Knitting a scarf from ribbon yarn. ways to knit a scarf with

Ribbon yarn allows you to create incredible scarves in just a few hours. Recently, manufacturers produce a similar yarn of different textures. You can find ribbon yarn, made in the form of a grid, pompons and quilling. Knit from this type of material can be like knitting and crochet.

Ribbon yarn is so decorative that it can decorate not only a knitted scarf, but also bags, boleros, hems of skirts and cuffs of sleeves. Before creating unique things from it, it is necessary to understand the principle of knitting. It is slightly different from how it is customary to knit from ordinary threads.

Whatever type of yarn is in front of you, you can see a small strip of tape at the top. When knitting ribbon yarn loop is obtained precisely because of her. The first row is typed as follows: The first spoke hooks the required number of loop loops. The more loops there are, the wider the canvas will be. The number of ruches and the pomp of the flounces is influenced by the distance between adjacent loops. If it is less than 2 cm, then the assembly will be very lush and you will need to gain more loops because of this.

The following rows are also knit by tape. The work with 1 loops is turned over, the right needle is inserted into the loop of a dial-up row and a loop of string is pulled through it, which moves to the coil. When knitting, try to remember where you have the front side, and where the wrong side. The hinges are knitted accordingly.

Ribbon yarn knit frill skirts for little fashionistas. She decorates tablecloths and bags. Of course, the most popular product of fantasy yarn is scarves. Typically, creating a scarf of average length takes about 100-150 g of material. Yes, and they fit in very quickly - just spend 2-3 hours and your wardrobe will be replenished with a new unique accessory.

Knit a scarf from ribbon yarn with knitting needles.

Ribbon Knitting Scarf

In the wardrobe of every fashionista there is a knitted scarf. From ribbon yarn, this accessory looks especially attractive.

It will take:

  1. Ribbon yarn, 24 meters per 100 g - 100 g
  2. Spokes of large diameter (No. 5-6)

From the upper ribbon of the yarn draw 5 loops. The distance between them should be about 2-3 cm. Turn the knitting on the other side.

Start tying up the shuttlecocks. To do this, in each loop on the left knitting needles knit the front loop loop of yarn every 2 holes.

After each row, turn the work and knit the loops according to the pattern. Described above. Continue to knit until the scarf reaches the desired length. Loops close, pulling one through the other as with the usual completion of knitting. Ribbon yarn trim. Pull the resulting tail through the last remaining loop and tighten. A scarf of ribbon yarn knitting ready!

Light crochet scarf

Ribbon Knitting Scarf

It will take:

  1. 100 g of any ribbon yarn
  2. Hook number 5

Ribbon knitting yarn scarf knits a little differently. Flounces begin to form immediately. To begin, we determine how they will be lush. Hook enter into the 1st cell tape. For fluffy ruffles skip 2-3 cm and enter into the next cell. Thus, we form on the hook 3-4 loops, between which an equal number of missing cells. We stretch the last loop through all the loops located on the hook. We got 1 loop and 1st shuttlecock.

We continue to gain loops of cells, between which we retreat the same distance. The 4th looped loop is dragged through all the loops on the hook. Formed the 2nd shuttlecock.

Thus we knit until the desired width of the scarf is obtained. Turn over knitting.

Knit the 2nd row. To do this, hook, which is 1 loop, skip under the arch of the missed loops, which happened after 1 dialed loop in the previous row. Then we skip several tapes (their number is equal to the number that was passed in the 1st row) and stretch the hook into the desired hole of the braid.

The resulting loop is passed through everything located on the hook loop. Knit to the end of the series and turn over the work. Knit this way until, until you reach the desired length of the scarf. We cut ribbon yarn. Pull it through the last loop and fasten.

Openwork scarf of ribbon yarn fit a little different principle. First of all, you need to choose a yarn made in the form of a solid mesh. If its lower edge is made in the form of a tape, then the product will not be fully mesh. In order for the mesh to be large, you need to use large-diameter needles. The ideal size is knitting needles 8-10.

When knitting a knitting needle, we collect the required number of loops from the top edge of the yarn. Further, as usual, we turn knitting. If not every loop was knitted for creating wavy scarves, then for an openwork scarf it is better to knit mirror - try to make the same distance between the loops of the 2nd row as in the 1st row.

Simply crochet a similar scarf. To do this, the loops of the 1st row must be carefully connected with a column with those loops that are visually located above them.

Some tips for those who decide to knit from ribbon yarn:

  • If you want to decorate the skirt hem with ruffles from similar yarn, use an extra thread. It is best to opt for flax or cotton of medium thickness. After you have scored the first row of loops of ribbon tape yarn, knit several next rows with an additional thread. Then make a row of ribbon yarn and go back to the additional thread. So you get a beautiful texture flounces.
  • Try not to knit too tight. If your fantasy yarn is made in the form of a thick ribbon, then the finished product may be too heavy.
  • When knitting from such a yarn, never make edge loops. Otherwise tying the finished thing will look uneven.
  • Things from ribbon yarn require some care. Usually such material is made of polyester. Therefore, things are recommended to be washed by hand at a temperature of about 30-40 degrees.
  • After washing the wet thing is not worth much to twist and wring out. Loosely clamp it in your palms in parts, allowing water to drain. Then lay on a flat surface. If you hang a wet scarf, then under the weight of water it can stretch.
  • It is also not recommended to iron products with an iron. In order to lay ruffles evenly, you can use the steam mode of the device. Hold the scarf of ribbon yarn over the steam and the shuttlecocks will lie flat.
  • Ribbon yarn can be used in conjunction with normal. Choose the desired pattern, knit the fabric, and finish it with ruffles from fantasy yarn - you will have a very interesting texture.
  • When knitting ribbon yarn try not to twist the braid. It can be deformed, and the finished work will turn out with defects.
  • The wider the loop of the upper part of the ribbon yarn, the less need to make the distance between them when typing.

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Ribbon yarn - a real find for needlewomen. With its help, you can create original accessories such as openwork or wavy scarves in a short time. Working with this yarn is very easy. Loops are knitted from the upper edge, which is a mesh tape. The bottom edge turns into decorative frills. Thanks to this feature, yarn allows endlessly experimenting with the texture of products.

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