How to revive the roses

Women love when they are given bouquets of flowers, it's so romantic! You always want such gifts to be kept as long as possible. But, unfortunately, their beauty quickly fades. Often it turns out that the roses, presented literally the day before, have already lost their beauty and wilted. But do not despair, there is a way out of this situation!

In order to extend the life of cut roses, you can resort to the following manipulations:

  • Place the ends of the stems in the water and update the sections with a sharp knife. In the water, the stems should be cut off so that air caps will form in their capillaries, which will prevent further absorption of moisture. It is better not to use scissors for trimming - they will squeeze the stems, as a result, their ability to absorb water will decrease;
  • The bottom of the stem, at a height of approximately 5 cm, should be trimmed from the upper hard skin. You can still stiffen the stiff tip of the stem with a hammer - it will be much easier for the roses to soak up the liquid;
  • Carefully remove the lower thorns and leaves, because only bare flower stems should be in the water;
  • A flower vase should always be clean, and water should be poured in advance. It will be necessary to change it daily, at the same time regularly updating sections of stalks.

How to revive the roses?

To prevent the reproduction of putrefactive bacteria in water, one of the following means can be added to it:

  1. Several crystals of pharmaceutical potassium permanganate;
  2. 1-2 tablets of activated carbon;
  3. A small pinch of borax (boric acid);
  4. 1 drop of dishwashing liquid or "Whiteness".

In order to extend the life of cut roses, experts advise to add ½ part of aspirin tablets, 1 tbsp to the water. l regular sugar, as well as 1 tsp. vinegar - these proportions are calculated for 1 liter of water.

You can also update the sections and place the roses in cold water overnight. In the morning you can find that the leaves have freshened up, and the heads of the flowers, which have wilted before, have risen again.

How to revive the roses in a vase?

The rose is considered the queen of flowers, but besides beauty, she is very picky, like a real queen. Therefore, if you were presented with roses, then you need to know that they require special attention and lean care. After all, if the flower fades, then it will be too late to save it.

Fresh roses will stand for much longer, and this can be determined by the appearance, or rather, by the extreme petals. In fresh their color is somewhat darker, since they close the bud. Also, this figure confirms the smooth trunk. If the rose starts to wither, then it becomes darker and much thinner around the head.

To prevent flowers from fading, they must be properly processed in the first place. It is important to know that the rose is not happy with the neighborhood with other flowers. Avoid placing it in 1 water with a different bouquet.

But not only cut roses are very picky, and their relatives who grow in indoor pots are no different from them. In order for them to grow and develop well, they need constant care. The room where the pot is located should be regularly ventilated, while the temperature should remain at the 1st level. In winter, the ideal temperature for indoor roses is 12-14 degrees Celsius, and in summer it is 20-25 degrees.

Sometimes it happens that indoor roses get sick or stop blooming. To avoid this, you need to pick off the faded leaves, because they take power from the plant. Still do not need to be afraid to cut them. If strong flowers should be processed lightly, then weak ones can be cut off almost everything. If a room rose is developing poorly, then water procedures can help it, namely: complete immersion in water for a couple of hours. This should be done 2 times a week until the plant is fully healed.

Features care zakozami after winter

  • Rose bush will be able to decorate any garden, but this plant does not tolerate frost. Because of this, gardeners often face the question of how to liven up roses after winter? Find out how the plant survived the winter will be at the beginning of the month of May. Tu rose, which does not have any first kidney, the branches of which are dried, unfortunately, it is already impossible to reanimate.
  • But if the bush has at least 1 kidney or a small piece of greenery, then the plant will survive, you only need to help with this. You can build a greenhouse for roses: cut off the bottom of a five-liter plastic bottle and cover it with a bush, while not closing the lid. A young plant can be completely covered with soil, which must be watered as it dries.
  • The old bush, which cannot be covered with earth or covered with something, can be helped by the operation of stripping the vaccine. Vaccination should be excavated. If it consists only of hemp, then they should be cut. After vaccination, the old bark should be completely cleaned to awaken the growth of dormant buds. But you need to know that it is necessary to carry out this only if there are no buds on the plant, otherwise they can be broken.

Preparation of withers before planting

Often, many gardeners want to buy new seedlings, but they do not have such opportunities. That is not the time, the means. Therefore, it turns out that they do not have time on time, all the good cuttings of roses are disassembled. So you have to get wilted. But they can try to revive.

How to revive the roses?

How to revive the roses?

For this you will need:

  1. Bottle of camphor alcohol;
  2. Half-liter pot;
  3. Water;
  4. Brush;
  5. Sapling rose.

The first step is to make an aqueous solution of camphor alcohol. To get it the right concentration, you need to mix 0.5 liters of water with 15 drops of camphor alcohol. Now it is necessary to lower the seedling roots into the solution obtained. After this should be the same composition sprinkle the cuttings themselves. This should be done very carefully, the best of all - with a soft brush. It will be enough for the procedure to last 4 hours.

During this time, the seedling will come to life, the leaves will be fresh, the trunk will straighten and gain elasticity. Then the rose should be planted in a prepared place and watered well. At the same time, the healing camphor solution should not be removed, since after planting, the plant will still need to be abundantly wetted with them for several days.

You can before immersing the cuttings in the solution, slightly cut off their lower part. So live cells will be opened, and the seedling will absorb the solution better.

Roses - gorgeous flowers, a real decoration of any bouquet or garden. Carefully take care of these capricious plants, and they will long delight you with their luxurious blooms! It is not so difficult, it is enough to adopt the advice of experienced gardeners and florists.

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