How to sew a skirt tutu with their own hands

If you want to make your beloved daughter a real ballerina or fairy-tale princess, a tutu-skirt is exactly what will help to achieve this. She looks festive, very airy and smart.

SuchSkirts can be used to create a festive dress or New Year's costume. To create it, you need quite a bit: a cloth, a sewing machine, a little time and imagination.

Skirt tutu for girls

Skirt tutu do it yourself

Before you start creating a tutu-skirt, prepare a thin knitwear, threads, tulle, satin ribbons, scissors and a sewing machine.

  1. Measure the waist beauty, which you want to give such a skirt. To do this, use the sewing measuring centimeter. When measuring it, do not tighten it too much. Write down the result. The same amount will need to be measured in length for the future of the belt of thin knitwear.
  2. Then decide How long should a tutu. From its length depends on how it will turn out magnificent. When the length is determined, proceed to cutting. Cut from the tulle 6 pieces. Their width should be equal to the length of the pack, and the length will be 2 p. more belt. In the same proportions of tulle more dense in composition, cut another 2 pieces. If the cuts are not too even, do not worry: when you begin to sew a skirt-pack, all the irregularities will disappear.
  3. Then cut the frill. Take light tulle, the width of the pieces should be 2.5 cm, and the length is 5 p. more. After manually gather a frill of 2 pieces of light tulle.
  4. Prepare a sewing machine to sew the ruffles and skirts. Sew a frill straight stitch, departing 2.5 cm from the bottom edge of the light tulle.
  5. Pick up the remaining pieces and sew them gently. To make this easier to do, first grind the assembly. Remember, the length of all the pieces should be equal to the length of the belt, made of thin knitwear.
  6. Sew layers of pieces to the belt in layers, departing 6 mm from the bottom edge of the belt. Brilliant tulle can sew at the very end, if you decide to use it.
  7. To complete the tutu-skirt, wrap the top of the belt down. Thin knitwear should cover all layers of tulle. Inside can pass a satin ribbon. Sew a belt, tape the belt, and the tutu skirt is ready.

Tulle tutu skirt: how to sew?

In order to sew a tulle skirt-pack, take a white tulle 80 cm long and 150 cm wide. Linen gum, pink crepe de chine 40 cm long and 150 cm wide. Sew the crepe de Chine into a ring. Then adjust and hem down. Make a fold over the top for the drawstring. After stitch everything, leaving a small space, then to insert the gum.

Cut the tulle into 2 strips, each 40 cm wide. Sew the pieces into a 150 cm long ring. Assemble and attach it to the drawstring from the wrong side. Cut the elastic to the waist of the future mistress of the tutu skirt. Thread the rubber band into the drawstring and secure it. Unusual tulle skirt ready.

Tutu skirt: pattern

Make a pattern on paper. First, measure the waist circumference, then releasing the sewing meter by 10 cm, measure the circumference of the hips along this line.

Take a special pattern paper and a large sheet of paper. On the edge of the paper, draw a line that is half the waist circumference, and from the center, lower the perpendicular length of 12 cm. From the beginning, mark 2 cm on the paper. Retreat 1 cm from the ends of the line, and draw an arc through the 2 cm mark. Swipe the second arc after 10 cm.

From the ends of the first arc at an angle of 1100With draw straight lines to the second arc. It will turn the yoke skirt-tutu. Cut it out of paper and you can start sewing.

Skirt tutu do it yourselfHow to sew a skirt a tutu

Skirt tutu for girlsdo it yourself

  1. Take 2 pieces of material: the first should be solid and small, the second - with a pattern that fits in color. You will also need flizelin, 2 cm of lace, a button and a zipper 10 cm long.
  2. For a skirt a pack of medium length for a girl, 50 rectangular tulle lengths are needed, an elastic band for clothing, the length of which should be equal to the waist circumference minus 4 cm.
  3. Take and cut out a piece of monophonic material 2 parts. Pull back 9 cm from the edge, then sew the first side seam, and sew the zipper into the second seam. From another material, cut a length of 50 cm more than half of the circumference of the hips 2 rectangles. The width of the rectangles depends on the length of the skirt. If the length of the skirt is 20 cm, the length of the skirt will be 30 cm. Also add to the width of the rectangles another 2 cm to the top seam and hem.
  4. Sew the pieces on the sides, stitch the top edge with a wide machine seam using the bottom thread. Waves gather up to a length that is equal to the volume of the hips. Then sew to the yoke. Fold the bottom and sew along the entire length of the lace. From a multicolored material, cut a rectangle with a length equal to the volume of the hips + 2 cm and a width of 6 cm.
  5. In 2 p. already cut a strip of non-woven, then glue on the edge of the fabric strip, it will be a belt. At the top of the yoke sew belt, noting the place where you place the loop. It is best if the belt will go behind the back. Fold it in half lengthwise and sweep it by hand, turning the edge along the waist seam. At the end, sew the button, cut the loop and mark it.

Tutu skirt is perfect for any festive dress. skirt On numerous holidays and matinees, in which children usually participate, in such a skirt your daughter will look the most beautiful and elegant. To create this air masterpiece of sewing art, make the necessary measurements, create a pattern, prepare the fabric and proceed to tailoring a skirt-pack, which, of course, will please the little princess.

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