How to sew a letter-pillow do it yourself

If you suddenly decided to decorate your interior in an original and inexpensive way, fabric letters-pillows will help you. They will appeal to both children and adults. In addition, these pillows are multifunctional. First, this is the original addition to the design. Secondly, when playing with such pillows, the child will memorize the alphabet, from which you can spread words or syllables. Thirdly, they will easily replace a favorite teddy bear on a trip, and finally, it's just a great idea for a gift to friends or relatives.

Such a gift, creative, bright, useful, will be appreciated. You can only make the first letter of the name or the entire name. And most importantly, it is quite easy to sew a pillow letter with your own hands and it will be possible even for very skilled craftswomen.

How to sew a letter-pillow with your own hands?

Necessary materials:

  • fabric for sewing;
  • thread, matching the color of the selected fabric;
  • a filler (synthetic winterizer, holofiber or cotton wool);
  • pattern paper;
  • centimeter;
  • pins;
  • soap or chalk (for drawing);
  • sewing machine.

Preparatory stage

Before you start, you need to consider a few important points:

  • fabric color;
  • type of fabric;
  • thread quality;
  • dimensions of the product.

When choosing a fabric, you need to consider who will own the pad: an adult or a child. For the children's room, you can choose a bright fabric with an original print, and a letter-pillow made from a single-color fabric will perfectly fit into the interior of an adult’s bedroom. It should not be too thin or, conversely, very dense and coarse. When sewing textiles, fleece has proven itself well, you can also choose a thick calico or flannel.

It is better if, for sewing, you stop at choosing a nylon thread that can withstand strong tension and last for a long time.

The technology of sewing letters-pillows

In general, there are several ways of sewing letters-pillows. The first, the easiest, is suitable for beginning masters, and the second, more complex, for already experienced seamstresses.

The first method of sewing: step by step algorithm of actions

  1. We make patterns of the future product in the original size. To do this, draw a sketch on paper and cut out the template that we have turned out. We fold the fabric face down inwards and redraw the ready-made pattern onto it.
  2. After that, strictly along the contour, you need to cut a fabric blank (it should be done very carefully, since we will sew the letters on the front side with a hand stitch).
  3. Sew the parts with a seam "over the edge".
  4. We leave a small hole unsewn into the product in order to fill the pillow letter with filler.
  5. Carefully sew the hole and cut the thread. Pillow is ready!

How to sew a letter-pillow with your own hands?

When sewing a pillow letter in the second way, you need to take into account one small nuance: it is slightly easier to sew the letters C, P, U, L than, for example, A, U, B, F. Therefore, to describe, we take the first letter of the alphabet (it is also one of the most difficult).

The second method of sewing: step by step algorithm of actions

  1. We make a pattern of the letter-pillow on paper and cut a pattern.
  2. We fold the fabric face to face and pin the ready-made pattern to it.
  3. We cut the letters out of the fabric, leaving allowances for seams 1.5–2 cm each. We have two identical parts, the front and the back.The technology of sewing letters-pillows
  4. Cut the side parts now. They are strips of cloth, the length of which is usually calculated using the formula: we add two allowances to the width of the letter. By the way, here it is better to use a fabric of a different color.
  5. We begin to sew the sidewall with the front side (sew face to face, since the letter will then turn out).The technology of sewing letters-pillows
  6. Sew on the front side of the middle of the letter.

    The technology of sewing letters-pillows
  7. We impose the second (lower) part of the product on the received letter and sew it, leaving a 4-5 cm hole unsewn to unfold the letter and fill it with filler.The technology of sewing letters-pillows
  8. We turn out the letter-pillow and evenly fill it with filler.
  9. Gently sew the hole.
  10. Properly steam our product with an iron.

The use of decorative elements to decorate the letters-pillows

The use of decorative elements to decorate the letters-pillows

The finished product can be beautifully complemented with various accessories: buttons, bows, appliqués, beads, ribbons, patch pockets. Original embroidery will also look original: if the letter-pillow is personalized, then you can embroider, for example, the date of birth or the full name of the person.

Be creative by making a pillow letter for a preschooler, because with the help of some elements you can turn it, for example, into an animal. This decision will kill two birds with one stone: decorate the finished product and help your child learn the alphabet faster (we remember that visual-figurative thinking prevails in young children). So, the letter K can easily be turned into a funny little man with an outstretched hand, a pair of peepholes and long ears - and the letter Z turns into a cute hare. In addition, these pillows fit perfectly into the interior of your child's room. Take into account that when decorating your product with various accessories, it is undesirable to use glue compositions for their fastening, as their careless use can spoil the look of the pillow.

Pillow letter as an element of room decor

Pillow letter as an element of room decor

Pillow letter as an element of room decor


The use of textile pillow letters can be a fresh solution in updating the decor of a room. After all, you can sew not only the first letters of the name, but also words such as love, home, family. Such letters can decorate the room of both a newborn and a teenager. There are a lot of ideas for decoration, it all depends on your creativity and the flight of fantasy!

Feel free to experiment with the design of your pillow letters. Original solutions are in fashion today, and a pillow made with love with your own hands will surely become the best element of the room's decor, will surprise and delight your family.

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