • leaves should be constantly wiped from dust and sprayed with water mixed with fertilizer;
  • feeding of the money tree is carried out no more than once per calendar month;
  • transplanting plants to another pot or soil substrate should be carried out in early spring.

Dollar tree: home care and flowering

Dollar tree: home care and flowering

Above were listed the basic rules for caring for a fatty bastard, but each housewife knows that all aspects of growing a plant need to be studied more carefully. Let's take a closer look at the features of care for a dollar tree. And if you want your houseplant to bloom, the useful information provided in this article will interest you.

How to make money tree to blossom at home?

Many housewives, having heard that the money tree is blooming, are very surprised. Almost all of this plant can live for years on the windowsill and not bloom. The flowering period of the tree jade will need to wait a long period of time. Let's try to figure out what caused this.

As is known, South Africa is considered the birthplace of the dollar tree. In this part of the African continent, the plant is found exclusively in the wild and always pleases with its flowering. There are several different varieties of money tree. You can distinguish them by shade of flowering.

In room conditions most often there are money trees that bloom with small white stars. Such flowers can cover only the upper part of the plant or the entire tree. Believe me, this is an extraordinary beauty. In the wild, there are yellow and pink flowers on the tree jade. Perhaps every hostess dreams at least once to see the flowering of a dollar tree.

If you want to achieve flowering of the plant you planted, then take care of them according to the rules. As is known, the money tree grows in a tropical and subtropical climate, so in our temperate latitudes it develops more slowly.

Be sure to ensure the flow of sunlight to the plant. The longer the light day for a dollar tree, the faster it will bloom. But it is better to refuse to get direct scorching sunlight on deciduous crowns, since the plant can get burned. It is very important to maintain a constant temperature threshold in the room. The air must be converted, for which the room must be aired. Do not put a money tree in a draft.

Given where the money tree originated, it loves its natural habitat. Therefore, experienced gardeners recommend moving the plant to the outside with the onset of heat. But it should still be protected from a sharp temperature difference. Do not forget about watering - a dollar tree likes wet soil.

Such a houseplant can not be considered fastidious, although some features to care for him. If you carry out all the steps to care for the dollar tree systematically and correctly, then your houseplant will soon soon please with its beautiful and amazing flowering of all the household.

How to transplant a dollar tree?

How to transplant a dollar tree?

If the money tree is already an adult, then it is recommended to replant it no more than 1 time in 2 years, but young seedlings should be planted almost immediately after purchase or separation from the main root system. Choose a pot is not very high, but wide. The diameter of the pot is best determined by the crown of the plant. Their diameter should be approximately the same.

On the bottom of a thickness of about 2 cm laid drainage sheet. Fertilized universal substrate is best mixed with sand in proportions of 1: 4. The root system in the money tree is superficial, so it does not need to be deeply deepened. As the trees grow, it must be transplanted into a larger pot.

How to water a tree jade?

Watering a dollar tree must be separated by water. Her temperature should not be below room temperature. Despite the fact that the money tree loves moisture, its excess can be detrimental to the root system and lead to plant decay. In the period from April to October, you must water the bastard tree at least once a week. Be sure to monitor the status of soil cover. To the next watering, it should be dry. If the soil is wet, then postpone watering for a couple of days.

In the period from November to March, the money tree is at rest and practically does not grow, so you should not over-water it. Watering is recommended to perform once every three weeks. Excess fluid must be removed from the pan.

The root system of the dollar tree is very sensitive, and with improper watering it can rot. In most cases, save the plant fails. In addition to systematic watering, it is recommended to periodically spray water on the leafy crown. As is known, the leaves of the money tree accumulate the moisture necessary for the normal and full development of the plant.

How to fertilize a dollar tree?

As already mentioned, the money tree is unpretentious and special efforts in the care of this plant are not required. The basis of good development and the subsequent flowering of the dollar tree are correct planting and watering. If you want, you can periodically feed the plant with fertilizer mixtures containing beneficial minerals and trace elements.

In any specialized store, you can purchase a universal fertilizer mixture and pour it into the soil according to the instructions. Often do not need to feed. Many fertilizers can be mixed with water and spray the leaves of the money tree with it. You can also wipe the leaves with this water. Nutrients will surely come to the plant and its root system, since the leaves of the bastard tree well absorb moisture.

Grow on your windowsill this is a symbolic plant. Proper care of a dollar tree is simple. After some time, the money tree will delight you not only with its beautiful and charming flowering, but also bring joy and happiness to your home.

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