How to plant grapes in spring

Grapes are among the most delicious berries, which are so loved by all. But, besides the fact that many varieties of grapes can be bought in the store, it can be grown in their own garden. For this suitable annual saplings. They are usually planted in the fall or spring, until the buds bloom.

Planting grapes produced in several ways. If you decide to plant grapes in spring, it remains only to choose a method that will allow you to do this correctly and quickly..

How to plant grapes in spring?

How to plant grapes?

  • For this you will need seedlings, supports, complex mineral fertilizers, sand, compost or manure. You can plant grapes on different soils, but the layer of earth should be deep with good drainage. Carbonates for planting grapes are poorly suitable because they are capable of hitting him with chlorosis. Landing should be isolated from the wind and very sunny. It is best to plant grapes near a fence, wall or slope facing south or southwest.. It is undesirable to place the grapes in places with cold air.
  • For 3 weeks the ground before planting grapes need to dig up well. If the ground is too acidic, it is easily corrected by lime in the proportion of 200 g per 1 m.2 land. Compost or manure should be added to poor soil, as well as complex mineral fertilizer.
  • Grape saplings require a supporting horizontal system when planting. When landing at the wall, it is enough to arrange the wire at a distance of 30 cm from each other. In the open ground, drive wooden poles 2 m high with an interval of 3 m and pull the wire above the ground at a height of 40 cm.
  • When planting, seedlings should have 3 roots and a height of at least 0.5 m. It is not necessary to purchase seedlings that have signs of drying, stains and damage. It is best to buy plants with closed roots, usually they are sold in containers. Such plants can be planted immediately. The grafted grape must be planted so that the graft is above ground level. Sprinkle the roots with earth. Then pour a bucket of water, and then completely fill the pit, adding there compost or manure. Immediately tie the vine to the supports.

How to plant a grape seedling?

Plant grapes need to be in a separate area, not placing between trees or bushes. It can grow on almost any soil, the main thing is that there was a sun, there was no wind, and groundwater did not come closer to the ground than 2 m.

How to plant a grape seedling?

Orient the rows of grapes need to be from north to south. If there is one row, there is no such need. When planting seedlings of vigorous varieties, the distance between the bushes should be 2 m, and the middle-growth and low growth - 1.5 m.

When planting, you need to mark the rows with wire or pegs, noting the places where the grapes will be planted. The best material will be the annual sapling. The thickness of the seedlings should be 2 mm, and the length of 12 cm. On the seedling there should be 4 peepholes.

The easiest way to plant grapes is to plant in the pits. A special hole should be dug 80 cm wide and deep. Part of the land, taken from below, must be mixed with fine gravel or sand. It must be poured down the fossa. Fertile topsoil mixed with 2 buckets of manure, 1 kg of ash and 0.5 kg of mineral fertilizers. When the mixture becomes homogeneous, it needs to fall asleep in the landing pit. The top of the hole should be 50 cm from the top of the hole. Then a wooden peg should be driven into the hole, a grape seedling should be inserted and tied to the peg. Sapling roots must be evenly distributed in the fossa. Then the hole must be filled with the remaining earth and immediately poured over 3 buckets of water.

In the spring, it is imperative to plant vegetative seedlings, but only after the perennial bushes have managed to throw out the first leaves. Preparation of planting holes for seedlings is carried out according to the rules of planting for annual seedlings. Before planting such seedlings, it is necessary to water the ground very well, and then take out the bag with the ground and plant it in the hole. After the seedling grows a little, you should remove the 2 lower leaves, and add a little earth to the hole.

How to plant grapes cuttings?

  1. In the spring of grapes cuttings planted at the moment when the swelling of the eyes. The depth of the fossa should be 70 cm. The earth should be mixed with fertilizer and watered. Cuttings must be trimmed with a sharp knife or razor. The lower part is cut where the lower eye is located, and the upper part is cut above the 3 cm of the upper eye. Next, cut the stalk is left at room temperature in pure water for 2 days.
  2. Then you need to melt the paraffin and dip the upper cut into it for 3 seconds. Next, the lower part must be put in a solution with a stimulant and left for a day. To prepare a stimulant, you should take 1 liter of water and 1 tsp. honey
  3. After that, the stalk should be planted in the hole. Next, in the landing hole, you need to make a small hole with a wire and a stick and insert a cuttings of grapes into it. The bottom cut should be at a depth of 50 cm. There should be no emptiness around it, because the ground needs to be compacted. Next, the landing place of the cutting must be closed with a piece of film with an area of ​​0.5 m2. Here you should pass the top of the cutting through the hole made previously in the center of the film. The top should be sprinkled with a layer of loose earth, so the mound should be 3 cm higher than the upper peephole.

How to plant grapes: video

One of the optimal dates for the purchase and planting of grapes is early spring. It is best to purchase cuttings in nurseries, as there is offered high-quality planting material that is resistant to diseases, and plants with a high survival rate. When buying grapes for planting, it is advisable to inquire which varieties grow best in the middle lane. To grapes quickly and easily caught, follow the rules of its planting.

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