Imunofan for cats

Imunofan is a very popular immunostimulating drug with hapatoprotective action. There is it for the treatment of people, and you can also find a special veterinary Imunofan. Therefore, if your beloved cat needs support during vaccination, stress, pregnancy, feel free to contact the veterinarian and study the instructions for using Imunofan for cats.

Imunofan for cats: instructions for use of the drug

Instructions for use of Immunofan manufacturer OOOONPP "BIONOKS" (approved by the Rosselkhoznadzor in 2006)

Imunofan for cats

Active substance

Synthetic Hexapeptide

Release form

Sterile colorless clear solution for pricks in ampoules and vials

Farm The third stage (slow

  • has the effect of an immunoregulator, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotector, disinfector
  • during pregnancy facilitates the process, improves the quality of fertilization, improves the genetic resistance of the offspring
  • promotes the circulation of antibodies during vaccination, increasing the duration of its action
  • means is applied at stresses
  • increases resistance to tumors and radiation
  • in the treatment of gynecology and intrauterine infections

Action phases

  • the first stage (fast) takes 48-72 h acts as an antioxidant
  • The second stage (medium) takes 7-10 days and acts as an antibacterial and antiviral agent.
  • the third stage (slow) takes up to 120 days and levels the immunity at the cellular level, actively produces antibodies

Application features common

  • administered subcutaneously (pulling the withers behind the ears) or intramuscularly
  • all cats weighing up to 100 kg, so 1 ml is enough one time

Features of use for diseases

  • infections of parainfluenza, rhinotracheitis, adenoviral and rhinotracheal
  • enteritis and lcd infections
  • distemper
  • young brood support and to improve the reproductive performance of adults
  • during vaccination

  • under stress

1 ml every other day and repeat 3-4 times

1 ml every other day 2-3 times

1 ml every other day 5-6 times

1 ml every other day 3 times

Can be mixed with vaccine or diluted with vaccine in immunophane.

12-18 hours before transportation of 1 ml one-time


Do not use simultaneously with other immunostimulants.

Side effects

Not found

Feedback on Immunofan is very positive, especially during the recovery period after illness and during vaccinations. But all you need to use in moderation, be sure to consult with a veterinarian.

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