How to sew a skirt a tutu

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Tutu skirt is a very feminine thing. Of course, she is not the subject of basic necessities in the women's wardrobe. But for cute coquettes, it is simply indispensable.

Skirt tutu is ideal for a young lady, as well as for girls at any age. Of course, it is difficult to imagine a mature woman in such a skirt, but if you do not have complexes, then you can easily get it.

How to sew a tutu skirt?

It is not necessary to buy a tutu skirt on the market or in a store. You can sew it yourself. And it will be cheaper, and certainly you will not get lost with the color or material.

How to sew a skirt a pack: the necessary materials

For the skirt tutu, you can choose any material, but preference is given mainly to tulle and satin. The belt for the skirt can be knitted. It will help to hide all defects that occurred accidentally when working on a skirt (for example, crawling threads or uneven edges).

That's what must be purchased for sewing tutu skirts required:

  1. tulle of any color, light texture - 2 m;
  2. tulle of any color, dense texture - 1 m;
  3. brilliant tulle of suitable color (one shade can be made with the selected color or combined with the selected one) - 1 m;
  4. knitwear (jersey) - about 0.4 m;
  5. satin ribbon - about 1 m;
  6. scissors;
  7. sewing thread.

How to sew a skirt tutu: technique work

  • When you have prepared all the necessary materials, proceed to work. But how to work without knowing the size? Remove the waist measurement with a measuring tape. Let's say the waist turned out 54 cm.
  • Now from the knitwear cut off a piece of fabric 10 cm wide and 54 cm long (waist length). This is what we need for the belt of our skirt.

How to sew a skirt tutu: technique work

  • The next step is to choose the length of the skirt. Suppose the selected length is 30 cm. Cut 6 pieces of lightweight tulle 30 cm wide (skirt length), 20 cm long (twice as thick as the belt).
  • Now cut 2 pieces of fabric from thick and shiny tulle. The length and width is the same as in the case of light tulle.
  • Cooking frills for the skirt. To do this, we make two pieces of light tulle, 5 times longer than the belt, and 3-5 cm wide.
  • After the blanks we collect 2 pieces of light tulle and the prepared frill with a basting seam
  • Then you need to sew the ruffles of light tulle in two parts (preferably manually, and on a typewriter), while retreating from the bottom edge to the seams (about 2.5 cm). Also process the other part of the light tulle.
  • Remove the remaining pieces of light tulle as described above.
  • We perform the same manipulations with pieces of thick and shiny tulle (naturally in pairs).
  • As a result of this work, you should have: 2 pieces of light tulle with ruffles that were sewn, 4 pieces of light tulle without frills, 2 pieces of dense tulle, 2 pieces of shiny tulle.

How to sew a tutu skirt: stages

  • Make sure that all the pieces are equal in length to the knitted belt. If you carve out all the details correctly, then you will not have problems with this.
  • After that it is necessary to sew all parts of the skirt to the jersey belt. Show your imagination and sew them in the order in which you like. At the same time, retreat from the edge of the belt 0.5-1 cm from the bottom. Before sewing on the pieces, outline what the skirt will look like. If you do not like it - basting seam can be unpicked and redo work.
  • Sewing all the parts to your belt, you almost completed your work. Add on top two layers of shiny tulle.
  • Now the final touches. Wrap the top of the belt down so that the satin ribbon can fit there. Consider at the same time and the fact of concealment of all defects of work!
  • Sew all the threads and insert a satin belt. Your wonderful tutu skirt is ready!

How to sew a tutu skirt itself?

The gift in the form of an airy charming skirt tutu, sewn with your own hands, will be delighted by any girl. If you sew for yourself beloved, then surely, your work will give you a lot of pleasant impressions, and the result will please.

Wear a tutu skirt in a special setting, special atmosphere and on special occasions! And always keep and emphasize your femininity!