Iceberg lettuce

The popularity of various types of salad is easy to justify their taste and a rich set of vitamins. Moreover, in most cases, growing lettuce, even without having a large area of ​​land, is not particularly difficult, absolutely, like buying seeds.

Iceberg lettuce, as well as cabbage, grows on the principle of heading. The leaves of the salad are painted greenish-white, the structure of the leaves is dense and crisp. Iceberg lettuce has a neutral sweet taste that explains so much the wide use of its greens in cooking. Many connoisseurs can only eat lettuce, seasoned with butter - an excellent source of vitamins and other beneficial substances. In addition, Iceberg lettuce goes well with shrimps, meat, blends harmoniously into most vegetable dishes.

Features of growing iceberg lettuce from seeds

Features of growing iceberg lettuce from seeds

Growing Iceberg lettuce from seeds can be done at different times of the year. Experts recommend planting seeds in the spring, but it can be planted before winter. Whatever the method of planting, the seeds must first be prepared - soak. This event will be the guarantor of the growth of a strong and strong plants. In addition, it is recommended to use specially prepared seeds - coated. They are more convenient for planting, germinate better.

After preliminary preparation of seeds, they must be planted in peat cubes, after they are already placed in the ground. It is best to use peat cubes with a side of 5 cm. After planting, the seeds in the soil should be in a cool room for a period of 2 days. The temperature should be 16 - 17 degrees, it is necessary to prevent its increase to 18 or more degrees, otherwise the seedlings will not grow. On the 3rd day and after the temperature is kept at 15 - 25 degrees. It is necessary to leave such growth conditions for a salad until such time as sprouts 8–10 cm long from the ground level appear, at least 4–5 leaves will be formed.

For better growth and strengthening of the plant, it is necessary to remember the hardening of the salad. This condition is mandatory to fulfill if the spring planting method was chosen. Seedlings need to be taken out for a couple of days beyond the limits of a comfortable salad. In the open ground the plant is planted on the 2nd week after sowing. The above method is an early one, but there is a late one.

  • How to grow Iceberg lettuce to eat it all year round? To achieve this goal, you can combine 2 ways of planting with each other. In spring and summer, seeds should be planted at weekly intervals, but in the fall, the time interval increases - once every 2 weeks. It is worth remembering that in some cases, it will be possible to harvest 2 Iceberg lettuces from one root.
  • In the framework of the winter method, the soil is prepared in autumn. On every square. m. soil make a bucket of compost, 1 kg of wood ash, a few Art. l mineral fertilizers. The number of seeds for planting needs to be doubled, as there will be a large percentage of non-adults who will die in winter. After completion of the procedure of planting seeds, the ground should be covered with foliage.
  • Iceberg lettuce seeds can be planted immediately into the open soil, in the spring, as soon as the surface layer of the soil thaws to a minimum depth of 4 cm. The seeds themselves are pressed into the ground about 1 cm deep. Even if after planting, it becomes colder, lettuce sprouts can withstand a temperature drop of -6 degrees. It is for these reasons that it is considered a frost-resistant plant. As soon as the ambient temperature is established, and will be 4 - 5 degrees, the Iceberg lettuce sprouts will begin to germinate.
  • To create the most comfortable conditions and optimum humidity, it is recommended to cover them with foil. After the appearance of the first shoots, the film can be removed, or it can be left until it is under it, the temperature starts to rise more than 17 degrees. Whatever the length of the selected closed period of growth, lettuce leaves need fresh air and ventilation. It is proved that high humidity can lead to various diseases.
  • Another clear example of what everything should be normal. Experienced gardeners advise to remove the film in the evening, so that the plants gradually get accustomed to the sunlight, along with the dawn, and do not receive ultraviolet burns - the leaves become withered.
  • Whichever method of planting is chosen, the seeds must be sown in rows, the distance between which should be 40 cm. Side 40 cm, in the middle of these squares, plant a salad.

Growing lettuce is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Moreover, it is worth such works, as it has amazing properties. Salad is used not only in cooking, to create beautiful dishes, table decorations, snack plates, but also in cosmetology. Leaf juice is a part of many hair masks. It is proved that the minerals, vitamins and acids that are part of the juice of the leaves help to strengthen the curls.

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