How to sew a tulle skirt

If you want to diversify your wardrobe and not suffer financially, then the best way would be to sew something with your own hands. And the thing, made by hand, always causes pride and pleasant emotions. Want to look original and be in fashion, Try to sew a fluffy skirt, for example, from a material such as tulle.

It is very easy to sew a tulle skirt, it does not require special skills, abilities and knowledge. The main thing that the work will need to pay increased attention - is its design. The important moment will be what you are going to wear your skirt with. After all, it is not so easy to combine the satin thing with something. But if you really wanted to sew an incredibly beautiful, lush and light skirt of tulle, nothing will stop you. Get to work right now! Just to start, check if everything you need to work at your fingertips.

A little bit about tulle

Fatin - a special fabric of fine texture, from which wedding and elegant things are sewn. For an air skirt, it fits perfectly. Fatin is of varying degrees of rigidity. Therefore, the things sewn from tulle look different.

How to sew a tulle skirt?

This material was originally intended only for wedding dresses. Therefore, in the shops you could buy tulle only white. Lately (perhaps this is due to the fact that multicolored wedding dresses have become fashionable) tulle made absolutely any color.

The degree of rigidity of tulle depends on its transparency. The harder the material, the more opaque it will be. For the skirt is better to choose a less transparent matter. But if you are afraid that the skirt will turn out to be harsh, then make it multi-layered.

How to sew a tulle skirt: the necessary materials

In order to start sewing a wonderful skirt, you will need:

  1. 2 rolls of tulle of any color 15 cm wide;
  2. elastic 2 cm wide;
  3. sharp scissors;
  4. cardboard;
  5. Satin ribbon of a suitable color;
  6. beads or beads.

We sew a tulle skirt with our own hands

  • No one thing can be stitched without a template. Making blanks. To do this, cut out a cardboard rectangle. The length of the rectangle will be the length you want to get a skirt.
  • Now cut strips of tulle. Remember that our roll is 15 centimeters wide. For ease of operation, the material should be wound onto a piece of paper several times and cut at one end. So you will receive several stripes of tulle at once.

We sew a tulle skirt with our own hands

  • How to find out the required number of strips? It's simple: how many centimeters waist, so many strips must be cut. For example, a waist in girth of 60 cm, so you need to prepare 60 strips of tulle.
  • The next step is to fasten the tulle strips to the elastic band. Put the elastic on the back of the high chair so it will be easier for you to work.
  • Take a strip of tulle, fold in half and secure with an ordinary knot on the elastic band. Make sure the ends are the same! So do with all the pieces (blanks) of the material.
  • When all the stripes of tulle will be on the elastic band, the skirt is almost ready. But, as a rule, the ends of the skirt can be uneven. To smooth out all the irregularities of the skirt, cut unnecessary scissors. But do not get carried away, or you can greatly shorten the skirt.

How to decorate tulle skirt?

To give the skirt a special charm and originality, use satin ribbon, beads, rhinestones, beads, sequins and other decorations. There are no general recommendations for work here. Each girl decorates her tulle skirt the way she wants.

How to decorate tulle skirt?

Satin ribbon is needed, of course, to hide an ugly gum. Beads and beads can be anywhere and sewn as you like. You can decorate the bottom of the skirt with rhinestones or sew sequins in the form of flowers or other elegant ornaments. In any case, the skirt that will end up is an exclusive thing. You will not meet anyone like you! Is this not the happiness of a girl - to acquire such a thing that no one in the world will have!

A couple of tips - those who do not know what to wear with their own exclusive made thing. Tulle skirtperfect for tight dark topy. Brave girls can wear it with tight jeans. By the way, jeans and tulle skirt - at the height of fashion. Stitched skirt well worn with leggings, this combination is very successful.

Imagine, do not be afraid of bold decisions, because now it is fashionable to combine incongruous! Surprise and enjoy it!

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