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How to weave baubles from gum on the machine

Who in the childhood did not weave various bracelets from threads, beads and other improvised materials? Today, such products are again among the fashion trends, but now also baubles made of rubber bands that can be woven at home, and with or without a special machine, are relevant. It is enough just to study a few simple schemes, choose the material for work and allocate some free time.

How to weave baubles from gum: video and algorithm of action

How to weave baubles from gum: video and algorithm of action

How to weave baubles from gum: video and algorithm of action

There are only 2 classic ways to create such bracelets: either through the work with a special machine, which is a plastic construction with a large number of single short vertical parts, to which an elastic band clings; or by using the free hand as the same machine. The latter option is a little more difficult and more restrictive in your actions, so beginners are advised to start from the 1st.

How to weave baubles from gum on the machine? First, you need to make sure that the open parts of each vertical element of the machine are looking in the same direction as you. The task is facilitated by arrows marked on the surface of the machine - they should go from you. After preparing the machine and a lot of colored rubber bands, you can try to make a basic bracelet.

The first elastic band is stretched between the central and side elements of the machine - it does not matter, its diagonal will be held to the right or left, it is important to just remember this direction. Then the 2nd gum stretches on the same side element and stretches to the center, but the next in range. The 3rd gum again leaves the center, lying down on the 2nd gum, and goes in the same direction as the 1st one. The steps are repeated until the entire length of the machine is covered.

Now the machine turns 180 degrees so that the point of the shooter looks at you, and you need to pick up the second elastic band, which was the penultimate from you, and pull it out from you (by using the usual wooden or bone hook (not metal!) last). It is necessary to fold it in half, putting it on the side element, where its second part is located. Repeat the same for all other gum. It remains only to hook the 1st rubber ring with a clasp and pull the rest of the "links" behind it to remove the finished bauble from the machine.

Original schemes and tips

If you do not have a machine, you can always use your free hand to create a bracelet. But such an action takes a little more time and, perhaps, you will not immediately be able to make an even decoration. Therefore, start with basic schemes. How to weave baubles from gum without a machine?

How to weave baubles from gum: schemes and tips

  1. Fold 3 elastic bands of the same color on top of each other so that they form a thick oval, put them on the edge of the 4th elastic band of another color located across this oval.
  2. At the bottom of the 4th gum edge you need to thread through each other, so that it is tightened on the 3 main. These edges gum-lock is required to hook the fastener, or just put on a pencil. She will not need to work.
  3. Now, through the first 3 elastic bands folded in half due to the tightening, 3 new elastic bands are passed through, also located perpendicular to them. Pulling the ends of the new gum to the side, you pull off the previous three.
  4. Continue through the gum 3 through 3 until the bracelet reaches the desired length. The last link is compressed by a fastening ring. Through it will pass through the first locking gum.

In addition to the above methods, how to weave baubles from gum, there are other options. For example, instead of a machine, they use not only a hand, but also a fork. In addition, there is a huge variety of schemes, so baubles woven by you will never be the same.

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