How to wash the handle with clothes

In everyday life, do not avoid various stains on clothes, including ink. If the contamination is fresh and the traces are thin, barely noticeable, it is easy to wash them off. If the ink stain is detected too late and has managed to penetrate into the fabric, dry out, normal washing will not cope.

How to remove the handle from the clothes?

Old traces from the pen, as well as from the marker and felt-tip pen, are effortlessly removed with bleach, stain remover. Be sure to have them on hand - this will allow you to quickly remove contaminants.

How to wash the handle with clothes?

If special means are not available at the moment, you can use traditional methods and recipes.

Before you start removing ink, test the cleaning composition on the wrong side of the product. If the tissue is not damaged, you can proceed to remove the stain.

To remove ink from clothes you will need:

  • Ethanol. To do this, wet a cotton swab in alcohol, wipe the contaminated part of the fabric from the edges to the middle. Ethyl alcohol removes ink stain.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. It is used if the stain is on light or white fabric. Wipe off the dirt with a swab moistened with the product, then mix 1 tsp. ammonia with 1 tbsp. water, once again process it with the resulting solution. After this, make a soap solution, wash the product. Rinse well.
  • Kitchen salt or baking soda. The most harmless tool that will help you remove traces from the usual pen - soda or salt. Sprinkle a spot from the salt with salt or soda. Leave for a while, then wipe the contamination with a non-concentrated citric acid solution (vinegar). If the ink is stained with a leather product, sprinkle with wet salt contamination and leave for at least 2 days. After that, remove the tool, then take a sponge or cotton wool and, moistened with turpentine, carefully handle the stained place. Then wipe with a slightly wet towel.
  • Acetone. Be careful when applying acetone. Mix 2 tbsp. spoons of acetone with ethyl alcohol. Clean the contaminated area with a cotton pad moistened with a solution, from the edges to the middle. Leave until the spot disappears. Wash the product in warm soapy water and rinse well. This recipe can be used if your jeans are dirty or other things from durable and natural fabrics.. Do not use acetone for synthetic fabrics.
  • Turpentine. Take turpentine, liquid ammonia in equal proportion. In the resulting liquid, moisten a cotton swab and apply to the stain. Leave for a while. When the ink has completely disappeared, wash the product in a warm soap solution.
  • White Spirit. Moisten cotton wool in liquid and gently attach to the stain, leave for a while, if the stain does not disappear the first time, then repeat the procedure. Then wash your clothes.
  • Milk. Ink stain from velvet, velvet can be removed by immersing the contaminated place in warm milk for 30 minutes. To do this, heat the milk, soak the soiled thing, leave for 15-30 minutes. Milk needs to be changed until the stain is removed. Wash and rinse well. Unfortunately, this is not the most effective means, but if the pollution is fresh, it will help. Mustard. The tool removes ink from clothing from silk fabric. Make a mustard cake and put on the stain for 1 day. Then, when the mustard dries, clean the fabric and rinse in cold water. If the ink was red, you need to treat the stain with a solution of ammonia.
  • Kerosene. If the ink stain on a woolen product has already dried up, it should be moistened with kerosene, and after a while, rinsed with undiluted kerosene, then washed in clean water, hang the thing in the wind, so that the smell disappears.

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How to wash ink from clothes?

How to wash ink from clothes?

When removing ink stains, it is advisable to use an application of paraffin to prevent the stain from spreading. Do it as follows. You will need paraffin and petrolatum, which you need to take in equal parts and melt. Then, with a cotton swab, dipping it into a hot composition, circle a paraffin protection circle so that the agent soaks the fabric on both sides. When it cools down, you can proceed to remove the stain. After the fabric, sprinkle with baking soda and rinse in water. It is advisable to iron the protective paraffin circle with a hot iron through blotting paper or napkins, which must be changed before paraffin is completely removed.

You can also use potato flour, it is poured under the stain, the flour takes in all the liquid and does not allow the stain to increase.

To remove the stain from the handle with clothing, you must strictly observe the sequence of actions and the recipe for each method. Be sure to test any funds on unobtrusive areas of tissue. To clean things from expensive matter, especially if the pollution is strong, you should contact a dry cleaner.

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