Mole repeller

Moles are quite cute and seemingly innocuous animals. They feed exclusively on food of animal origin, so it would seem that there is no threat to the crop. But, digging passages in search of food, moles can seriously damage the root systems of plants and even trees. Due to the fact that these animals have practically no enemies in nature, gardeners have to fight with them.

How to choose a mole repeller?

Mole repeller: reviews

Mole repeller is a compact, modern and quite effective means of combating land pests. There are enough varieties of repellents, each of which has its own characteristics. Sometimes it is difficult to choose a quality option from the 1st time, so it is important to know what characteristics it is better to choose.

Moles are distinguished by poor eyesight, but nature has endowed them with acute hearing. They catch the slightest fluctuations in the soil, on which their survival depends. The action of mole devices is based on this. When on their site something endlessly shakes the earth, the animals start to panic.

Most moles instruments are cylinders sharpened to the bottom, which are buried vertically in the ground. When the repeller works, it creates a vibration and beeps. If the earth around him is densely trampled, these vibrations spread in different directions. Sooner or later they reach the sensitive ear of a mole. Get rid of the discomfort of animals can not. As a result, they have to flee, looking for another house for themselves.

Basically there are 2 types of mole scarers. Some work on batteries, etc. on solar cells. The latter is recommended to use where sunny days are much more cloudy. Consider that solar-powered devices do not produce such strong oscillations as devices powered by conventional batteries, so it will take more time to get rid of moles. They have one advantage - they do not need to replace batteries.

When choosing a repeller, pay attention to the type of your site and the characteristics of the soil. In too loose soils, fluctuations spread worse and are more scary. Note that the devices need to be arranged taking into account the radius of their action (the value depends on the power). If your site has obstacles to the spread of vibrations in the soil (wells, foundations of buildings, dug into the ground, etc.), this will prevent the propagation of waves. In this case, you will need large mole molelers to protect the entire area of ​​the site.

Ultrasonic mole repeller: reviews

Mole repeller: reviews

  • Valentin: We chose a Tornado repeller for our summer cottage. It operates on the territory of up to 2000 square meters. m., and its radius is over 20 m. This device helped us a lot to get rid of moles and other pests on the site. Now the harvest is under reliable protection. It is also encouraging that the ultrasonic repellers are distinguished by their humanity towards animals, simply expelling them from the site.
  • Irina: Acquired mole repeller Maxi. In the spring set the device. Until mid-July, everything was in order, but then the moles reappeared. At first, they did not understand what was the matter. It turned out that the batteries were exhausted. Changed, everything worked again. In general, the purchase did not regret it, only you need to monitor the batteries.
  • Galina: We have a tornado repeller. On a plot of 13 acres put 3 devices in the form of a triangle. Moles left the site for 3 days. Much to the surprise, the batteries lasted for six months. The device is completely satisfied, advised to buy their neighbors.

What is good moles repeller solar-powered?

  • Andrei: We have a small area where moles are constantly found. We read on the Internet information about the LS-997MR solar battery repeller. Bought, set. Yes, moles, mice and mole rats became much smaller (even our neighbor started swearing at us, saying that the moles came to him at the site), but it wasn’t possible to get rid of them completely. True, the instructions say that his work depends on the soil. But who knows, maybe something wrong with the repeller itself.
  • Alain: We bought a repeller from the Chinese manufacturer RemiLingTerminator. I can’t say anything good except that he has a stainless rod. The plot is sunny enough, but the scarer does not work. Thought maybe not properly installed or something else. But once again reading the instructions and setting clearly on it, nothing has changed. In general, we have thrown out this device, without having received effect.
  • Daria: A scarer was bought not so long ago, since moles and others have tortured us to the rodent. Preferred SuperMax KR102 and did not regret it. The device has a fairly large surface area of ​​the solar cell, it has good power, and it is very efficient. From moles got rid of for 2 days. While they did not bother us anymore. By the way, it can also be powered from batteries in autonomous mode and from finger-type batteries.

Mole repeller: reviews

Should I buy an electronic mole repeller?

  • Vladislav: We bought an electronic tornado repeller. He does not work! I put 6 pcs. on a small area, and moles, only increased, judging by the mounds of earth on the site. In general, I was disappointed in innovative inventions, I would have to return to popular methods, otherwise the whole crop is almost spoiled.
  • Daria: Stands at the Thunder Slipper station. We decided to buy because of the praised reviews and beautiful words in the booklet. Moles both dug their burrows and dig. He is not worth his money!
  • Sergey: Last year I installed 4 Tornadoes at the site. The season went off with a bang, no signs of life activity of moles. This year I am going to deliver again. Those who write that scarers do not work are likely to install them incorrectly. I first calculated the area, as written in the instructions and set according to all the rules. There were no problems at all!

Mole repellers are an innovative method of getting rid of rodents in the garden. With their help, you will be able to save the crop, almost without wasting your time. Before you install a repeller on the site, be sure to read the instructions and do everything according to the rules to ensure the result is guaranteed.

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