How to make animals plasticine

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Plasticine is an excellent material for making various handicrafts. Not only children, but also adults with great pleasure are engaged in modeling from it! Such work has a positive effect on the development of fine motor skills of hands, and the figures made with its help can later be used for children's games.

It gives great pleasure to kids to work together with adults. Many boys and girls love fairy tales, so why not make some fantastic character with them? A dragon, a cat or a magic horse. Sculpting animals from plasticine you will also love it!

How to make a dragon?

How to make animals plasticine together with children

A rare kid after watching a cartoon or a fantastic film or reading a fairy tale that has a dragon, would not want to have such a pet at home. You can make your home dragon, sculpted from clay.

For work, it is necessary to prepare plasticine, that plasticine residues both from hands and from clothes, are best removed with a dry napkin or cloth, after which they are easier to wash with water.

It is necessary to take a big piece of green plasticine and blind the body of the future dragon from it, it will look like a snake. The abdomen must be sealed for stability. The head of the animal should be decorated with horns, they can be made from the material of the same shade as the body, but this is not necessary - they can be other colors. By the way, the mouth needs to be done ajar, because in it later you can fix the tongue.

Red legs should be made of plasticine; thin flagella and diamonds of the same shade will be required for this - it will act as a membrane. Flagella must be attached to the membrane, and then to the body.

In order to make the dorsal spines, you need to roll a thin layer of red clay with a rolling pin and a knife cut out triangles of size that will fit the body. After the spike should be placed on the back of the animal. At the head they should be larger in size than those located near the tail.

Now you need to roll out the red clay again and cut the wings out of it. They should not be too large, otherwise, due to the nature of the material, they will lose their shape when they are attached to the figure. After that, again, forked from the plasticine should be cut forked tongue, and from yellow - eyes. In addition to the dragon, you can make a rider for him, then it will be even more interesting for the child to play with him!

Sculpt horse from plasticine: master class

How to make animals plasticine together with children

Such a figure is quite capable of making children of preschool age blind, of course, not without the help of adults. But first you need to decide - what kind of horse you will do: purebred, funny cartoon or Pegasus. In general, to make such an animal out of plasticine is not an easy task, so you need to be patient and assiduous. If your child is still small, it is better to choose the simplest option, where you do not need to do a lot of small details.

  • In order to make a horse, you need: plasticine of 2 different colors, 2 toy eyes, several wooden toothpicks.
  • Then you should take 4 equal pieces of clay and roll out 4 flagella from them, which will expand slightly downwards. These are future legs. To keep them firmly in their torso, toothpicks should be inserted into them. Next you need to start sculpting the body, to do this, roll a thick sausage from a piece of clay, one edge should be bent up, slightly narrowing the end that will be the neck, you need to also insert a toothpick into it.
  • Now it is necessary to blind the horse's head, also narrowing a little at the end. It is time to connect the neck with the head, and the legs with the body. After plasticine you need to make 2 small flattened balls - these are nostrils. From the others of 2 small balls of plasticine it is necessary to make eyes by inserting toy ones into them. If there are none, then you can simply place 2 pupils of black clay in the balls.
  • For the ears of the horse should be molded from plasticine small droplets, and from the flattened cut balls to make the hoof. It is necessary to make a mane out of the plasticine ribbon, which you need to roll out beforehand, and in order to flutter in the wind, you should make notches along the edge of the mane. And the last - the tail. It is made by analogy with the mane.

Plasticine cat: modeling methods

How to make animals plasticine together with children

There are several ways of modeling cats from clay.

  • For the 1st you will need a knife, clay and toothpicks. This method will take only a few minutes. The little baby will need the help of adults, but the older child will cope with this task. First you need to take a rectangle of clay and using a knife to divide it into 3 equal parts. From the 1st you need to roll up the ball - the body, from the 2nd one you should separate a small piece for the tail and roll the head, but the 3rd part should be divided into 6 parts and also roll the balls.
  • The biggest ball needs to be formed in the body, 4 small ones - legs - flagella, 5th divided in half and roll 2 ears, the 6th one should be divided into 2 identical and 1 very small piece - this is the future nose and cheeks. Now you need to connect all the parts with the head. From the balls for the ears you need to make triangles with your finger, press your cheeks with your palm to flatten them. In the head you need to insert a toothpick, with which the body will be attached to it. Now you need to make the legs flagella and tail, and then also attach them to the body using toothpicks, then they will not move and deform.
  • You should make balls - small eyes from small pieces of plasticine of green color, and pupils should be made from absolutely tiny pieces of black or white plasticine. Now all the details need to attach and level hands. You can make a tongue from a small piece of red plasticine and put the cat in the most acceptable position.
  • Method 2 is suitable for children aged 4-5 years. You need a plasticine of 2 colors, a knife and small pieces of wire. It is necessary to take a piece of plate and divide it into 3 parts. The biggest one is the future body of the animal, the 2nd one, the smaller one is the head, and the 3rd one is the tail and ears. From the largest piece should roll up the flagellum and cut it in the middle with a knife on both sides. Fingers smooth irregularities, making the legs smooth.
  • Now the body should be gently bent in a semicircle and begin to sculpt the head of the cat. From a medium-sized piece of plasticine, roll up a ball, and from the last — a tail — an oval and triangular ears (each ball for the ear should be sharpened upwards). From white plasticine you need to make a muzzle: roll an oval and press it with your finger. From black plasticine make a spout in the shape of a ball and eyes-beads.
  • Now you just need to collect all the details and in the end you get a funny and unusual kitty, by the way, her torso can be decorated with stripes. For this, plasticine of a contrasting color should be made of several thin sausages and attached to the body, legs or tail, tightly pressed.

Sculpting animals from plasticine is an excellent activity for sharing leisure time with children. It develops the creative skills of the child, trains his imagination, and establishes contact between him and his parents. It is necessary to begin work with simple shapes and objects, moving to more complex ones gradually. You can make animals from plasticine in a different style: fairy-tale characters or realistic little animals or pets. In any case, you will have a good and interesting time, and your baby will get a new toy.