How to sew a suit of parsley

Petrushka is a hooligan and a joker, one of the most popular and cheerful heroes of the puppet theater and various holidays. There are real legends about his adventures and adventures, only Petrushka always comes "off the water", translating everything into a joke.

Despite the 21st century, the Parsley costume is still very popular at city performances and carnivals. True, Petrushka costume, like any other, can be bought in a shop for carnival costumes, but a handmade costume will bring more joy and will take you for a while.

Parsley CostumeParsley Costume

How to sew a suit of parsley: materials

  1. Bright satin fabric
  2. White cloth
  3. Needles, thread
  4. Scissors
  5. Decorative ornaments
  6. Cotton wool (for packing cap)
  7. Silk thick tape (for belt)

How to sew a suit of parsley: materials

How to choose a fabric for the Parsley costume?

Parsley is always dressed in bright and traditional clothes. You will need a white fabric for the crotch and a bright (blue, purple, red, yellow, green) fabric for the trousers. To outfit turned out quite bright, you can use colored shreds of fabric or "Ivanovo" chintz. To decorate the costume of Parsley you will need a lot of jewelry (braid, bells, sequins, brocade).

How to sew a suit of parsley: instructions

  • The first thing you have to do the pattern of pants. Take all necessary measurements from the child (waist and hips circumference, leg length). Make a sketch of the paper and do not forget to leave a few centimeters for the seam on each side. You can make the legs of different colors: one - red, the other - blue or one - green, the other - yellow.
  • Put a sketch of the paper on the fabric and cut the details of the pants. Sew the pants and let the child try on. If necessary, adjust them to the required size. Trousers better to do bloomers. The final step in sewing - decorate the pants with sequins and braid above the knee.
  • After you sew trousers, start sewing shirts. For a shirt, you can use white or yellow fabric. The shirt should be very ordinary. Decorate the sleeves of the shirt with lace or satin contrast ribbon. Sew on the entire shirt sequins. You can also take a white or yellow T-shirt several sizes larger for the Parsley costume for children, decorate it with brocade, sequins and braid, sew random patches of bright color.

How to sew a suit of Parsley: patch

  • Here are ready and pants and shirt, it remains to sew one of the most important parts of the costume of Parsley - a cap. Take the cap of your child. Using multicolored fabrics, cut several patches of the same size (approximately 5 cm wide). Alternating the obtained strips, sew around the circumference of the cap.
  • Make a pattern in the shape of a triangle, remember about the seam allowances. Having picked up multi-colored fabrics, cut out four triangles from them according to the patterns. Sew the edges.
  • To cone cap was tight and kept the form, fill it with cotton wool. Sew the finished triangles and sew to the cap. Do not forget to decorate the finished cap with sequins.
  • Cut out four circles from multicolored fabric. Sew both pieces and tamp them in with cotton. Sew the finished bells to the cones of the Parsley cap. Instead of rag bells you can use ordinary iron bells.
  • The very last step is the belt with which Petrushka belts his shirt. Make a sash of satin fabric, decorate it with braid and sequins. You can gird yourself with a narrow belt of woven laces.

How to sew a suit of parsley?

How to sew a suit of parsley with your own hands?

That's all, Petrushka costume is ready! Now your child can hit everyone with his jokes and jokes, dressed up in Petrushka costume sewn with love and fantasy.

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