How to teach a puppy to write on a diaper

The most difficult thing, according to most dog breeders, is to teach a puppy to write on a diaper or in a tray, especially if the breeder didn’t pay any attention at all, or the pet was, for example, taken from the street. However, problems happen even with a well-trained animal that finds itself in a new place. How to cope with this task?

How to teach a puppy to walk on a diaper?

How to teach a puppy to walk on a diaper?

When raising a dog, first of all it is necessary to remember that all its actions are usually dictated by instinct: of course, the animal can be trained, but if it is not done from scratch, but by focusing on what is inherent in nature, it will be easier for him and You. Try not to redraw the thinking of your pet, but only correct it.

  • Since it is common for dogs to relieve themselves rather quietly, in a secluded place, place the diaper so that it is not visible. Professionals are advised to lay it closer to the front door or to the windows, at the balcony or directly on it (if it is glazed, and you release a pet there). You can put a diaper in the bathroom - most importantly, make sure that you always have access to it.
  • Taking into account the fact that the toilet should be imprinted in the puppy's memory, and not only the specific location, but also its appearance, tactile sensations, characteristics (the ability to easily absorb liquids), try to remove other soft floor fabrics from the apartment: carpets, paths and t .d Otherwise, the dog may decide that it is allowed to defecate absolutely anywhere where the floor is covered with something.
  • For the smallest, experts advise that diapers be laid out in every room where a puppy can go, but, again, taking into account the localization rule, the toilet is always close to the exit or the window.
  • The extremely important point is the frequency of changing the "material" in the toilet. The dogs are very clean, and if the diaper is soaked with the smell of feces, they will not sit down here, but will begin to look for a new place to cope with the natural need. However, at the same time, it is recommended to perform washing without the use of caustic chemicals, which clog the fibers of the fabric with their smell: ammonia should remain on the diaper, otherwise the puppy will perceive it as an alien object.
  • Remember that animals have a “schedule” of feeding and stool much clearer than in humans: a puppy is often in 30-40 minutes. after eating will look for a way to empty the intestines, and after drinking much faster. In addition, the animal needs the ability to defecate after sleep, even after active games. Therefore, carefully follow his regime of the day and, as soon as the time comes, watch where the pet starts to look for its place. If he does it incorrectly, transfer it to the diaper yourself.

The role played by the breeder’s toilet also plays a role. If diapers were also used, there will be no particular problems - the puppy who has seen the familiar thing is more likely to carry out the correct associative array. True, the following nuance is possible here: when breeding dogs, babies are often kept at night in an aviary, as a result of which diapers are also located in it - puppies often defecate upon awakening. For this reason, in the apartment the animal can also begin to look for a cage to relieve the need. Experts recommend purchasing an aviary that is suitable in size and placing a diaper in it, and after 5-7 days, when the puppy gets used to this place, move the diaper without removing the aviary. Gradually move the diaper away from him until you change her place of deployment completely.

  • As for when to clean the enclosure at all, the professionals put forward several points of view: someone claims that it is better to do this after the start of active walks, in which the puppy is already taught to the street toilet; someone assures that it is enough to wait 2-3 weeks after removing the diaper from the cage, and you can get rid of it.

Teaching a puppy to a diaper: recommendations dog handlers

Do not forget about the importance of encouragement: a puppy should be praised for every correctly performed action, thereby fixing this algorithm in its memory. It is desirable that good behavior is noted both verbally (and, with a pronounced emotional color), and “materially” - in the form of something tasty or fun game. It is not recommended to cuss, especially a small pet, cynologists, especially when it comes to physical punishment. With frequent mistakes, you can use your voice to demonstrate your frustration and / or displeasure with what is happening, but you should not weigh the blows to the puppy.


Features of the training of individual dogs

There is no big difference between how to train a york puppy or toy terrier, or a different breed, but for animals belonging to indoor breeds, experts advise taking several additional measures due to their physiological characteristics.

  • Remember that for a small dog the distance will always be much greater than for a large one, so if the latter runs across the room to relieve the needs of nature, the representative of the indoor breed, not finding a toilet nearby, will simply defecate on the spot. Of course, this applies only to puppies, but for this reason, for them, the diaper should not be one. In the room it is desirable to arrange several points of the toilet, especially if the animal is completely unfamiliar with it.
  • For puppies of small breeds not yet accustomed to any kind of toilet, the method with the aviary is slightly modified. All space will need to be covered with several diapers, and the baby himself should be caged most of the time, with the exception of active games. The animal will have to defecate on the diaper, because there is no plot free from them. After 7-10 days, you need to remove one diaper and see if the puppy tries to settle the need on the floor. If this happens, do not try to punish: remove and watch further, trying not to miss the moment when the pet starts to look for a toilet. If he does it in the wrong place, you just need to transfer it to the diaper. Every 5-7 days, reduce the area covered with diapers until there is only one suitable area for bowel movements. After that, you can embody the above option with the extraction and separation of the diaper from the enclosure.
  • If it happens that the puppy (it most often happens with decorative rocks) has been excreted on the bare floor or just outside the toilet arranged for it, you need to wipe this place with a diaper so that it absorbs the smell, and make the pet smell the material. The floor must be cleaned with ammonia free products.

Remember that for indoor breeds, movement of the diaper should be within 2-3 cm at a time. The process takes a lot of time, so you need to be patient, but it is better to exercise excessive caution than to retrain your pet for a long time and persistently.

How to teach a puppy to write on a diaper: the features of dog training

  • Attention should be paid to the moment when the puppy begins to mark the corners and / or furniture, raising its paw (male). Not always the diaper unpleasant to him is to blame - it is quite likely that this is a peculiar form of protest or whims. However, you can try to solve the problem by making a special column for males, which is covered or wrapped with a diaper, thereby denoting the place of the toilet.

At the time of training a puppy to a diaper, you need to carefully monitor its diet. If your baby suddenly has a bowel disorder, he will not look for his toilet, but will try to alleviate the condition by defecating where he is at the moment.

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