How to wash sneakers

Sneakers - sport shoes. So, it is assumed that a person, wearing them, will actively engage in sports or any other physical activity, it is possible to jog or go for a walk. From this it follows that sneakers tend to quickly become dirty, which means that they periodically need to be cleaned. In what way you can wash your sneakers?

How to wash sneakers by hand?

If you want correctly and carefully wash your sneakers with your hands, You will need the following step-by-step recommendations.

  • First of all, pull out laces and insoles from your sneakers. You will wash them separately.
  • Shake out sand, small stones from sneakers. Remove dirt and sand from the sole of the sneakers.
  • Put the sneakers in the bath or sink and shower them abundantly with a strong jet of shower.
  • Then take a bowl, pour warm water into it and put sneakers there for thirty minutes. Powder do not fall asleep!

  • When the specified time passes, rinse the sneakers again under a strong shower jet.
  • Pour into a basin of clean warm water, dissolve the washing powder in it and put sneakers in it, leave them there for half an hour.
  • When half an hour has passed, you can get your sneakers out of the water, thoroughly rinse them, tamp with white paper, and put them to dry on the balcony.
  • Periodically check the condition of the paper in the sneakers when it becomes wet - change it to clean and dry paper.
  • In no case do not put sneakers to dry on different sources of heat - radiators, heaters. Sneakers can be deformed, and their sole - melted.
  • If your sneakers are white, and after washing, yellow spots appear on them, you can very easily remove them with toothpaste.

How to wash sneakers in the washing machine?

Before you decide wash the sneakers in the washing machine-machine, Carefully read the recommendations, the implementation of which will save your washing machine and help make sneakers as clean as possible.

  • Do not wash in a washing machine sneakers with reflectors and crumbled pieces of foam rubber. This can lead to clogging and breakage of the washing machine.
  • Laces and insoles are pre-pulled out of the sneakers and wash them separately, manually.
  • Shake trash out of your sneakers, remove sand and small stones from your soles.
  • You should not just put sneakers in the washing machine drum. Ideal - if you have a special bag for washing shoes. If you do not have such a bag, you can use a pillowcase instead. In addition, you can put in a drum, along with sneakers, soft towels or rugs. They will protect the washing machine from damage and from excessive vibration.

  • At the same time, no more than two pairs of sneakers should be washed, otherwise, they can knock out the glass on the door of the washing machine.
  • Wiping sneakers in the washing machine, set the temperature mode of washing - 30-40 degrees, not more. Choose a wash program - delicate wash, gentle wash, hand wash.
  • Powder need to fall asleep as much as usual. If your sneakers are white, you can add bleach to the powder.
  • Do not turn on the spin cycle when you wash your sneakers in the washing machine! This can lead to a variety of adverse effects!
  • When erasing sneakers, turn on the wash cycle that takes the least time.
  • If your washing machine is equipped with a drying function, this function should be turned off for the duration of washing the sneakers. Otherwise, they are deformed.
  • If you decide to dry sneakers on the battery, do not put them on a bare battery, be sure to spread a towel.
  • If you are interested to learn about the rules of washing other types of things in a washing machine, read the article Basic rules of washing.

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By following the above recommendations about how to wash sneakers, you wash your shoes well. In this case, your washing machine will not break, and you will be happy with the result of washing! And about what to wear your clean sneakers, tell the article What to wear sneakers.

All the best to you!

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